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August 29, 2003 by Jason

Staci somewhere she can't remeber

Missing a Baby

June 25, 2017
Staci and I doubled up on our boys way back in 2016.  On December 24 we had an early arrival of Connor Jude Halac.  He started on the smaller side at 6 lbs 1 oz and has quickly embraced his baby rolls.  From the start he has been a great baby.  He is a giggling happy boy that loves his jumper and checking out what everyone else is doing.  Dean is a great big brother as long as Connor stays away from his blankie.  Having two boys is more fun than crazy and I am enjoying the adventure.

Dean Update

April 16, 2016
  It has been too long to catch things up so I will just jump to what is most on my mind these days.  Dean is growing up fast.  He started walking this week and is exploring everything that he can reach. He keeps his Mom and I busy in chase mode.  He brightens my day with his good morning smile and bangs on the door after me when I leave in the morning.  We have been keeping busy with visits from grandparents and taking Dean out to try new things.  
  My sister Stephanie welcomed a second daughter, my niece, Eva Jean Means on April 7th.  She is far away in Guam so I can't yet meet her in person.  Luckily, we live in an age where I can get lots of pictures and videos.  My BIL Chris is still out on deployment but luckily they were able to share the birth through an iPad.  
  I am still getting used to the new Papa and Uncle role's. But, I am enjoying them both very much and can't wait for all the good times we will have together.

Baby Dean

June 12, 2015
On May 19th at 7:19pm my son Dean Marcos Halac was born.  To watch Staci bring a life into this world was one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen.  We are extremely excited to embark on the journey into parenthood.  It has been 3.5 weeks since his birth and the joy is still sinking in.  I am busy just trying to keep up with my new life reality.  Holding him in my arms, even at 3am when he is screaming, is still wonderful.  He is already growing up too fast.  I am in love and the happiest new Papa in the world.

Happy New Year

January 11, 2015
The end of the 2014 snuck away from me.  Time has been going by quickly these days with so much going on.  Work has been going well, married life is awesome, and Staci and I will be expecting a baby boy coming in May.  Although a lot has been happening I know this is the calm before the baby storm.  Can't wait for all 2015 will bring.

Married Life

October 10, 2014
Thank you all who made our wedding on August 16th so special.  The whole thing went by too fast.  By the time I realized what was going on I was on the the way to Cabo.  Two weeks in Mexico was everything we needed to relax and wind down from all the excitement.  Getting back into the usual routine happened quickly.  That was until Monday when Staci decided to shake things up a bit.  She decided to follow in my footsteps and got hit by a car.  She was walking to work and got hit in the crosswalk right in front of the hospital.  Luckily it could have been much worse and she is recovering quickly.  Her leg is pretty banged up and she is taking things slowly.  What are the odds of both of us getting run over in front of a hospital?  I think we have used up our accident luck.  Time to stay away from cars.

Happy Birthday 'Merica

July 4, 2014
So we have crossed quite a few milestones lately.  My beautiful niece Viana Josephine was born on June 4th at 4:11 PM in Guam.  I wish she was closer so I could visit but I have been trying to get my baby time via Skype.  I am really excited to see her when Stephanie and Chris bring her to California in a little bit more than a month.  My Mom has recovered from her minor surgery.  It didn't go as smooth as planned but I am glad to see her doing well.  My Papa has recovered from his major surgery and is now back to his old self.  He is living up in the San Fernando Valley so it has been hard to visit him often.  I am getting into the crunch time for pre wedding planning.  I can't wait to celebrate with everyone!

Papa's back

May 14, 2014
It took a whole lot longer than I expected for my Papa to get back up to speed.  The surgery took a lot out of him and his recovery took some time.  The good news he is now well on his way to a full recovery.  It was a stressful time and I am glad to put it behind.  I have been getting myself ready for the onslaught of summer and how busy it will be.  With weddings (my own included), bachelor party's, and everything else going on it will be busy.  I am excited for all the adventures and the warm summer to come.

Papa's Surgery

April 3, 2014
I took the day off on Tuesday to take my Papa to have surgery on his abdominal aortic aneurism.  The process for me was pretty uneventful but he had a busy day with the surgery taking almost 4 hours.  Things went really well and he is now party bionic with 3 stents and a tube connecting his femoral arteries.  He is recovering well now and hopes to make a speedy recovery. 


February 8, 2014
I have been trying to get the pictures from my winter adventures on the website.  But, I have somehow managed to break the upload function on my website.  So the ETA on new pictures is pending my debugging skills.  The year has been flying by so far.  Planning for weddings, bachelor parties and everything else have been keeping me busy.  If we weren't already busy enough we decided to move.  The puppy has grown to 85lbs and needs more space so we are moving to a house with a backyard.  I will miss being so close to the beach, but the space will be nice.

Counting Down

December 19, 2013
It is t-minus 2 days until we leave for Colombia.  I am soooo ready.  Work has been feeling never ending.  It will be soul relieving to break the monotony and get out of Dodge.  I have my hammock, my bathing suit, and my backpack ready.  Expect a long overdue update to pictures.  I guess I should start taking pictures more often than the once a year I go on vacation. 

Sister in Guam

October 21, 2013
My sister is officially living in Guam.  I will miss having her close by in San Diego but I am excited for her new adventure.  Alex and Tish have welcomed Grady into their family.  We cancelled our dinner plans when Tish went into the hospital.  But Grady decided he wasn't ready so Tish was sent home and dinner was back on.  He didn't make them wait too long because shortly after dinner Tish was back in the hospital to have Grady early the next morning.

Trying to Fix the Lazy

August 14, 2013
Since taking a hiatus from crossfitting I have gotten quite lazy.  At first I blamed it on the puppy but that is clearly not the case anymore.  To try and pick up my physical activity I joined the local tennis club with Staci.  It has been a long time since I have been on the court and it shows.  After a few practice sessions I got called up for a doubles match that the club setup.  I was the youngest guy on the court by at least 20 years.  I held my own but they made me work.  Kevin is taking the family and moving to Virginia for a fresh start.  It is a bummer to have him leave but I hope the move will be good for him and the family.  I have been trying to get as many visits in their last few weeks as Californians.

Life Updates

June 25, 2013
I have a lot of information to catch my website up.  First things first I am now engaged to the lovely Staci Weaver. I asked her in Catalina and she said yes.  My little sister is now married to Chris Means.  She now answers to Stephanie Means which just sounds weird to me.  I have a puppy Finn who is huge.  He is 45lbs at 4.5 months which likely means he will be a giant.  I will post a new album that will gloss over the updates.  Things are good, it is summer and I am excited for things to come. 

Sister is 30

March 21, 2013
I already felt old when I passed the 30 milestone. But, now my little sister is 30 and it feels really old.  Her fiance Chris organized a bbq and invited a bunch of her friends down to visit. We were hosting Staci's parents for the weekend so we enjoyed a quick visit and celebration. I started playing indoor soccer with Ross, Leila, and Staci on Monday nights.  I am very out of soccer shape but hopefully in a few weeks it won't feel so difficult.

Memorial Service for Greg Koutsouros, Tim's Father

February 10, 2013
I went yesterday to the memorial for Tim's father Greg.  He had battled cancer for a long time and ultimately passed.  In high school I spent a lot of time over at Tim's house so I got to know his family well.  It was amazing to see how much the family has grown.  His older brother has 5 kids, his little sister has one and Corinne is due by the end of the month.  It was a sad day of remembrance but a good day to see old friends supporting Tim.  I am getting ready to celebrate my upcoming birthday by going to Denver for the long weekend.   It's a holiday weekend so I ended up spending more than I wanted in lodging but I hope it will give me my snowboarding fix for the winter.

Happy New Year

January 8, 2013
2013!!! I rang in the new year a bit cold but with good company.  Staci, Ross, Leila, and I went camping at San Clemente State Beach.  The weather turned around and we managed to stay awake to midnight playing Yahtzee and huddling by the fire.  I surprised myself by actually getting in the cold winter surf for a bodyboarding session.  Last weekend was my great Aunt Sarah's 90th birthday party.  It has been quite some time since I have spent time with so much family for a festive occasion.  It was great catching up with everyone and celebrating quite a milestone.

Happy Hanukkah!

December 11, 2012
It has been a cooking frenzy the last few days.  I love me some turkey so just because we didn't host a Thanksgiving this year I still bought a turkey.  He was hibernating in my freezer until Sunday when I roasted the 18lb beast to feed Staci and I.  We only had three Tupperware's full of leftovers so I should be enjoying my leftovers for a good while longer. We are also hosting a Hanukkah party tonight so we prepped everything last night.  Frying up the latkes makes the whole house stink and is a lot of work.  My friends better enjoy them for all the work.  Most importantly Happy Hanukkah to everyone and love you all.

It's Cold

November 12, 2012
First the change in time and then a cold front and that winter thing just sneaks up on you.  It has been all birthday's all the time lately with the quadfecta of Pop's, Staci, Mom and Uncle Paul.  It feels like enough celebrating but with Thanksgiving and then the holidays I am pretty sure that something will be going on every weekend for the foreseeable future. 

Short Days

November 6, 2012
I don't like when the time changes and the days all of a sudden get shorter.  There is something about leaving work in the dark that is depressing.  I had a fun weekend pretending it was my birthday too with Staci in downtown San Diego.  I pretended so well that Saturday morning was much more difficult for me than the birthday girl.  Today is election day and I am really hoping that Obama takes another 4 years.  I don't really want to consider if another country would be preferable.

Back from Australia

October 10, 2012
I'm back and it was awesome.

Almost Time

August 31, 2012
I am not the type of person to get excited when I plan a vacation but now that Australia is only three weeks away I am very ready to go.  Hopefully I don't check out too much before I leave. This summer finally got hot enough outside for me to start thinking it is really summer.  Summertime in San Diego is the reason that I moved back and it is not disappointing.  I have been spending as much time possible lounging at the beach and pool.  Last weekend we had a fun quick trip to Arrowhead with Alex, Chris, Tim, Ross and the associated ladies.  We ate, lounged, boated and relaxed.  This long weekend should be more of the same with no plans except to stay well hydrated and close to a body of water.

Horse Racing and House Rental

July 25, 2012
It's horse racing time at Del Mar and this year I decided to join the hat wearing debauchery that is opening day.  Curt came down from the OC with his lady and Staci and I took off work early.  We fancied up, had our pre-party at the house, and then walked over to the racetrack.  It turns out that no matter how crowded the racetrack I don't get any better at picking horses.  I did succeed in giving most of my losses to the beer vendor which might be a win.  We have enjoyed renting out strangers houses while in various cities. So we decided to try renting our house to other folk.  We cleaned the house really well and packed out bags to stay at Alex and Tish's for the weekend.  It is a strange feeling being in your city and not being able to go home.  But, the payoff was nice.  The bonus was the fun sleepover weekend hanging out with the Klingensmith's.


July 11, 2012
It was a weird week with the 4th of July on a Wednesday.  I should have been smart about it and taken the rest of the week off.  But, I did not and so Wednesday felt like a Saturday and the rest of the week felt confusing.  The 4th was disappointingly overcast so our beach day plans were scrapped and replaced by a low key day in the house and a visit to the Klingensmith's.  We made it home to watch fireworks at the fairgrounds in the comfort of our driveway.  The real Saturday was Avery's 2nd birthday party on the beach and Jenny Wood's engagement party.  I got to hang out with Timmy, Tracy and Dan for the whole day and party hop.  It was great catching up with them and everyone else.

It's Already the End of June?

June 27, 2012
Holy poop!  Where is the time going?  Am I missing summer?  Quick recap of this month. Staci was out of town for a few weekends so I spent some time in the OC.  I had good visits with lots of the OC people.  My Aunt Deborah fell and broke her hip but she is doing much better now.  My car water pump broke and I fixed it myself but it was way too expensive.  I helped my Dad move apartments on Father's Day.  I don't feel like moving anything again for a good while.  I started a class racing fixed gear bicycles in the velodrome.  I am slow.  Things are good and can't wait to spend more time on the beach.

Memorial Day Mexico

May 31, 2012
Staci and I didn't have any plans for the holiday weekend and started looking for things to do.  Getting out of town sounded good but we wanted to avoid the crowds.  So the answer turned out to be Mexico.  I hadn't been in Baja since Alex's bachelor party and since he just had kid number 2 that means that it must have been a long time ago.  I called up Estero Beach which is just south of Ensenada and where my Dad would take my sister and I when we were kids.  The weather was great, the tacos delicious, and the weekend great.  It is amazing how close Mexico is geographically but it feels like a world away.  The only bummer was the LONG border wait to come back home on Monday.

Tracy Dan Married!

May 3, 2012
I can't believe its already May.  That means that I have lived in SD for a year!  This past weekend was extra special because I got to celebrate with Dan and Tracy at their wedding.  They married outside on the top of Bishop Peak in SLO with a beautiful backdrop of the valley below.  The ceremony was officiated by a longtime friend of Tracy's who did a fantastic job.  I really enjoy when a friend is doing the marrying.  They connect so much more with who the couple are together.  It was especially nice that we were able to stay in Staci's aunts house with Klingensmith's, Tim and Corrine.  We had a great time together at the house and out celebrating with Tracy.

Passover Time

April 9, 2012
The year milestones seem to be ticking away quickly.  It's Passover time which reminds me of tequila and being hungry.  For some reason I often find myself during Passover with some sort of tequila drink taken on an apple and two pieces of matza.  Saturday Staci and I drove up to the OC to have Seder at Patty and Stu's.  It was Staci's first seder and a chance to visit and catch up with the extended family.  We drove back that night to be in town to catch opening weekend for the Padres versus the Dodgers.  Staci and I ended up in a Dodger section which was fine with her.  Unfortunately her boys in blue lost. But, since I adopt the local team it worked out pretty well for me. 

March Madness

March 27, 2012
Another OC weekend with a special stop in to visit my old work friend Curt.  His Dad had been ill and recently passed away.   Staci and I met up with him on Friday to catch up and try and cheer him up a bit.  We had dinner at a great wine bar restaurant in San Clemente and then headed up late to my Mom's house.  My sister had just gotten back from her trip to Ireland and Saturday I congratulated her in person on her engagement to Chris.  She is very excited to be engaged and is already starting on planning a wedding.  Her pictures of Ireland looked amazing and it looks like another spot in the world that I will have to visit.  Saturday night we had a big family turkey dinner with my Mom, Steph, Chris, Pops, Staci and I.  I LOVE Thanksgiving food so I was very content to stuff my face.  It was less of a whirlwind than most of my OC trips but I got a lot of good family time.

On to March

March 7, 2012
The caveat is that there are only four teams in my hockey league but we are on to the championship game this Sunday.  I still feel like I don't know what I am doing out on the ice.  But, I have noticed I spend less time on my butt so I must be improving.  I had a fun weekend with an OC whirlwind tour and a summer-like SD beach day.  I drove up Friday to have dinner and beers at the Yardhouse with Timmy, Corrine,  JC, B.Leu and my Sister.  It was too long since the old lounge 164 crew got together.  Corrine convinced me to get dessert.  It did not take much convincing.  Saturday I visited with my Mom, had lunch with my Uncle, stopped in to say hello at my Grandma's, Scootered and played Wii with Kevin and his kids, and finally had dinner with cousin Mike.   It was a short time to visit with so many but it worked out very well.  Sunday was strangely warm so I went to the beach and helped remember why I live here.

I'm Old!

February 16, 2012
I spent my rainy birthday out of the office enjoying the clouds.  There was a big medial device convention up in Anaheim so I took the opportunity to check out the latest in med device and hang out in the OC.  Staci and I met up with my Mom and Uncle for a nice lunch in Irvine and then an unhurried drive back home.  We were going to explore Laguna but the rain changed the plans.  We stopped to have coffee at the Salt Creek Ritz and then headed home.  My chosen birthday dinner: Del Taco.  Yum.  31 feels old.  I am still not used to 30.

Super Bowl Weekend

February 8, 2012
Another weekend in San Diego and a reminder of why I moved back.  It was the nicest kind of a day February can give in the northern hemisphere.  Saturday my Mom came down to visit my sister and I.  We headed down to tour the Midway in downtown.  They have done an amazing job of turning the old aircraft carrier into a floating museum.  Playing tourist lead us to little Italy for a wine and carb filled dinner.  Sunday was a beach morning and Superbowl afternoon.  We had a few friends over for the game/eating badly with beer.  Thankfully there was no hockey game to test my stomach.

January Happenings

January 23, 2012
It has been a quiet few weeks ringing in the new year.  There hasn't been any snow in the mountains so now snowboarding trips yet.  I have munched in some pretty swanky restaurants.  Last week was SD restaurant week so Staci and I took our first trip to the famous Mr. A's in downtown.  It was good and very fancy.  Staci went up to visit her folks this last weekend so I was on my own.  Brian just moved to town to flight instruct and we went out Friday night to sushi and beers.  Saturday I did errands and chores until meeting up with Ross and his gf for a movie night. Sunday was watching football and playing hockey; a solid ending.

End of Year Road Trip

January 4, 2012
I took the last week of the year off work and headed up to northern California.  Staci and I left Friday afternoon to spend Christmas with her family.  She splits Christmas between her Mom and Dad so the first couple days we celebrated in Fresno. On Christmas morning we drove to Lodi to finish celebrating with her Mom. Staci and her family were very generous to me.  The Jews just aren't as into the gifting so it is still a strange experience.   We then drove to Palo Alto to relax and visit the friends I left in my old hometown.  Her cousin Lindsay was out of town so we were able to crash at her apartment.  It worked out very well.  I visited Mike and Laurie, Matty, Jon and Rachel, old coworkers, and pigged out at the restaurants I missed.  The next leg of our trip was up to San Francisco.  We arrived in the afternoon and dropped our things off in the rented apartment.  After grabbing lunch we walked out of the restaurant and noticed that the building across the street was on fire.  The flames shattered the windows and spewed out flames and smoke.  A guy on the corner was already on the phone with 911 and as we watched the first fire truck arrived.  Shortly thereafter four more showed up and the firemen suited up and stormed the building.  Several people appeared in the building windows, realized the building was on fire, and  ducked out presumably to exit safely.  One guy seemed content to watch the smoke billow out of the upstairs windows as he enjoyed a bowl of soup.  As the firefighters burst into the apartment they sprayed water and glass out of the windows towards the street.  I never saw Staci move so fast.  Later we joined Alex, Tish and Avery and celebrated by eating awesome Italian in North Beach and getting drinks with Roselle.  Alex's Mom was nice enough to babysit Avery so our night out was childless.  New years eve we headed over to Anson and Karin's new place near the Haight.  We pre-partied at their house and then hoped on the muni to the Embarcadero for midnight.  There were thousands crowding the street and watching the fireworks over the bay.  As the mass of people left cabs and buses were impossible so we took the medium long uphill walk back home.  We finished our trip with a uneventful drive home.  Happy 2012!

Winter Time

December 15, 2011
It has been a while so I have a lot of little updates.  I went to a SDSU football game to watch the Aztecs beat Fresno State.  I don't remember the Aztec football doing a lot of winning when I was in school. It was nice to see them the way I don't remember them.  The parking lot helped me remember that I am a lot older than I was in college.  I tweaked my neck playing hockey and had to suffer through a week of a stiff neck.  It is always amazing to find out how often you use a muscle/body part by getting it hurt.  The neck is better but it took me out of the gym loop enough for that to make me sore.  The holidays are sneaking up and I am not prepared.  I should probably buy stuff.

Happy Turkey Weekend

November 26, 2011
If I invented a holiday it would be a lot like Thanksgiving.  It gets the important things right.  First it starts on a Thursday so you get a 4 day weekend.  Second it encourages gluttony and drinking.  They had me at gluttony.  This year Staci and I had the turkey celebration at our house.  I invited my Mom, Sister, and Pop's and Staci invited her Mom and Grandma.  We cooked up a storm and despite a few small misses ended up with a pretty good looking spread.   Nobody seemed to mind too much that my pecan pie was more pecan soup.  More importantly we were together, got along, and left stuffed.

Soggy Camping

November 8, 2011
It doesn't seem fair that the weekend of our San Clemente camping trip was a wet one.  It was supposed to be a two nighter but it seemed like a better idea to stay dry on Friday night and couch camp at Timmy's.  The weather turned better on Saturday and we spent the day surfing, eating, and hanging out at the campsite . Highlights include a wicked three way paddle ball session and Staci saving her brithday cupcakes from marauding ants.  Sunday morning a quick drizzle got me out of the tent earlier than I had hoped.  We packed up before the rain started its full wrath to have a lazy Sunday recovering at home.  I was excited to spend some quality time in front of the tube since I finally broke down and ordered cable. Turns out more channels equals more commercials.  Lame.

Catalina Boy's Weekend

October 24, 2011
If I remember correctly the last time I went to Catalina on an all boys weekend I was about 20.  Turns out, since I am old, that was a decade ago.  Alex's little brother's inspired the trip out to the island. Alex, JP, Joe, Patrick, Cory, PJ, Chris, Brian, Ross, and I spent our time playing volleyball, snorkeling, eating bad food, and trying to work off hangovers.   The trip reminded me a lot of when we were 20 for reasons I won't go into.  But, we enjoyed reminiscing those adventures.  Brian and PJ took one or five too many and Brian was very vocal in his discomfort.  The weekend was not relaxing but it was good times.

Legal Wrangling

October 12, 2011
I have been the bearer of much angst trying to help my Papa through his legal problems.  He has found himself in quite a mess.  Unfortunately, it looks like it has gotten to the point where there are no good options.  It has left me feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to help him and dealing with all the other happenings of life.  At least I can look forward to taking Friday off and heading up to Morro Bay to camp with Staci's family.  Hopefully it is gloriously uneventful and I can unwind.

Mom all Better

October 5, 2011
It was a scary night late Saturday when my Mom called to tell me she was headed to the ER.  She was in a lot of pain and her blood pressure had shot way up.  Staci and I drove to meet up with her in the hospital.  As is the case with ER visits things never happen as quickly as you think they should.  At first they told her that it was probably digestion pain but when her labs came back there was something funky happening in her pancreas.  They needed to do more tests so they transferred her to Kaiser hospital to spend the night. Early the next morning they did an ultrasound and diagnosed her with pancreatitis.  Luckily for her the treatment was simply stop eating, get plenty of IV fluids and manage the pain.  It took her a bit to get back to feeling well but she is on her way.  Staci and I drove back Sunday late afternoon and went to bed very early to try and catch up on the sleep we did not get.   

End of the Wedding Season

September 20, 2011
After another wedding summer the whirlwind has come to an end.  Last weekend was Danny and Allison's wedding in LA.  Danny has been a great friend of my sister and though her, a friend of the family.  When he spent time living in Buenos Aires he also became close with our cousin Tommy.  So my Mom, cousin Tommy, Steph, Staci and I all headed to downtown LA for the wedding.  It was great getting to spend time with Tommy.  I hadn't seen him since a quick lunch on my way back from Uruguay 3 years ago.  The ceremony and party were well done and very fitting of their style. For some reason I hadn't taken my big camera to any weddings this summer.  So I went a little picture happy at this one.

What to do Without Power?

September 9, 2011
Yesterday around 3:30, with a zap the lights, computers and everything else went out at work.  The word quickly spread that it wasn't just our building.  Power was out from Mexico to Orange County.  So the combination of every traffic signal out and everyone leaving work at the same time equals gridlock. It took me an hour to get from the parking lot to the shopping center walking distance from my building.  When it was clear that I was getting nowhere fast I decided it was time to make use of the skateboard I keep in my trunk.  I skated down the hill towards home planning for a long trip.  Lucky for me on the way home I passed the train station.  I realized that I could jump on the Coaster up to Solana Beach station.  A bbq dinner and a candle lit evening made it seem like quite the adventure.  The power came back on sometime in the middle of the night and they cancelled work so I get a free day off.

4 Year Bike Accident Anniversary

September 2, 2011
Wow, I can't believe that it has been four years since my bike accident.  I had to double check to make sure my math was right.  I still consider myself pretty lucky that night. Four years later I am not too worse for the wear.  My jacked up finger and a few scars are all I have to show. To celebrate (not really) I am heading to Fresno for Staci's cousins wedding.  So here we go on a holiday weekend road trip. 


August 22, 2011
I had another wedding to attend this weekend.  This time was Staci's family friend getting married in La Jolla.  Her Mom came down for the wedding so she stayed with us for the weekend.  Staci arranged for our Mom's to meet at the SD Symphony Summer Beatles concert in downtown.  We had a nice after work dinner with the four of us on Friday. We then enjoyed the concert with the addition of my sister and her bf.  Saturday we made a quick stop to eat an unhealthy lunch at the Del Mar food truck event at the racetrack before heading to the wedding.  The venue was amazing literally on La Jolla Cove.  The sun even decided to peek out for a bit.  The band was good so I made a wholehearted but feebly executed attempt at dancing.

Beach or Beer

August 18, 2011
The weather by the coast has turned into June gloom like fog.  It is too soon for summer to be over because I said so.  It is a bummer driving home from work in the sun to home in the marine layer.  We made two half hearted attempts last weekend to make it to the beach but never got that far.  We did get to hang out at Ross' house for a bbq/Yatzee hang out with Chris in town.  It also finally worked out for me to join Ross on his indoor soccer team.  Yes, I am still terrible at soccer but I do enjoy the sucking. 

Double Down

August 8, 2011
The backpacking trip I was trying to put together didn't pan out so it turned into a quick Vegas trip.  I found a crazy good deal at the Hilton off the strip so Staci and I packed up the car and made a long weekend out of it.  I hoped that the blackjack table would be more kind that the stock market pummeling of the week.  The drive was uneventful and we enjoyed 3 hot sunny days by the pool and nights in the casino.  Staci found tickets to Phantom and we dined out before taking in a wonderful show on Saturday night.  The cards went the way of my portfolio with aces twice in a row when I doubled down on 11 and then losing again on split aces.  We stopped on the way home to see Chris' new house in Temecula that he just closed.  He has a lot of work to do but it has a lot of promise.  It made me want a place to fix up.

My Letter to Congress

July 25, 2011
Congressman Bilbray,

  I am hoping that congress can come to a reasonable compromise to prevent the federal government from defaulting on its debts.  A reasonable compromise is a mix of reductions AND revenue increases.  As a young, single, non-homeowner,  w2 professional I have felt the pain of taxes.  However, I am not willing to give up the benefits of a social safety net to help individuals that can afford to pay more. I see the light at the end of the tunnel of the great recession. Please increase the debt ceiling and keep our AAA credit rating. Don't send the economy into a tailspin by refusing to compromise.

Thank you,

Jason Halac

Uncle Phil

July 22, 2011
My weekend plans took a turn when my Mom called me on Friday to let me know that my Uncle Phil had passed away.  I had visited him a few weeks ago while he was in the hospital but he had since been doing much better.  He had just moved into a new care facility and it was quite a surprise to hear things turned to the worst.  Staci and I were heading on the road to go to her friends wedding so we decided to continue with the weekend plans and extend our trip until Monday so that we could attend the funeral in LA.  The funeral was sad and it felt eerie to be at the same cemetery so soon after my Uncle Harold has passed. 

Entering Carmagedon

July 14, 2011
This weekend is the weekend that they plan on closing the 405 freeway in LA.  It is also the weekend that Staci's friend is getting married in Monterey.  So we are headed through the media dubbed carmagedon this weekend on our way up North.  It should be an adventure.  On a lighter note I went on an exploratory bike ride yesterday after work.  I found the spot in Del Mar where they launch the hot air balloons and stopped to watch a few take off.  I then passed the no trespassing signs (what signs?) into a gated community with some of the biggest homes that I have seen in San Diego.  Who knew they were so close?

Cranking into Summer

June 30, 2011
My new house and new job are losing their newness. It is a nice change of pace to get into a routine of things.  I am seriously missing the convenience of having a gym across the street from work but I did find a path that winds through the canyon behind the building.  We went to the beer fest at the Del Mar Fair last Sunday with Alex and Tish.  I guess I went into it with unrealistic expectations since going to SF Beer Fest last year.  It still was the excess amount of good beer served in tiny glasses.  But, it was served by fair workers instead of brewers and lacked the crowd enthusiasm.  Still a warm day drinking cold beer is not something that I will complain about.

New Job and Friends Over

June 7, 2011
Last weekend was a celebration of finally spending a weekend without leaving town, getting a new job, and having a few friends over to check out our new pad. This San Diego move has turned out pretty well.  The biggest thing we have left to work out is getting a kitchen table.  I also won't complain that we haven't had a day without at least a bit of blue sky since we moved down.  Weddings have continued to keep me busy and it will be another wedding summer.  I have started to try and get back into some sort of shape since taking a vacation/moving hiatus.  Turns out I still don't like running but I am going to do it anyway. 

Not Homeless

May 24, 2011
A lot to update on since it has been quite a while. My trip to Kauai was awesome. Staci and I stayed most of the trip with her friend Mary and Mary’s bf Matt. We also had the chance to stay in a hotel on the north shore, camp on the south shore, and stay in a vacation rental studio on the southeast shore. The weather was sunny and awesome for most of the trip with only a few days of rain on the end. We hiked, surfed, camped, saw, ate and most of all sat on the beach. We arrived back to the mainland relaxed enough to make it through the craziness that followed. Our flight landed back in San Jose at 10 something local (7ish Hawaii.) Jon picked us up at the airport and took us back to his house where our cars had vacationed. We took Staci’s car and drove through the night arriving at my Mom’s house around 4. We did our best to catch a few hours sleep before continuing on to SD to make an 11am drug test appointment for Staci’s new job. We then headed to our new place in Solana Beach to pick up keys and meet up with our helpers Alex, Tish, and baby Avery. We then piled back in the car to drive to Ross’s house, borrow his truck, and then to uhaul to get our stuff out of storage. It was a very long day. We had two days of rest/unpacking before our next adventure. Conrad graduated from USC with his MBA so we drove to meet up with Jon, Rachel, and his family in LA. Conrad did his walk thing, we congratulated him, and then we went out celebrating for a short bit in Santa Monica. It was a short bit because the next morning at 5am we hitched a ride with Jon and Rachel back up to NorCal. Anson and Karin had their separate bachelor/bachelorette parties in SF. After a weekend of not sleeping very much and a quick Bay to Breakers attempt, Staci and I took my car (which was still vacationing at Jon’s house) back down to our new home. It was another whirlwind week and the first full week in our new home. We then headed up to Anson’s and Karin’s wedding in Arroyo Grande which seemed surprisingly close considering all of our driving. It was a fun wedding and a quick trip. Now we are finally getting a chance to settle in to our SD home.


April 25, 2011
Staci and I spent the weekend finishing up our packing and driving the Uhaul down to San Diego.  It has been a hectic and trying past few days.  Craigslist free section is a great way to pawn off all the junk that your old roommates left hidden.   Driving a "gentle ride" Uhaul across the grapevine is not as smooth as you would expect.  Unpacking into storage is anticlimactic since you have spent a lot of effort in moving to not have moved.  It is all worth it though since I can now claim to be a San Diegan again except for the small detail of having a place to live in San Diego.  Vacation in Hawaii time tomorrow to get the socal beach tan ready for the season.

Closing Shop

April 12, 2011
It has been busy getting ready to get ready to move. There are a lot of things on my list of things to get done that I have been putting off.  Finding a place in SD has been Staci's mission and she is attacking full force.  I stole her away from things to head to Tahoe with Anson and Karin last weekend.  There is still a ton of snow up in the mountains to enjoy.  It is strange the things that remind you that you are older.  Snowboarding is now one of those things for me. I remember going up in high school and riding hard all day from 8 to 3 without taking a break.  Now I can't muster more than a few hours at a time before feeling like I took a beating. 

Moving to SD

April 4, 2011
The decision has finally been made to make the next adventure in San Diego.  It was always been my idea to end up back down south sooner or later and it looks like sooner.  Staci got offered a job at UCSD hospital and now seemed like a good time to make a move.  I have missed the good weather and great beaches ever since I left.  I am very much looking forward to a summer on the beach bike riding the boardwalk.

Lot of Driving

March 16, 2011

To make it to my Uncle Harold's funeral I drove to my Mom's house on Monday from Fresno.  I hadn't planned of making a trip so I had to go to the store and buy some appropriate clothes.  I can't remember the last time I saw as many family members in one place. The ceremony was very nice and they did a good job making it a celebration of life.  Afterward, we went to the house and visited for a short while.  I then got on the road and made the long drive home to get back to work for today.

Uncle Harold

March 13, 2011
My Uncle Harold passed away this weekend.  Toast to a life well lived.  Miss you.

The Big 3-0

February 16, 2011

I knew it was coming but it didn't make the milestone 30th any easier to swallow.  it wasn't too long ago that 21 seemed old.  Luckily I had good friends and family with me to soften the blow.  To celebrate I went on a long weekend trip to Mammoth with Staci, Steph, Steph's BF, Ross, Conrad, Chris, Brian, and Adam.  The place we rented was nice but the lack of snow clearing led to a slip that costed Staci her snowboarding.  Snowboarding was awesome and the weather was amazing.  To throw a wrench in things our quick flight back home turned into a long car ride.  The plane did not land at Mammoth airport so we had to catch a ride with my sister to LA and rent a car to drive home.  A 45 minute flight turned itself into a 12 hour car ride.  Yesterday, for my actual birthday, I took a half day at work and headed up to the city.  Staci and I met Jon, Bean, Roselle, Adam, Anson, and Karin for a grubbing tapas dinner.  Today is day two of the no lip ring version of Jason.  I figure I have a few more days before there is no going back.

Two Coasts in two Days

January 19, 2011
Last week was a busy one.  I scrambled at work to get our prototypes ready to ship to the client.  I then got on a plane Thursday headed to Boston.  I landed and drove like a Californian on icy roads (except for the crashing part) to the hotel and went to sleep.  I woke up, went to the client's and built up the prototype, and then headed back to the airport.  I flew home and landed at 10pm on Friday.  Staci and I had planned a weekend in Monterey/Carmel so we drove to the beach on Saturday and were greeted by beautiful, warm, sunny weather.  Drove back on Sunday in time to catch my hockey game and get ready for a new week. This week I am buttoning up plans for my birthday to head to Mammoth.  I am ready for a snowy vacation.

It is Cold

January 9, 2011
The problem with living in northern California in a house without heat (thanks landlord) is that it gets cold. Don't worry though, it hasn't stopped my short wearing ways.  New Years turned out to be a fun and interesting way to start the year.  Staci and I went to the city early and met up with her friends that were in town.  We had a few drinks and snacks and then I made Staci hike up Nob Hill to my friend Roselle's house. Staci was in her heels and going out dress so I made a weak attempt at getting a cab.  After dinner we headed back down the hill and this time there really weren't any cabs.  We reconvened with Staci's friends and headed to a club in the Mission that they picked.  We arrived early enough that there wasn't much of a line and the place was relatively empty.  However, something was a bit off about the place.  As the place filled in it became apparent.  Our sexual orientation was in the minority and the line for the men's room was very long.  We counted down the clock to midnight and then bolted for a cab and late night eats.  This year I rejoined the gym across the street from work and started the new year with plans to make the most of my 29 with 3-0 around the corner.

End of the Year Wrap Up

December 30, 2010
The last few weeks of the year were eventful one's. I took off on a 10 day voyage to Nicaragua with Staci, Conrad and Coco.  It was a great place to visit for a relaxing vacation on the beach.  I spent most days in the water or on the sand which is my preferred way of spending days.  We returned in time for the holidays (and the free vacation days at work.)  Since Christmas isn't such a big holiday for the Jews I celebrated with Staci's family.  The last week of the year is slow as expected and should culminate with a fun last hurrah in SF for NYE.

Getting ready for Vacation!

December 9, 2010
I am very excited for my first decent sized trip in quite a while.  I am going with Staci, Coco, and Conrad to Nicaragua.  It has been making the work weeks go very quickly in anticipation.  I think that is one of the best parts of leaving town.  I am sure that I will have lots of photo's to post of beautiful beaches and rain forest.  I hope that my Spanish can keep up.  I am very out of practice.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2010
I think I would be in love with any holiday that makes it socially acceptable to pour gravy over your entire plate.  But, Thanksgiving adds family and friends to the mix so that makes it even better. I took a flight back to the OC on Wednesday with Cousin Rachel ready to protest the TSA's new screening procedures. Apparently I did not look suspicious enough because I made it thought security and the airport without incident. It has been cold down here which means when I go home I am definitely going to need the dual zone electric mattress pad that I ordered online and might be a little too excited about.  The OC feels the same despite the crowd at the Goat looking younger.  I am ready to see more friends and go home after stuffing my face a few more times.

Is it Vacation Yet?

November 8, 2010
I spent the last weekend helping Staci celebrate her birthday.  Friday we went to dinner with her Mom and then out bowling with friends.  I still think it should be easier to knock those pins down.  Saturday we headed up to SF to check out the Academy of Science in the park.  It was smaller than I thought it would be but very well done and interesting.  Last weekend was Halloween shenanigans.  I dressed up as Hulk Hogan and Staci was a cowgirl. We went to Adam and Bean's party in the city and spent the night there.  I like dressing up for Halloween.

Camping in the Rain

October 27, 2010
I took an extra day off last week to go camping with Staci's family in Morro Bay.  It was the most convenient camping trip that I have been on.   We arrived and the tent was set up, the air mattress blown up, and food and drinks were stocked.  The weather was pretty lousy with bits of on and off rain but redeemed by a few sunny warm hours. I went golfing (don't worry still not my game), shopping, drinking, and eating.  A fun trip but also nice to come home, shower and stay clear of the weather.  This week is Halloween prep so I have been running to the stores after work to put together my costume.  I am going to be Hulk Hogan this year.  Last night was a bit crazy.  I was walking home from my soccer game and in the intersection that I had just crossed a car t-boned an ambulance with sirens blaring.  The ambulance fish tailed and then rolled onto its side and slid about 10 feet.  It was crazy how quickly the police and fire trucks showed up. 

Things that Fly

October 14, 2010
It has stayed as nice as summer should have been so I took advantage of the clear weather and went to SF to check out the Blue Angels for fleet week.  There were about a zillion other people who had the same idea so we were among friends.  Bean and her boyfriend Adam were hanging out on a friends roof in the Marina and they invited us to hang out.  I am into planes and being on roofs so it was a very enjoyable afternoon.  Afterward, Staci and I headed off to destination nap and then grab dinner.  We swung by Adam's place on the way out of the city for a beer and chill hang out time.  Sunday, Anson convinced me it was a good idea to head over the hill to Santa Cruz and go surfing.  We squeezed ourselves into Karin's convertible with two surfboards and the top down.  The surf was too crowded for my taste but I don't mind a beach day anyway I get it.  I have started flying again and working towards my license.  I was very rusty in the plane but I remembered enough to get me excited to start back into flying.

It's Hot!

September 30, 2010
It was busy last weekend.  I took Staci to the Ducks/Sharks pre-season game in San Jose Friday night.  Staci and I were the only people in our section rooting for the Ducks.  There were six fights in the first period and the Ducks pulled out the victory 5-4.  Awesome game.  Saturday Chris, who was in town for a wedding, was supposed to meet us in SF for the Tour de Fat bike ride and beer garden.  He claimed to be too hung over so we went without him.  We got there too late for the ride but they had a cool festival/beer garden thing happening in the park.  It was also hot which is just strange and awesome for Golden Gate Park.  That night we met up with the wedding party group along with Bean and her crew at a bar for late night adventures.  Sunday was the right amount of mellow with a much needed late start.

Yom Kippur Start Over

September 22, 2010
I went home to the OC to spend Yom Kippur with my family.  My flight on Friday was scheduled to give me plenty of time to get to services.  SFO disagreed. Fog in the afternoon had pushed all the flights back two hours.  I walked into temple 5 minutes after the service started which is almost perfect in Jason time. My Pops had driven down so my sister and I dropped him off at the hotel and crashed at my mom's.  Saturday my family and I headed to services in the morning.  Afterward we all went our different ways and I headed to visit my grandma. Saturday night was Chris's 30th birthday celebration and hanging out with the OC crew.  I broke the fast at Pei Wei (yum) with Tim, Corinne, B.Leu, JC, Conrad, and my sister.  We headed to BJ's afterward to meet Chris and his bunch.  Chris had specifically requested something corporate and lame for his 30th.  He was practicing being old.  The beers were good times and we headed back to B.Leu's new pad to crash.  Sunday sneaked up too quickly with just enough time to hang with my Mom and Uncle before heading home.

Wine, Camping and Rosh Hashana

September 9, 2010
For the long holiday weekend I snuck away to go camping at Lake Nacimiento near Paso Robles.  Jon, Rachel, Staci and I met up at the grocery store in Paso Friday night.  We stocked up on empty bellies which means that we bought way too much food.  It was nice to know that I wouldn't have to be carrying my food up a mountain so it could be as heavy as it wanted.  We drove into the campsite and set up, started a fire, ate dinner, and started drinking.  Jon and I might have gotten a bit carried away but we managed to not be too bothered by the morning for the Mexican fiesta next tent.  We went wine tasting after breakfast to Turley and some others.  Jon and Rachel stocked up big time taking a bounty home.  We went back to the camp to float on the lake and enjoy the waning summertime heat.  They took off to go home that night and Staci and I called it early.  Sunday, we drove to San Luis Obispo to meet Alex and Tish at breakfast.  Tish was hiding Avery under her shirt when we got there so I had to wait to see how big she had grown.  Alex, Tish and Tracy were in town for their friend Sarah's wedding.  Tracy was in the bridal party (because that's what she does best) and was hanging out at the farmhouse where the wedding took place.  We drove to meet up with her and Dan at the farmhouse for an afternoon cocktail and then to a winery for more sampling.  Monday was a lazy last day at camp.  We ate breakfast, packed up our things, floated on the lake, and then headed home. 
Today is Rosh Hashana so I took the day off from work.  It is nice to have a day off in the middle of a short week.  I had the chance to reflect over the past year and what I want to happen going forward.  Our rabbi asked us to introduce ourselves to our neighbors and tell them what you are looking forward to this coming year.  I had trouble thinking of one thing that stuck out in my mind.  I am excited though, I think many good things will come this year.

Is Summer Over?

August 31, 2010
It has been a good end of summer.  I have been hanging out with Staci on the weekends and staying busy during the week.  I did an autocross with my car and had a fantastic time totally destroying my tires.  Hockey ended the season in the first game of the playoffs.  I got a lot better over the season and the team invited me back to try again next season.  On a sad note Matty's Mom passed away unexpectedly.  My heart goes out to him, it has been tough.  I am looking forward to a Labor day weekend trip with Jon and Rachel and Ross's 30th birthday party guys weekend.  Is it time for 30th birthday parties yet? Goodness we are getting old.

Hiking Rae Lakes Loop

August 11, 2010
My legs are still feeling the 46 mile Rae Lakes Loop backpacking trip.  I went with Bean, Staci, Adam (Bean's BF), Scott, Ian, and Heather (Ian's GF.)  Ian was the organizer of the trip and the guy who actually knew where we were going.  We took off on Thursday and headed to King's Canyon National Park where we car camped the first night at Road's End.  Friday morning we took off with full packs and headed up 11 miles to Upper Paradise Valley.  It was mostly gradual uphill following a beautiful quick moving creek.  Saturday we hiked a tough 11 miles up to Dollar Lake.  The last few miles were above 10,000ft and we were very worn out by the time we arrived in camp.  The mosquito's were ready for us to arrive.  I conveniently had my repellent safely stored on my dresser back home and the only bottle for the group had yet to arrive.  Staci and I quickly set up our tent and hid out until help arrived.  Lucky for us Ian had planned a rest day after all that climbing so we lackadaisically hiked the remaining 3 miles to Rae Lakes on Sunday.  We arrived early and enjoyed laying around camp, swimming, and fishing with my Buzz Lightyear fishing pole.  The trout weren't very big but I never had fishing so easy.  The fish almost jumped at the hook.  Monday we woke up early for a long day on the trail.  We hiked over Glen Pass (12,000 ft) and started the long way down.  In-N-Out was on the mind and motivated us to finish a day early and push through to the car 19 miles and 10 hours away.  Everyone crashed at Staci's house Monday night and enjoyed the warm shower and never dehydrated food.

Making it to Fresno

July 29, 2010
It was about time I made a trip out to Fresno for a weekend to see Staci.  This time it was a proper visit and not just a pass through.  The nice part about driving inland is you get away from our unseasonably cold weather.  It was in the 90's for the weekend and perfect lay by the pool weather.  I was very lazy and loved every bit.  I miss the hot.

Pop's in town weekend and Cousin in SF

July 18, 2010
For Father's day I invited my Pop's to come up and visit me so he took me up on the offer last weekend.  It worked out nicely that it was also the World Cup finals.  We hung out around town, ate well, checked out SF, and had a BBQ and World Cup viewing party.  My Dad got really excited when I told him he could make steaks for the BBQ.  I took him to Costco to stock up on supplies and sent him to the meat section to pick out the beef.  When I came back he had the biggest $60 package.  I had to talk him down to a more reasonable quantity.  This weekend I had cousins from Chicago in town staying with the Hartman's.  I drove up to the city on Saturday and hung out with the Hartman kids and Pirano cousins in the park.  That night the 21+ crowd went to sushi and drinks.  Today I played hockey in the morning which is still kicking my butt and lazied the rest of the day away.

July 4th Weekend

July 8, 2010
It was a busy holiday weekend as I joined too many other motorists heading south.  I left a bit early on Friday and picked Staci up on the way to the OC.  We drove straight to Tim's new house to meet up with Tracy, B.Leu, and Corinne.  We checked out his new pad and shared in a few reacquainting drinks.  I also heard the amazing news that Tish popped out her baby with Avery deciding to enter the world.  It was pretty considerate of Tish to have her on the weekend that I came to town!  The next morning we met my Mom for breakfast at the Spectrum and then headed down to SD.  After an unwanted delay at Chris's we made a late appearance to one of my favorite beaches, Blacks.  Later that night we headed to OB to meet up with Staci's cousins.  I did my best to rally but I was pretty tired after waking up early to watch Argentina unfortunately lose their World Cup game.  We slept at Chris's that night and decided to rent a sailboat on Mission Bay for the 4th.  My sister joined us on the boat and I showed my sailing skills off by promptly running into a bridge.  Who knew to look up?  No harm no foul though so we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon on the boat.  That night we drove up to Mount Soledad to watch fireworks.  While we didn't have the best view of any one show it was cool to see about 15 different shows going on from far away. Monday I started the drive home with stops to see Alex, Tish and Avery, my Mom, and then dinner at Staci's.  I finally got home late Monday night already missing the good times had in socal.

World Cup Time

June 16, 2010
I have been decently obsessed with the World Cup these days.  Last weekend for the USA-England game we went to the ballpark in SF to watch on the big screen.  I was surprised how many people were there but I guess it was free.   I am loving the warmer weather and it finally feels like summer is here.  My ice hockey is also getting better.  I am still pretty awful but I can see improvement.  Pottery class is ending soon so I will have more time during the weekdays to find something else to take up time.

Catalina Throwback

June 1, 2010
It has been too long since a group Catalina trip so luckily Alex planned a trip for this past Memorial Day weekend.  I took Friday off of work to make it an extra long 4 day weekend and flew down to the OC.  I had a chance to visit with my Mom, Grandma, and Kevin before getting on the boat to Catalina Friday afternoon.  The island brings together many my favorite things to do.  Volleyball, Snorkeling, Sun, and beverages with friends.  Lucky for me we had a chance to enjoy all of them.  Tish is about ready to pop so it was nice to have a last hurrah with the Klingensmith's before baby Avery arrives.  The weekend was amazing but too short as always.  It did hold on a bit with a nice flight delay to extend my trip home long enough to make waking up for work extra difficult.

Bay to Breakers

May 21, 2010
Last weekend was dinner Friday night with Anson, Karin, Jon and Rachel at La Bodeguita near my house.  That worked out pretty nice since I was able to sit on my porch and have a beer while waiting for everyone to show up and walk over to the restaurant.  Saturday was my second ice hockey game ever and it went better than expected. I was looking good sporting two socks taped on my shoulders since I had forgotten my shoulder pads at home.  I had my share of dramatic flailing falls but I managed a fluke of a shot that made it behind the goalie.  Sunday we woke up early and got on the train to SF for Bay to Breakers.  It was everything it was last year and more.  So much fun but so tiring.  I slept the entire train ride hope and napped for the rest of the day.

Seattle Trip Mostly

May 10, 2010
For my Mom and Sister's birthdays I told them that I would take them on a family trip this year.  My Mom had been wanting to go to Seattle for quite some time so we made it happen.  I flew up separately and met my Mom and Sister in SeaTac airport.  We took the train to our hotel in downtown to settle in before heading on our first sightseeing adventure.  The weather was what you would expect in a city known for its rain but we were lucky to never have a serious downpour.  We wanderered all around the city for the long weekend with memorable stops at the space needle, underground tour,  Bainbridge Island, Pike's Market and many good restaurants.  It was a very touristy trip but perfect for exploring a new city.  This past weekend it was Davie and Kasey's birthdays so Jon's Vacaville boys took a party bus to Dave and Buster's in Fremont.  I went with Jon, Rachel and Staci to live it up with the boys for a night on the town.  Saturday the weather was playing nice so Staci and I went to Santa Cruz Boardwalk to walk on the beach and ride the roller coaster.

Left or Right Handed

April 26, 2010
Waking up early on the weekend is something I try to avoid but occasionally I make exceptions.  This time it was for a good cause.  Anson's company had organized a volunteer event to help repair a home for an older gentleman in San Jose.  We replaced kitchen appliances, toilets, built a new deck, and cleaned up the back yard.  I like building things and helping out so it was a good day in the warm weather.  That night Matty had gotten an extra ticket to beer fest in San Francisco.  We took the train up to the city and into beer heaven.  They had Fort Mason lined from end to end with brewery's gladly pouring their wares.  I had just the right amount of beer to thoroughly enjoy myself and wake up feeling good in the morning.  Sunday, I went with Jon to the ice rink for my first practice session starting up hockey.  Turns out I want to stick handle left handed and shoot right handed.  I need to pick a hand. 

I don't like Tax Time

April 18, 2010
I finally made it inside of Pac Bell Park in San Francisco to catch a Giants game.  Staci picked up tickets and we joined with a bunch of friends to enjoy a day game opening weekend.  The weather had different plans.  It turned into a rainy cold day and the start was delayed 3 hours.  We made up the time in the bar across the street and were plenty ready when the game actually started.  Not exactly what I had in mind but fun nonetheless.  Work has been crazy busy.  The project that I am on lost a project manager and the other engineer went on vacation.  I was literally the only one left.  Conrad was in town for a USC/Stanford event this weekend so I got to hang out with him a bit.  Matty drove me to downtown PA Friday night to meet up.  Saturday Laurie had a BBQ at her place and Staci and I headed over to hang out with the crew. 

Bring your Own Big Wheel

April 6, 2010
This weekend would have been low key had it not been another one of those days that makes San Francisco awesome.  Easter Sunday was pouring rain but that didn't stop hundreds of people meeting up at the top of a very large and winding road on Portrero Hill.  They were dressed in superhero costumes, male bikinis, and everything else a bit odd that you can imagine.  We were there to race down the hill on big wheels or other wheeled child  vehicle variations. It was as amazing as it sounds.  I went with my cousin Geoff and by the end of the day our cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much.  If you have time check out the video, its worth it.

I love Napping

March 31, 2010
Staci came up to visit this past weekend.  We went with Anson and surprised Karin at her restaurant for dinner.  Afterward I tried to convince them that going up to the city was a good idea but they weren't buying.  Alex and Tish were in SF for a wedding so we met up with Alex at his hotel bar.  Tish was worn out from the rehearsal dinner so she didn't make it out but Alex had a few drinks and was persuaded to go for a drive.  I took him to meet up with Roselle at a bar in Knob Hill and he provided the entertainment for the evening.  Saturday was a beautiful day in Palo Alto.  We started to get ready to go out and do something for the day and didn't make it past the front porch.  It was too nice so we just sat and enjoyed the sun.  Sunday was helping out Conrad's step Mom Cheryl for her Rhone Rangers wine event.  The event was awesome.  I got to take a few breaks and enjoy some wine with a lot of my friends who were there.

Lagging On Updating

March 24, 2010
So I have been a bad updater and haven't posted my almost weekly update in two weeks.  So what has happened since then?  JC came up to visit me and we had any amazing time.  I picked her up at SFO Friday night and we went to the city to have dinner and then met up with Bean and Adam. We went to the bar amazingly close to his house and despite the lingering BO smell it was very entertaining.  We had the dancing older lady at the bar who continued to dance even when the music stopped. Then the lady who stumbled in with a hospital gown on to stop and light her cigarette with the candle on our table.  Saturday, we took Caltrain up to the city and had the right amount of drinks to still make in back on the last train home.  Overall solid weekend visit.  Then there was the weekdays where I went to the place where I spend my weekdays.  It went a little bit faster knowing that the coming weekend was a LA visit.  I flew down with Jon for a boys weekend visiting Conrad.  Friday night we went on a cab ride bar tour of Silverlake and Los Feliz that had the mandatory LA celebrity sightings.  Saturday was beautiful so we headed to the beach to play volleyball and throw the football around.  I love volleyball.  It reminds me of Catalina.  That night we went to a swanky downtown LA bar that was too swanky to let me in with the shoes I had worn.  Luckily I had learned my lesson and borrowed an old pair from Conrad before we left.  I then proceeded to drink enough to have to make the tough decision: sleep in the bar or in the car.  I decided on the car.  We flew home Sunday to start over with another week.

Too much work at work

March 11, 2010
Last weekend was pleasantly without rain despite what the weatherman had to say about it.  Staci came up to visit and we went over to Mike and Laurie's on Friday to drink lots of really good wine.  We even played my favorite game to play at Mike's.  It's called throw oranges at the dish.  To play you pick oranges off the tree, then you throw them at the satellite dish.  Not complicated but extremely entertaining.  The rest of the weekend was relaxing.  Food, putt putt, movies, yard work and a bike ride.  Work has been very busy lately.  I am on two projects right now and there is not enough Jason to go around.  I am hoping things calm down soon so I can do some relaxing. I am excited for JC visiting this weekend.  I pick her up tomorrow!

Vancouver 2010

March 1, 2010
I feel pretty lucky to say that I just came back from the Olympics. My Uncle invited me to fly up to his house in Washington and drive up to Vancouver.  I flew up early Tuesday morning and met up with my cousin Mike in Seattle airport before jumping on another plane to Bellingham, Washington.  My Aunt and Uncle picked us up from the airport and drove us to their house literally across the bay from Canada. We went out for dinner and drinks to the clubhouse that I made infamous on my last visit by having one too many.  In the morning we drove across the border to Canada.  Mike welcomed the Canadian border guard by telling him that we were headed to "couver." The legitimately confused guard responded with, "who calls it couver?" The situation was tactfully adverted by Mike by following with, "it's an American thing."  He still let us in.  We found a great restaurant/bar next to the hotel and we decided to stay to watch the Canada-Russia hockey game before getting on a bus to downtown.  The downtown was amazing.  Full of people, ton's of bars, and a sea of Canadian flags and hockey jerseys.  I decided that I was good at dancing at some point in the night which is never a good idea in retrospect.  Thursday we had tickets to see the men's ski aerial finals.  The event was awe inspiring.  The amount of air and the speed the athletes can spin and twist is absolutely amazing.  Friday, Mike and I walked all over downtown Vancouver visiting the Olympic venues, village, and flame.  We drove back to the US that night to spend time with the family in Washington before getting ready to head back to reality.

29 is Old

February 17, 2010
I like it a bit too much when the work week starts on a Tuesday.  I especially enjoy it when my birthday is a day off.  I spent the weekend with an awesome drive and camping trip up the coast on Highway 1.  On Saturday I went with Staci to meet with Anson and Karin in Half Moon Bay for the end of Maverick's surf competition.  The waves were 50+ feet and looked like mountains rolling over the surfers still out.  We then drove up Highway 1 to Dillon Beach to camp and had dinner along the way.  In the morning we got in the car again and drove further north along the coast to Timber Cove.  The weather was amazing and the surf was sending huge sprays of water into the air along the rocky beaches.  We drove down on my birthday Monday and had my favorite, Chinese food, with Jon and Rachel to celebrate.

Getting Ready For a Long Bday Weekend

February 11, 2010
It works out nicely when your birthday happens to fall on a national holiday.  The unfortunate part about my birth date is that it is always after that other holiday that makes people want to spend time with their significant others.  I have been trying to convince people for a long time how my birthday should just supersede that other holiday with limited success. So now the problem lies in trying to convince people for a last minute vacation.  I joined the crossfit gym that is across the street from my work and have been going 4 days a week.  It reminds me of offseason training for football in high school but this time I am paying to be there.  Hopefully, I am going to get in shape for the summer if I keep it up.

OC is calling

February 2, 2010
So for no particular reason I headed down to the OC to visit with friends and family for a quick weekend.  I flew home Friday and my Mom picked me up in time for a Del Taco run and then to drop me off at my old house.  Unfortunately, B.Leu, JC, and Brian were out of town pretending like they had something better to do than hang out with me.  I got my goat fix with Timmy, Corrine, and Sarah on Friday with one too many pitchers.  Saturday I had a slow start but convinced Timmy to go surfing Newport.  It has been way too long since I have been in the water.  I don't want to wait that long until the next time. That afternoon I visited with my Grandma.  She is amazing, so strong.  My Mom cooked a turkey dinner to celebrate my birthday a bit early.  So I ate my fill and then headed over to Tracy's house in Anaheim.  She had a bunch of our friends over so I enjoyed the good company.  Sunday was a quick blur of Uncle Paul, Kevin, and my Pop's before getting on a plane again to head home.

Sad Happy Sad

January 22, 2010
I am happy that I had the chance to visit my Grandpa in his last few days with us.  My trip down to the OC was a welcome chance to spend time with family and appreciate all that I have.  I flew back Friday morning and went straight into work.  After work I rushed home to pack for another Tahoe trip with Karim and a big group of friends.  The snow could have been better but the group was really fun.  It was a good distraction from things.  My Mom called me Tuesday to let me know that Grandpa had passed.  He will be missed.  Love you Grandpa.

Surprise OC Visit

January 13, 2010
I am back to Orange County.  That normally would be a good thing but the day of the week should be a clue that something is amiss.  My Grandpa has gotten sick and things aren't looking well.  It was one of those moments today when you realize that whatever you are doing is less important that what is going on.  Plans and work deadlines lose there importance.  I am hoping things turn for the better but for now I am waiting to see.

It is times likes these that I start to think about the things that I try to avoid thinking about.  I have accepted the mortality of life but it doesn't mean that I understand it.  I question how this amazing coincidence of events has led me to this life and the conscious mind to think, feel, and wonder.  The process always ends at the same point; at some point I will have my last thought and leave the world we know.  Which explains the reason I try to avoid starting the thought progression.  It is depressing.

I am not sure if I am scared of death.  I try to make the most of my time because I know it is limited.  I don't know the point of life.  The point of life is a more interesting question than mortality.  I know I will die.  The question is, will I make this life worthwhile?

I visited with my Grandpa last night.  He actually looked pretty well all things considered.  I am glad that I had the chance to spend a little more time with him.

Happy New Year

January 5, 2010
I spent the New Year in Lake Tahoe with Conrad, Coco and a bunch of her friends.  It had been a while since I had been snowboarding and I was itching to get out of town for a few days.  I started the trip off with a stop in San Francisco with Conrad and his HS friend Jackie to meet up with my friend Staci.  She was up in the city visiting some friends in the Marina so we joined her for tacos and beer pong.  I was driving so I had designated drinkers for beer pong which worked out very well.  Especially since we were playing in a bar and bar floors gross me out.  Afterward we headed up to Sacramento to meet with the rest of the crew and crash for the night.  We woke up early after not enough sleep to drive to Tahoe and hit the slopes.  The day had a nice coat of fresh snow and a we wore ourselves out before heading back to the cabin.  I met the entire group in the cabin and we hung out for that night.  The next morning we headed back to the slopes with a bigger group.  Things were going well until Conrad got run over by a full speed snowboarder that ended the day.  He jacked his knee up and broke his cheek bone.  Oww.  After picking Conrad up at the hospital New Years Eve was upon us.  The group got ready and headed downtown to the Casino's minus an injured drugged up Conrad.  The next day after a late start we went sledding and hung out around the cabin.  Unfortunately, it was our last night so I enjoyed the group company and left early Saturday morning to head home.

Holiday Time

December 23, 2009
It is been the typical holiday rush as people wind down the end of the year.  I made it out to visit Karim in the city last weekend and it was a typical good time.  Conrad has been back in town from school so I have been hanging out with him and visiting friends.  I am glad I don't have the big deal xmas holiday shopping to do.  This long weekend should be pretty low key and relaxing. I am getting very excited for New Year's in Tahoe.

Last Hanukkah Day

December 18, 2009
It has been a good holiday hanging out with friends and thinking of family just a bit too far away. I had people over to my house last night for a 7th night Hanukkah dinner and celebration.  The hanging out and dinner were great, the latkes will have to be tried again next year.  I am getting excited for the end of the year and the days off that it entails.  I am ready for my mini vacations and snowboarding season.

Happy Hanukkah

December 11, 2009
Happy Hanukkah to all those that celebrate (and those that don't too.) It is going to be a bit strange this year since I am much further from home during the holidays.  I will miss the decorations and family menorah lighting.  It has been a crazy and COLD week up here in nor cal.  The water heater at our place sprung a leak and I had to do some emergency landlord finagling.  The heater still doesn't work but that's another story.  They did another round of layoffs at work. I wasn't that surprised because I had heard our finance numbers were looking bad.  It absolutely destroys moral around the building after a layoff.  Yesterday I went out and bought things to make Hanukkah cookies and candles.  So tonight I will celebrate with friends and take the time to be thankful for everything and everyone this holiday.

Thanksgiving Shenanigans

December 4, 2009
So you would think taking 5 days off would be relaxing but it sure didn't feel that way. I flew home early Wednesday morning to visit the family and friends for the holiday. My Mom had saved up a list of things to do around the house so I spent the afternoon of my first day doctoring the house up. I haven't had a chance to spend much time with Alex and Tish so I made a special visit Wednesday night to hang out. We pulled out Alex's old yearbook in anticipation of our upcoming 10 year high school reunion party and had a good laugh. Thanksgiving Thursday is my favorite eating holiday. I ate turkey and all the fixings for lunch at my Aunt Deborah's house and dinner at my Cousin Judy's. Yum. We capped the night at Goathill with Betty, Gabe, and Timmy per tradition. Friday I set up a flight lesson at John Wayne with my friend Baggs. It was really cool being at such a busy airport and overlooking Orange County. I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my Pop's who drove down for the day. Saturday I drove with my Mom and Sister to visit our Uncle Harold and Aunt Shirley in the Valley. It was nice to see my Uncle Harold doing well since he has been put in an assisted living house. Saturday night was our unofficial High School reunion party. Since our class president didn't set up an official reunion it never happened. So some friends set up an unofficial reunion on Facebook for the Thanksgiving weekend. It was great catching up with people I haven't seen in some time and noticing how some things have changed but more have stayed the same. Also as per tradition Timmy set up a fantastic Friendsgiving on Sunday. More good food, good friends, good drinks and good times. My Mom dropped me off at the airport to head back to my Nor Cal home and reminisce a great OC visit.

OC People in Nor Cal

November 22, 2009
I just finished up a great weekend with some of my OC people coming up to visit.  Betty Leu gets the credit for making a decision and then getting it to actually happen!  I picked up Betty, Tim, Corrine, and Brian from SFO after work on Friday.  Ross took a later flight and shuttled it down to my house.  We hung around for a bit and then headed to downtown Palo Alto.  Despite my insistence that riding the bull is always a bad idea, Ross made it happen.  Good thing Corrine is a miniature person because Saturday we squished into my car to make the 1.5 hour drive up to Fairfield. We went to the Jelly Belly factory and the Anheuser Busch brewery engorging at both.  We then piled back in the car to SF.  Betty hooked up a friends and family discount that had us staying away from people in our tax bracket at the Ritz Carlton.  Anson and his people met up with us at the hotel and then we all moseyed over to sushi.  Rupa joined the crew at dinner and then somehow we made it out to a club in SOMA to finish a great night. Today was a bit slower with a low key day in the city and then dropping off the OC people at the airport.  I am stoked everyone made it out.  Good times. 

Halloween Weekender

November 4, 2009
Halloween started the celebrating on Friday. I really enjoy Halloween so I had no problem beginning a day early. I think that by dressing up as someone or something else makes you feel a little bit different. It takes you out of your everyday and adds a little bit of silliness with a subtle reminder of trick-or-treating past. Matty’s sister and her husband transform their house into one of the best and most elaborate haunted homes that I have ever seen. It is on par or better than a professional setup. I went with Matty and met up with Jeff, Carey, Mike and Laurie. While hanging out with the adults, in a sea of kids fueled by an endless supply of candy, Matty got a call from one of his friends that works at the BBC. He was short a bartender and hoping that Matt could fill in. It sounded good to him (and a good friend to have at the bar to me) so I followed him to the BBC. It was a crowded night due to a Zumba event. For those that don’t know what Zumba is (I didn’t) it seems to be a mixture between latin dance, the electric slide, and step aerobics. People were into it. I even got convinced to give it a try (with mediocre results) but it was fun. Saturday I headed up to the city dressed as Alan from “The Hangover” movie. I met up with Karim and a bazillion others to go to a party on Pier 33. The party was ehh but the company was good. The weekend finished like every good weekend should, with a giant burrito and an awesome flying lesson.

Hanging with Pop's

October 29, 2009
My plans for going camping fell though so it worked out nicely that my Pop's called to come and visit.  It was his Birthday on Monday so it was a good way to celebrate.  I picked him up at SFO Friday night and we headed up to the city to grab dinner.  My coworker had recommended a place in the Mission so we found the place, then found parking, and finally found out that the wait was too long.  Luckily, there are a ton of restaurants in the area so we walked a few blocks and found a great Spanish/Tapas restaurant.  Saturday I planned a full day.  We started the day with a flight lesson with my Pop's passengering in the back, did a quick driving tour around Palo Alto, walked around Stanford, split a bottle of wine, and then enjoyed a good Italian dinner on California street.  I think I got him a bit tipsy because by the time we got back from dinner he was ready for bed.  I still had some energy left so I hopped on my skateboard and headed to Stanford to meet up with my roommate Matty and watch the Stanford/ASU football game.  Sunday was more tour guide day but this time in San Francisco.  It was one of the clearest and warmest days in the city that I have experienced.  My Pop's must be very lucky.  We drove all over and saw all the big visitor spots.  It was another great day hanging out.  I dropped him off that night at SFO with a big happy birthday and sent him home.  He really liked my area and we enjoyed each others company.  It was a solid weekend.  Tonight I am putting my finishing touches on my Halloween costume (I love Halloween) and getting ready for an exciting weekend!

Disadvantages of Banning Plastic Grocery Bags

October 20, 2009
Another weekend in the city.  This time to celebrate Ryan's 25th birthday.  Hanging out with younger people really becomes apparent when they turn foregone ages and call themselves old.  However, I put on my best show and per usual had a fantastic time hanging with Karim's crew.  It's been a while since I took on the drunk - drunken caretaker role for an over imbiber.  I probably should not have been so amused when Keegan's friend took a prone position on a San Francisco sidewalk. But, we have all been there (or at least in spirit.)  I am happy to say that there is FINALLY a new puke picture after a significant dry spell.  The politicians who wrote the law banning plastic grocery bags in SF probably didn't envision the negative consequences of paper bags when scrambling for a suitable vomit receptacle. My flight training is moving along well.  I had a flying lesson tonight and started with my best landing to date. It made my day.

Rainy Day

October 13, 2009
The winter has made itself apparent.  First the leaves turned and my tomato plant started to not look as well.  Then it got cold enough at night where I wish my house had heat. Finally our first big storm with lots and lots of rain.  You would think people in northern California would be better drivers in the wet but this mornings commute proved otherwise.  I spent the last weekend hanging with Jon and Rachel on Friday night and then went to the city Saturday and Sunday.  Rachel was coaching her cheerleaders at the Cupertino High football game and I went with Jon to hang out.  The cheerleaders did a good job but the football team was absolutely terrible.  I like to think that when I played HS football it was much better (even if its not true).  Saturday night I headed up on the train and went to a mustache party with Karim and his buddies.  It's amazing how silly you feel wearing a fake mustache.  Sunday was the air show for fleet week so I met up with Anson and Karen to watch the aerobatics and check out the Blue Angels.  The visibility wasn't that great but watching the Blue Angels reminded me of growing up near El Toro Marine base.  Those jets are too rad.

Too much going on in SF

October 5, 2009
The weekdays have been going by really quickly with all my after work activities.  I am taking a yoga class on Monday and Wednesday nights, I go flying on Tuesdays, Thursday is my free night and then it's Friday again.  I finally had a chance to hang out with my roommate Matty this past Friday.  We had a good man date in downtown PA with dinner and a couple of different bars.  Saturday I picked up Davie and headed to the SF Love Fest.  It's a big rave type party near the civic center with loud techno music and maybe the best people watching ever.  My cousin's in Marin invited me over to their house for Sukkot dinner so I left the fest early and headed over the bridge. After a nice visit I headed back to the city to meet up with Karim and his friends. I didn't learn from last weekend and again borrowed Karim's very small pants to fancy up and go out.  I crashed for those few hours between a very late night and an early morning at Karim's.  Sunday I drove back home to relax, watch football, and take a much needed nap.

And now Yom Kippur

September 28, 2009
Yom Kippur is a good day to have every year.  It's a day you take off of work to think about the last year and reflect on where things have gone and where they are going.  I went to the Hillel service at Stanford to celebrate this year.  Every time I visit that place I can't believe how beautiful of a school it is.  This past year had its ups and downs, probably more so than in other years.  I can't say I don't have any regrets but I am ok with how things are now.  I spent the weekend visiting friends in SF.  I keep saying it but I think I am going to make it happen and spend more of my time in the city.  It just has so much to offer.  Too bad its a bit far to commute.

Happy Rosh Hashana

September 24, 2009
It has been a very strange week.  For the weekend I flew down to the OC to spend Rosh Hashana with my family and go to temple back home.  On the Friday before I left two things happened.  I got offered a new job and I realized that I booked my flight home in reverse (i.e. OC to San Jose.)  Thankfully the flight blunder fixed itself with the minimal damage of $30 and a big thank you to Southwest.  The job offer was much more difficult. I really had to think about making the right decision for my long term career path.  I had dinner and went to temple with my Mom, Pops, and Steph Friday night.  My Mom made a delicious Mom meal (that only a Mom can make) and temple went well.  I met up with Tim and Corrine that night for a drink and headed back to sleep at my Mom's.  Not long after getting home I got called by my Pops to take him to the ER.  He had a kidney stone and was in serious pain.  Not much sleep that night waiting in the ER but they discharged him that morning with some good pain meds. We went to temple and then to cousin Judy's on Saturday.  I went out later to the Sham with Brian, Betty, JC, and Sarah.  Sunday was hanging out with Mom and then heading home.  I made the decision on Monday to stay at my current job after much angst .  Big life decisions are not easy to make but I think this is the right one.

Golfing in the Rain

September 16, 2009
I am still not much of a golfer but I do like hanging out with friends, driving golf carts, and being outside.  So Sunday I went with Mike and a couple of his buddies to a beautiful course off of 280.  He had won a gift certificate last year and it was expiring. The weather decided to be weird and we got stuck in a bit of rain but it didn't bother us too much.  It felt like when you were a kid and you went outside to play in the rain.  I magically managed to get a birdie on a par 3. It was right after a 12 on the previous hole and a 9 on the next.  I haven't been flying in a while because of my traveling and my instructors availability so yesterday I got back in the plane.  I still suck at landings but it is too much fun.  This weekend is Rosh Hashana and I am going home to celebrate and say hello to the OC kids.

After Long Weekend

September 8, 2009
After traveling for work for 10 days I didn't feel like doing anything too adventurous for Labor Day.  So it was a weekend around town. Jon and Rachel, Matty, and Mikey were still in town so I hung out with them at relaxing bbq's and bar evenings. The house is starting to come together thanks mostly to Matty's work while I was away.  We have TV again and a couch to sit on (which turns out to be under appreciated until it's gone). 

Hipsters are lame

August 27, 2009
This is my favorite Facebook posting I've seen in a while.

The Interesting Quirks of Business Travel

August 25, 2009
My work gave me lots of notice when they asked me Friday to book a trip to our sister company in Massachusetts for Monday.  Since I don't really have any significant obligations (ie single and lame) I went ahead with the trip.  It started out with my ritual airport tardiness that again almost got me in trouble.  I was that asshole who cut security line running and with the door at the gate literally closing behind me.  So I wasn't that surprised when the overhead bins were full and I had to check my bag.  I also was not surprised when the bag didn't show up in baggage claim.  After a quick trip this morning to Target to pick up a shirt and some contact solution I headed to work.  I'll be here for 10 days so I need to figure out what big city I will head to this weekend.  Too much going on for nothing going on.

Some Sad News

August 18, 2009
The weekend with my Mom was great.  I had a chance to show her around town and see the places that I usually spend time.  On Sunday we went to Marin to visit my cousins (the local ones and Miriam and Seth in from Atlanta.)  We had a full day visiting Muir Woods and Stinson beach then headed back home after dinner.  Work has been very slow lately so the days seem to go equally slow.  I am hoping that things pick up soon.  I heard bad news last night from Marissa.  Our friend, and one of my short time roommates,  Nate Weber passed away.  He was very sick with melanoma that had metastasized and spread.  Too young.  I am going to his funeral tomorrow. He leaves behind a wife and three young kids.

People Visiting

August 14, 2009
For a week that didn't seem like much was going on I have been getting home pretty late.  Matty started moving his stuff into the house and has filled up most of his room and a lot of the garage but has yet to spend a night.  My flying lesson on Tuesday was intense.  It was the first time I focused on practicing landings.  I learned that what feels a lot like crashing could just be a not so good landing.  Wednesday was soccer and hanging out in Campbell with Anson in Caren.  Thursday, I drove up to the city to meet Pagina (aka Paige) in from Costa Rica for some dinner.  Tonight, my Mom comes in town for the weekend hanging out.

Later Connie

August 7, 2009
Hanging out in the OC was good times as always.  Brian Drieland's wedding was VERY nice with the scenic backdrop of Long Beach harbor.  This week has been busy since Conrad is moving out to start school at USC Monday.  We went out a few times this week which made going to work the hard part.  Wednesday I invited people over to our house to drink wine and chomp pizza.  Today the house finally started looking like somebody was moving out.  Since the furniture is almost all Conrad's the place looks pretty empty.  I'll help him with the truck part and then he's doing the same drive I did in January but reverse.

Heading back to the OC

July 29, 2009
Since I finished my ceramics class a while back I have gotten back into playing soccer once a week.  I am not very good at soccer when it comes to ball control but I am a pretty fast runner so I do ok.  I seem to get a little banged up each time I play but it is a lot of fun.  I am heading back to the OC this weekend for Brian Drieland's and Mary's wedding.  I am excited to hang out with the OC people and hopefully get in a good beach day.

SF and the Living's Easy

July 22, 2009
I started doing more flight lessons at Palo Alto airport last weekend.  I got recommended a flight instructor from the guy who taught Conrad to fly.  During our initial meeting I got a bad vibe and I should have stuck with my gut.  During our first lesson together I didn't like his teaching style and our personalities were not grooving. But, I talked to Jon and he recommended another instructor who is WAY better and I have started flying with her.  I am trying to make it a regular thing so I can get my license soon. Sunday, I headed up to Marin and went to the beach with my cousins.  I am still not used to all the micro climate's around San Francisco.  It was sunny and warm at their house in Marin and overcast and cool at the beach.  It was nice though to spend a day on the beach fooling around even with the VERY cold water.   Conrad is moving out to go to USC in a few weeks so I will have to figure out what is left in the house when he leaves.  I won't have to worry about finding a roommate because Matty said he is for sure going to take Conrad's spot. 

Last Night on the Mass Pike

July 11, 2009
It has been a while since I have been on a business trip and it feels good to get paid to get out of the office.  My work sent me for a week to East Longmeadow, Massachusetts to help do some design work for our sister company.  I had never heard of the town, and I doubt many have, but its near Hartford, Connecticut and about an hour and a half from Boston.  I took the red eye in Monday night and then straight to work on Tuesday morning.  That went about as well as can be expected with only a few hours of sleep and that funky plane smell.  Work was easy and I left a little bit early on Thursday so I could sneak over to Boston.  I figured since Friday was going to be a travel day anyway I might as well take advantage of checking out a new city. I had a chance to brush up on my on my public transportation skills with an awesome subway system and lots of walking about.  Thursday night in the city ended up turning out to be a fun night.  The Red Sox game was on and I was hungry so I had the shuttle guy take me over to a bar/restaurant in the Back Bay.  I had a good meal on the company and then moved over to the bar to watch the end of the game.  I met some friendly people at the bar who helped me with a few beers before calling it a night. The next morning I woke up earlyish to go and check out the city.  I have a  relative in Boston my Mom's age that was gracious enough to meet me for breakfast and show me around for the morning. I did the super tourist and walked parts of the freedom trail, the waterfront, Boston Common, and Harvard.  It was a busy day. I got on the airplane to head back home and now it's the weekend.  Awesome.

Lake Shasta 4th of July

July 6, 2009
So I felt like a baller on Friday when I climbed into a private plane to take off for my 4th of July lake vacation.  Its pretty nice when your roommate is a pilot and has access to a plane.  We turned a 4 hour drive plus holiday weekend traffic into a quick 1 hour and 45 minute jaunt.  We got picked up at the Redding airport and headed out to meet the rest of the group on the lake.  Conrad's old coworker Kareem had invited us to join him and his college buddies on a very crowded houseboat for the weekend. The weather was perfectly hot, there were massive amounts of food and booze, and lots of fun people to meet and hang out.  Despite a few mechanical breakdowns that I would only expect on a trip organized by Chris Rice the weekend went great. We flew back on Sunday afternoon thoroughly worn out.  The only thing that I missed was a good fireworks show like at 3 Arch Bay.  On a bummer note, I found out today that Lauren's boyfriend got into a motorcycle accident the night after we went mountain biking and surfing.  He had to spend a couple of weeks in the hospital and has a long road to recovery ahead.  I wish him the best and hope he gets well soon.  I know too well how quickly things can happen that put everything else in perspective.

Party like its 1999

July 2, 2009
So it's always my goal to give my little weekly update on a Monday but somehow it always seems to happen way later in the week.  Better late than never I guess. The weather is finally hot and I love it.  Summer is the best of the seasons.  I signed up to the sloshball group and we met last Saturday to play in Menlo Park.  For those that don't know sloshball is usually the mixing of drinking beer and softball, but in this case it was kickball.  The people that showed up were a pretty fun group and it was overall good times.  Sunday was beautiful so I took a drive through the mountains to the beach for most of the day and then had dinner and some beers with Jon.  I am getting very excited for the 4th which is not only one of my favorite holidays it is also going to be a vacation.  I'm heading to Lake Shasta with about 20 others for wakeboarding, houseboating, and lounging.  Hopefully I will have some interesting pictures next week.

OC Weekend Update

June 25, 2009
I headed down to the OC for Christie Koss's wedding on Friday.  Despite all those who might have doubted it was possible, she met her husband Patrick hanging out at the Goat.  It worked out pretty nicely on Friday with Alex picking me up at the airport and heading over to Cal Beach for some sushi and beers.  We met up later with Timmy, Corrine, Brian, JC and Betty at the Goat for some Newport reminiscing. Saturday morning wasn't too slow going and I fancied up to head to the wedding.  The weather was looking like rain but good luck kept it dry.  It was great hanging out with OC friends that I haven't seen in a while.  Kenji's birthday party was Saturday night so I met up later with Ross, Brian Drieland, and a few other of Kenji's friends to help celebrate. It worked as nicely that Sunday was Father's Day.  My sister drove up from San Diego and we took my Pop's out in Newport to have a great lunch and hang out for the day.  I took the late flight home to wrap up a quick weekend.

Active Weekend

June 16, 2009
I got a last minute phone call from Lauren (aka Bean) last Thursday. She was on a Caltrain pub crawl that took her from Sunnyvale to San Francisco with a stop in Palo Alto (that's where I fit in). So I went over to visit and got invited by her boyfriend, Adam, to go mountain biking and surfing in Santa Cruz on Saturday.  Although it was against my normal priority of sleeping in late I made it happen because I have been feeling lazy.  Mountain biking was fun with some great downhills and not too many gnarly uphills.   I had heard that the locals can be jerks while surfing in Santa Cruz and I found one.  It was very crowded at the break. I dropped into a wave and was riding along when some guy grabbed my board from behind and pushed me off the wave.  After the wave he started yelling and tried to get in my face.  Now in theory it was his wave since he caught it first but to push somebody off a wave and threaten them is just being an ass.  I wasn't worth letting it bother me so we surfed for a few more hours before calling it a day.  The weather was clear on Sunday so Conrad invited me to go for a flight around the Bay Area.  We flew from Palo Alto to Santa Cruz and turned up the coast to San Francisco.  We crossed over the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz, and then turned south directly over downtown San Francisco.  It was an awesome flight and I took some really cool pictures.

Just Been Busy

June 4, 2009
It has been a busy few weeks with a long weekend trip to San Diego and the OC for my sisters graduation and a friends trip to Vegas.  I do enjoy the feeling of working half days on Fridays and having short work weeks.  It reminds me of my lazy unemployed days.  My sisters graduation was about as fun as a graduation can be.  The ceremony was long and boring per usual but I was there to show my support.  We had a great lunch with friends and family after the ceremony in Little Italy.  My sister gave an emotional speech as only she can with the flagrant use of the word vagina.  The weather was great and I had some time to kill so I took my Pop's to the glider port above Blacks Beach.  I somehow convinced him that it was a good idea to hike down to the beach and for a 75 year old he was a champ.  This past weekend I flew into Vegas Friday afternoon and met my sister, JC, Betty, and Brian in the airport.  I had found a great deal at the Encore on one end of the strip and everyone else stayed at Mandalay Bay on the other end.  The distance sucked but our room at the Encore was beautiful!  It is probably the nicest hotel room that I have stayed.  The service on the other hand left a lot to be desired (i.e. delivering the roll away bed at 3am only 12 hours after it was requested.)  Unfortunately, Friday night I just wasn't feeling that well so I called it a night around midnight when Timmy, Corrine, and Ross showed up from their drive.  I rallied for awesome hanging by the pool the next day and going out that night (which ended up a lot different than I had imagined.) Overall good times and staying busy.

Memorial Day Already?

May 22, 2009
Where has this year gone? My little sister, Stephanie, is graduating this weekend from nursing school so off I go to Orange County and San Diego.  It's going to be a busy couple of weeks with OC this weekend and Vegas next weekend.  Vacation sounds nice with work kicking my butt and putting in some late nights.  Overall goodness though and I am excited to see all the OC folks!

If Running Was Easy it Would Be Called Your Mom

May 17, 2009
I am in love with warm weather.  This weekend was beautiful and full of random awesome stuff.  Saturday was amazing. It started out hanging out with Jon and Rachel by their pool enjoying the sun.  Kareem moved to a new place in Palo Alto and had a housewarming party later in the day.  I checked out his place and met his friends in town from SLO.  We moved on to the bars and randomly found some of the people that I met during the pub crawl a few weeks back.  We started playing and incredibly competitive game of flip cut that severely sped up our rate of consumption.  The full effect was not realized until waking up early on Sunday to go to San Francisco for Bay to Breakers.  I had heard really good things about the event which starts out in the morning as running race across the city.  For the rest of the day it is a parade of drunken and dressed up (or naked) debauchery.  I headed into the city with Kareem and his friends and was amazed at how totally awesome San Franciscans can be.  There were thousands of people, alcohol and drunk people everywhere, and lots of good times.  I was also impressed that there wasn't anybody starting fights or breaking things to ruin the vibe.  I slept most of the way back on the train very content with a solid weekend.

Napa and the week

May 15, 2009
Last weekend the infamous Davie ("once you go Davie it's all gravy") invited me up to his house in Napa for a bbq party.  Davie is one of the Vacaville bunch that I know through Jon.  I drove up Saturday and hung out with the friends with babies during the day and the friends without babies that night.  I decided much later that night that I was the one too many in the hot tub when somebody decided that they didn't need swim trunks.  Last night was a bummer as the Ducks lost to the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  I was stoked that they got as far as they did and it was a nice perk that they beat the Sharks.  Other than that it work is going well and my ceramics class is rocking.


May 6, 2009
I finally got around to getting taking my FAA written exam for my private pilot license.  I still need to do the hours of actual flying but I am one step closer to my pilots license.  After taking the test I met up with Anson and his girlfriend Caren to do some indoor climbing at a huge climbing gym in Sunnyvale.  We did alright for not being climbers but my grip was not in shape for all that holding on.  Mikey moved into a new house in Mountain View so I headed over to check it out.  The house is completely random with all sorts of sheds and less than building code attachments to the house.  My favorite part of the house is the huge backyard with a bunch of fruit trees.  I ate my fill of oranges right off the tree.  The thank you BBQ for the volunteer wine thing I did for Conrad's step-mom was on Sunday.  I grabbed a ride with Mikey and we picked up Conrad at the airport on the way.  The event was hosted at the Toasted Head winery and I had my fill of the good red stuff. 

Just barely May

May 1, 2009
It's late, really late actually. I should be asleep already but I am not.  It is that strange part of the night when the next day sneaks up on you but still feels more like the old day.  I have been forced to start thinking about what the near future will bring. My job is cranking along and seems to be going well but I am still a "temporary" employee so there is uncertainty on the horizon.  My current roommate, Conrad, is getting ready for a trip to socal to the welcoming weekend for the USC MBA program. He will be moving down at the end of the summer to start school. Before then I need to find a new living situation.  The time I have spent living in northern California has been good times but my heart is still in the south.  I am excited to get to see a good amount of my socal friends in Vegas at the end of May.  I don't really like thinking about the future too much because there is so much uncertainty.  I would be more uncomfortable with the sentiment except it seems like everyone I know is in the same boat.  It seems like the one foot in front of the other is the status quo.  If anyone get any revelations please let me know. Otherwise I will confide in the rather comprehensive article on wikipedia, "The meaning of Life."

Go Ducks

April 30, 2009
My cheering was a little bit quieter than usual as the Ducks took on the San Jose Sharks in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  That is because instead of being surrounded by fellow Ducks fans typical in the OC I am deep in Sharks territory.  I did get to do my share of cheering though as the Ducks eliminated the Sharks in game 6.  It is strange being the only guy in the bar rooting for the other team.  I have been keeping busy during the week with the ceramics class that I signed up for at the local junior college.  I love taking classes.  It is one of the few things that I have decided to try and do the rest of my life.  Never stop taking classes and learning new things. I am not very good at making pots just yet but I have seen steady improvement over my first attempts.  Now all I need is for the good weather to come back!

Warm Weather and Pub Golf

April 22, 2009
I have really been enjoying the warm weather that we have had lately. It makes me think of beach cruising the Newport boardwalk in the summertime.  I was worried that I was getting used to the colder weather.  Luckily that is not the case and my shorts wearing happiness can be shared.  Our landlord is pretty sucky and hasn't been taking care of our house.  He is supposed to send a gardener to take care of the yard but it had been months.  Conrad and I started deducting money off of the rent in hopes that he would get the hint. We don't appreciate being the neighborhood eyesore.  After not hearing anything back from him (typical) we took matters into our own hands. We bought yard tools and attacked our jungle that resembled a yard.  On Saturday night I had arranged a pub golf in Palo Alto.  I got the idea from some friends down south and amazing pictures of their sucess. It is basically a pub crawl where you keep score and has a golf theme.  We got a decent size group together and made it to 8 of the 9 bars (holes) attemped.  I would tell you who won but I lost my scorecard and judging by the pictures everyone was a winner.

Another Weekend

April 11, 2009
I FINALLY had a chance to get in the water and go surfing in Santa Cruz again.  Let me preface with the fact that I am still terrible at surfing and the waves were not that great.  It doesn't matter.  There is something about the ocean that I love.  It is one of the few places I can go and not think about anything else.  It is also Passover so happy Passover to all you Jews and Goyim.  Passover is much easier to keep now that I am not a vegetarian.  I used to literally go hungry for a week and now there are so many options.  My cousin Corrine invited me to her house in Marin for a seder. So I drove up on Wednesday after work and had a great time with her family.  I am amazed at how quickly time has gone by.  I have already been living up here for 4+ months!

Up and around

April 1, 2009
Friday turned out to be an interesting night.  I went to the movies with Jon and Rachel to see "I Love You, Man" as a designated third wheel.  Now you're asking yourself, what can make a movie night better?  Malt Liquor smuggled in Rachel's purse! So an unassuming evening turned into a morning in need of a large greasy burrito.  The flick was also thoroughly enjoyable if you're wondering.  Sunday, I drove up to visit my cousins in the morning and then headed to a conference of young Jewish learning.  The seminars were very well done and they had great speakers and interesting topics.  I especially liked the Judaism and sex seminar.  Too short of a weekend like always.

Grubbin Wine

March 27, 2009
I lagged on talking about it but its still cool enough so here I go.  I went with Conrad last Sunday to SF for his step Mom's wine event.  We were helping out with security and coordinating the volunteers.  They had a HUGE room filled with wine and food vendors that were tasting and demonstrating their wares.  It was like going wine tasting on speed.  I was working most of the day so I only had a chance to visit and taste some of my favorite wineries.  But, as compensation we were given a case of the left over open bottles to take home and sample on our own.  We had a few friends over at the house that night and enjoyed the best kind of wine (ie good wine you didn't have to pay for).

That's how things go

March 21, 2009
Work was especially interesting this week and not really in a good way.  They had a "financial meeting" on Thursday and they announced that they had laid off 5 people and were cutting everyone's salary depending on if they were salary or hourly.  So I feel kinda bad for the people that lost their jobs because they really didn't see it coming.  I guess companies can get away with stuff like this these days.  There is just not that many other jobs out there for people to want to leave. It doesn't really effect me that much so I will keep cranking and see what the next surprise brings.

St. Patty's Day

March 18, 2009
Everyone's Irish on St. Patty's day or so the Boondock Saints say.  I was the only person yesterday to decide to go to an Irish pub and wear green.  So Conrad, Laurie, and I met up with Mike who was buried deep in a sea of people at the Irish pub in Sunnyvale.  Anson, Caren, Jon and Rachel showed up later so almost everyone I know in the area were there.  We celebrated whole heartedly and I was reminded this morning why I keep Gatorade under my bed.  Today is my sister's birthday so happy birthday Stephanie!

Not too much going on

March 11, 2009
I am afraid that I am already getting into a routine of things in my still kinda new city.  Having the job thing that they expect you to show up probably has a lot to do with it.  The weekend was not too adventurous.  I did somehow convince Conrad to go to a Jewish Purim party at Stanford.  I told people that he was half Jewish. It was funny to me because I don't like it when people tell me they are half Jewish.  I mean how can you be half a religion.  But anyways with the curly hair it wasn't a tough sell.  The party wasn't that exciting but we made the most of it. 

Tracy in Town

March 1, 2009
I proved to myself again that I am bad at remembering dates.  Tracy had told me that she was heading up to Palo Alto when I was down south for my birthday.  I of course forgot and when Anson asked my over for dinner on Thursday I unknowingly double booked.  However, things seemed to work out pretty well. Anson's and Caren went all out with grubbing homemade enchiladas and plenty of adult beverages.  They invited over some of their friends that I hadn't met (including an interesting neighbor) and Jon, Rachel, and Conrad.  I wanted to get my Tracy time in so i somehow got myself included in the going out in the city part of her girls weekend.  After a bit of confusion on my part and some extra city exercise I met them at the end of dinner at a sushi restaurant. Tracy's friends were awesome and super fun.  I had a great time hanging out and dancing (I am a much better dancer when I have 6 partners) at a chill club near Union Square. I said my adieu's at their hotel and took the late drive home after a rad night.  Saturday, I went on a mountain bike ride with Conrad and got nice and mudded up.  We went to dinner later and met up with Jon and Rachel to hang with the high school kids at the bowling alley.

Shortest week ever

February 24, 2009
So Monday was a holiday and I didn't work so that left Tuesday and Wednesday and then off to Mammoth.  Conrad and I took the LONG drive through Tahoe and down to Mammoth.  The weather was beautiful when we arrived and there was plenty of the white stuff left from the storm earlier in the week.  I love Mammoth mountain.  The gondola to the top, the groomed runs, and the park are all awesome.  Ross, kim, Kim's brother Michael, and his friend arrived later Thursday night.  We made a big dinner and hit up the hot tub for sore legs.  The weather held out until Sunday when it started to snow/rain.  It didn't matter too much though because we had a long drive home and already had our fun. Nobody hurt and lots of good times.

Happy bday to me

February 15, 2009
Geez I am feeling old in my first day of 28 years. Should be a busy day visiting with family and friends in the OC. I always thought when I was this old I would have more figured out.  Ohh well, maybe when I'm 38?

OC weekeng

February 13, 2009
I am getting really excited to hurry up and wait here at the San Jose Airport.  I am ready for my first trip back home to the OC after moving to Palo Alto and the 25 minute flight delay is killing me.  At least there is free wifi though.  Things have been going pretty well with the job and getting used to the not so new anymore town.  I made lasagna last night for dinner and invited Jon, Rachel, Anson, and Caren over to test my creation. I was a little worried about the "no boil" noodles and the large amount of garlic but it turned out pretty well (toot toot). This weekend should be busy with plans already set for most of my birthday weekend.  It will also be a nice short week since I am taking off Thursday and Friday next week to go to Mammoth! Ok they are calling my flight! yay OC.

San Francisco is not too far

February 3, 2009
I have been meaning to visit Marissa up in the city since I moved and Friday I actually made it happen. I debated if I should take the train since it was a Friday and I didnít feel much like sitting in traffic. But, after a quick look at google maps it seemed like traffic was ok and I drove up to Marissaís house. Marissa and her husband Pat invited some friends over and we ordered delivery and had cocktails at the house. It was a good mix of adult hanging out and meeting her baby Niko. Saturday, was slow since I didnít feel motivated to do much of anything. I got a few things done around the house that I have been putting off including rigging up a tarp in the driveway to keep my car nice and clean. Superbowl Sunday was what it should be with lots of football, tons of munchies, and meeting some new friends of friends. I forgot how short the weekends feel when you have a job to go back to on Monday.

Morning Radio

January 28, 2009
I miss my Kevins and Beans in the morning. The guys on the radio in the morning here are pretty lame and not very entertaining. I was excited to find out that I could stream KROQ over the internet to my phone (crazy technology) so it doesn't sound very good but at least I have a fuzzy version of Kevin and Bean for my drive.

Tahoe road trip

January 26, 2009
So since I am a working man I got to sit in Friday traffic just like the rest of them. I picked up Anson and his girlfriend Karin after work and we headed over to the airport to pick up the rental car.  We decided to get a rental car with 4 wheel drive instead of worrying about having to get chains for my car.  So just like everyone else we headed north to meet up in Tahoe for Bean's (Lauren) birthday.  We got into South Lake at about 11:30 and headed straight to the casino to meet the group in the club. I knew Bean, Bridgett and Crissy.  The rest, all 14 or so, were new to me.  The club was about half full and the drinks were cheap for some reason. I didn't feel much like dancing but I had a few cocktails and was pleasantly surprised by the "body artist." We stayed out a little too late so getting up wasn't as early as it should have been.  We did get to the mountain at about 11 and had a solid day snowboarding. I rallied enough energy to make it out with everyone to the casino.  Unfortunately, I only had enough energy to lose $80 and barely stay awake in the cab ride home. Sunday was another slow start and then heading home.  The snow storm that was supposed to come came. The 4 wheel drive paid off heading down the mountain without incident.  My only complaint is that the weekend went too fast like always.


January 21, 2009
Maybe it would have been better not to hyphenate.

As seen on Facebook:

New Digs

January 19, 2009
I have been settling into my new digs and getting used to living in northern California.  I got a job right away at a medical device company.  I got a job so fast it surprised me.  Work is going well so far and there is a lot to learn.  They have a ping pong table and free soda so the perks are nice.  Having a job has cut down on my sightseeing time but I have managed to go to San Francisco for a day, Half Moon bay flying with Conrad, and surfing Santa Cruz with Anson.  I am learning how to get around but I miss just knowing where things are.  That and everyone calling and telling me how warm the weather is down south.  I miss all the folks from down south so I hope you come and visit (or I'll be back soon).

I moved!

January 3, 2009
Friday the 2nd I woke up early and started to pack up the last of my things into the Uhaul.  My Mom came over and helped and we finished by loading my car on the trailer.  The Uhaul drove pretty terribly towing my car but the drive went well and was very uneventful. When I arrived at my new house Conrad, Jon, Rachel, and Anson helped me unload into my new room.  I unpacked today and set up my room. So now I just need to get used to my new digs.  I'll miss my socal folks but I hope everyone comes to visit!

Happy 2009!

January 1, 2009
It's a big new year for me because I move tomorrow! I had a great last week here in socal mostly because my friends are awesome.  I am going to miss everyone so I am going to come back lots to visit.  The actual new years eve was pretty good too.  Brian and Jayna had people over at my (old?) house so I had a chance to visit with lots of friends.  Timmy's gf Corrine had invited a bunch of us to her friends party in Yorba Linda so we fancied up a bit and headed over late.  I counted down with the rest of the bunch and scrounged to find booze before Timmy (my DD) took us back home for the first time of 09.  When I got back the party stragglers were still around so we laughed lots and watched "Dumb and Dumber" until obscene hours in the morning. 2008 was an interesting year and not all in a good way. I miss the things that didn't work out. I had great times that I wouldn't trade for the world. For better or worse I will never be the same. Another year with a smile on my face.

Christmas is over but it's still Hanukkah

December 26, 2008
The holidays have been busy because the people that normally have jobs have lots of free time like me.  I went to the desert camping with Chris last weekend and got one more dirt biking trip in before the move.  We were supposed to make it out with Amy Mitchell (Glassett) but unfortunately her Mom has gotten very sick and it is not looking well.  My heart is with her and I wish her and her family the best.  The holiday season has been good and I have put my time in at the Goat celebrating with friends.  Christmas my sister and I drove up to visit my Dad and stepsister and got to play with our baby nephew.  Kids get the raddest stuff for presents.  All those things to play with.  I have officially started packing for the move and its getting amazingly close.  The new year is looking bright with my Mom finally landing a new job.  She is very excited to get back to working.

Holiday party end of year

December 17, 2008
The year is coming to and end REALLY fast and that means that my move to Palo Alto is around the corner.  I am getting really excited for the move and the change of scenery for a while.  I do love the OC so it will be in my heart and I will return soon enough.  Especially with all of this cold rainy weather reminding me what my life in Northern California and my short loving lifestyle will bring. I hung out with Kevin on Friday and we ended up being fat and going to BJ's for appetizers and beer.  Saturday was my Uncle Paul's holiday party and I went over in the morning to help set up and pretty much stayed around all day.  The food and booz was plentiful and so the people were happy.  I am trying to make the most of my time around so I visited my Pop up in LA Monday night and came back Tuesday.  I am leaving for the weekend to go camping with Amy Mitchell (ex Glassett) and Chris out in the desert.

Crazy Driving and Hanging with Betty and Jenny

December 8, 2008
Friday I was driving down my street and stopped at the stop sign to make a right turn.  I heard a crash and looked straight to see a pickup truck that just hit a lady going straight by not stopping at the stop sign.  He then gunned it and drove off scraping off the front of her car.  I tried to catch the license plate but only got the first two.  I waited for the police to come and gave a report with the older lady driver crying in the middle of the street.  On Saturday I was driving south on the 405 back from my Mom's house when two cars in front of me attempted to change into the same lane at the same time.  The car on the left saw what was happening at the last second and swerved to avoid the accident.  At this point their bad driving showed off. As the back end, which had gotten loose, slid around and the driver over corrected and spun twice in front of me and across 3 lanes of traffic.  Amazingly, they didn't hit anything.  I was stopped after slamming my brakes to avoid the spinning car so I put it in gear and took off so that I wasn't the one to get in an accident stopped on the freeway. Betty and Jenny invited me up to Hollywood to go to some fancy bar and hotel that their friend was having her birthday party. I drove up with Jenny on Saturday evening and we got to the super trendy Sunset strip location early.  We checked out the hotel and walked down to Mel's Diner to get some food.  On the way back to the hotel I decided to grab some beers at the Pink Dot (because it reminded me of Swingers.) The guy at the counter never spoke to me in English.  He asked for my ID in Spanish, which was ok since I understood him.  He then proceeded to call us the biggest bitches in the world (in Spanish) which I promptly translated back to him.  He then continued (still is Spanish) calling us all kinds of names.  Very strange and rude.  I think less highly of the Pink Dot.  We got back to the hotel, got ready, and went to the birthday girls room to pre party.  The bar was in the hotel and had a private entrance so it was nice that I could subsidize my drinks by quickly running up to room.  Overall great night hanging out of my normal scene.

How things go down

November 24, 2008
I have been doing a better job of studying with my newly found time off.  I still have way too much free time for my own good and have been managing to get myself into just the right amount of trouble.  Thursday after class was supposed to be a one drinker at the bat cave with JC and the roomies.  Somehow it turned into a 3 in the morning kind of night with cousin Mike showing up and tearing up the goat together.  Timmy somehow made it to work the next morning and left some creatively worded text messages on the phone for me.  Friday was a little less spontaneous but equally exciting with a guys night sushi and saki.  Alex, JP, Brian, and Timmy entertained starting with the waitress at the restaurant and continued into the evening.  Somehow there was crying, a sour tasting tasting late night apertief, and an interesting morning awakening that I would care not to repeat.

Back from SF

November 11, 2008
I had another great time at the last of the Hartman's Bar and Bat Mitzvah's.  Rachel did her Bat Mitzvah this last weekend up in SF.  My sister had never had her Bat Mitzvah so Rachel was super nice and invited her to give an aliah (the blessing right before and after you read the torah).  That counts and now Stephanie is officially a Jewish Bat Mitzvah. The party was swanky at the W hotel in downtown San Francisco. Afterwards, Stephanie's friend Renita met up with us and the older cousins took off to bar hop.  The places we went to ended up not being that cool but we managed a decent time anyway.  My Mom and Uncle had their twin birthday yesterday and I took my Mom out to the movies and dinner to celebrate.  I still need to figure out what to do with my free time before I move.

Back at it

November 4, 2008
We got back late Sunday from our trip to Europe. My time is still all screwed up and I am falling asleep too early and waking up way too early.  The trip was awesome overall and I think that my day really enjoyed himself.  I took way too many pictures and posted them all so my next project is weeding them down to see if any are actually good.  Next project is to figure out what to do for the next couple months.

Through Spain Into Portugal

October 31, 2008
Having a great time in Europe with my Dad and Sister so far. We haven\'t torn each others heads off yet but it has come close several times. I made my most expensive mistake traveling that I think I have ever made. I thought that an 11:30am flight was a 1:30pm flight. It was expensive. I learned the hard way that airlines in Europe are not as forgiving as their American counterparts. So seeing the family and seeing the sites in Barcelona were awesome. We had one really good day on the Costa Brava in the north of Barcelona near my cousin Ariel\'s house. Then we had a whole bunch more of rainy cold days. We made the best of it but it definately put a damper on walking around the city. My Dad got a blister on his toe the first couple of days in London and it has really been bothering him with all the walking we have been doing. He is a trooper though and he walks (albeit a bit slow) through the pain. In Lisbon we went out for drinks in the Bairo Alta, walked around downtown, the port, and the Castilo de San Jorge. Portugese to me sounds nothing like Spanish and more people seem to speak English than Spanish. Not exactly what I had imagined. Heading home too soon as the end of a short trip.

Hello from London

October 26, 2008
It is a wet day in London but what a cool city. It\'s too short a visit but that\'s probably a good thing since I feel like I am getting reamed by the Pound. Off to Spain later today!

Trip is here!

October 23, 2008
It's finally time to leave on my Europe adventure with my Dad and Sister tomorrow! I am way excited to see the family, enjoy the Europe culture, and the stuff that goes along with it.  I will update if I can and if not expect lots of pictures and stories when I get back.

LA Weekend

October 22, 2008
Its been a while since I had the chance to do an LA visit and I had some friends that I had been meaning to visit so I made it happen.  I took the not too far drive up Friday night to Anson's house to grab him and head out with Anna, PJ's little sister, in Manhattan.  His other sister Molly was in town so if PJ had made it up I would have had all the Garahan's.  Manhattan's a strange place because it has the LA vibe in a beach place.  It was good times and we finished the night right with late pizza. I crashed at Anson's house and then left the next morning early because Anson was volunteering for the Obama campaign (who knew he was political?) I headed up to meet my Dad for lunch in the valley and then to Hollywood to meet my cousin Lauren for dinner.  I got to Hollywood a bit early so I walked around and people watched at Hollywood and Highland.  There is some great people watching in Hollywood.  Dinner turned into dinner and drinks afterwards and I crashed at Lauren's that night.  Every time I go to a bar in LA I feel like I am in the movie Swingers. The bar had no sign and I kept feeling like I needed to say that this place is dead anyways.

Bike riding binge

October 13, 2008
It was an awesome weekend of bike riding.  I rode with Bridgett, Kenji, and a few of Kenji's riding buddies in the MS150 charity ride for MS.  Luckily I had been doing some training on the couch so I was ready to go. The ride is from Irvine to San Diego over two days with a 110mi/40mi split or 60mi/40mi split.  I did the the shorter race with Kenji's friend and the Bridgett, Kenji and the others did the longer race. Bridgett kicked butt on her first 100+ mile ride keeping up with the group until the very end.  I managed to keep up with the group until about south San Clemente. That was fine by me considering the very aggressive pace they set from the start.  In the overnight village in Carlsbad I pigged out on food and was somehow convinced that drinking yummy BJ's beer was the right idea (silly Kenji). Jessica Reid from high school was working the event and also serving as anouncer so we hung out with her a bunch.  I liked the second day better.  It was shorter, my legs felt better (somehow), better beach views, and I hung with the group longer in the day.  It was a long ride but very much enjoyable.  

Ready to go

October 6, 2008
The weekends come and go too fast. I had a chance to catch up with friends that I don't see too often. Bret had a party Friday night at his parents house in San Clemente. The theme was ghetto but nobody told me so I showed up a little overdressed (which is rare for me.) I played beer pong and flip cup but lost terribly. I found out the next morning that someone after the party had kicked in some car windows and bent antennas. Why do people do lame. Anson called me on Saturday to see what I was doing. I hadn't caught up with him since he got back from his year long trip around the world. Gabe and my roommates joined us and we went out to dinner and bars around my house.  His trip sounded amazing and I think I am sold on visiting a few of the countries he talked about.  I have almost everything in order for my Spain trip with my Dad and sister at the end of this month.  I am getting pretty excited.

Happy New Year, Jewish that is

September 30, 2008
Not that I am working all that hard right now but it is nice to have a day off in the middle of the week to relax with family and celebrate Rosh Hashanah.  Last week has turned into a blur with not enough sleep and one roommate a night having some sort of tipsy misadventure.  I felt weird having a weekend with nothing planned.  It was nice to just hang out around Orange County and call some old friends into the mix to hang out.  I have been quite lazy though when it comes to the gym and going on bike rides which might bite me in the butt when I try to do the MS150 100 mile bike ride in a few weeks.  Anyways happy holidays to everyone and as the Jews say, may you be inscribed in the book of life and have a sweet new year.

Alex and Tish officially

September 23, 2008
The big weekend event of the summer has come and past, Alex and Tish's wedding.  Thankfully, its the last wedding this summer and hopefully for a little while longer.  The wedding was amazing with the ceremony at St. Edwards in Dana Point followed by the reception on Salt Creek Beach.  I was surprised by how many friends and family of Alex and Tish that I knew.  I guess I have been around long enough to hang out with almost everyone.  Ross and I came up with the idea to wear tuxedo t-shirts and board shorts to the beach part of the wedding.  Timmy joined in and Brian was supposed to but bailed out at the last minute.  I thought it turned out to be a pretty cool idea.  The party was on a small patch of grass feet from the sand.  It was set up with tables and a few tents with food, a bar, and a dance floor.  I did my share of dancing, schmoozing, and eating and had a mostly great time.  Afterward Tim, Corrine, Kim, Ross, and I went and camped out at San Onofre.  Not before demolishing burritos of course.


September 15, 2008
I took a taste back in the working world last week with a temporary job doing engineering for about a month.  The work is not very exciting but it is nice to know money will be coming in instead of just going out.  The weekend was pretty mellow with the exception of Ryan Domrese's wedding on Saturday night.  The ceremony and party were lots of fun and it was nice seeing people that I hadn't talked to in a while.  It was nice having a wedding that was in town for a change. Other than that things have been strange in my life.  I have lots of questions that I need to answer and I am feeling thoroughly confused.  I have been trying to keep busy lately to keep my mind from thinking too much because the more I think the more confused I become.


September 8, 2008
Congratulations to Ryan Domrese for successfully making it through his bachelor party weekend.  He is getting married next weekend!  Brian organized a 3 day cruise down to Ensenada Mexico with Alex, JP, Ross, Ryan's dad, and his brother in law.  The cruise was a lot of fun and everyone made it though very tired.

Late Update

August 29, 2008
I lagged on witting something up but two weeks ago was Alex's bachelor party in Mexico.  It was awesome having 14 guys hanging out in Baja trying not to get ourselves into too much trouble.  Last weekend was a rare weekend in town. I did head down to SD on Sunday to hang out with Kim and Ross for Kim's birthday.  That was good times going out to dinner and cruising around the bay in his new boat.  This weekend is wedding number 4 for the summer in Seattle.  We get on a plane tomorrow.  Tonight its partying hanging out at Orange International Street Fair.

Ahh Weddings!

August 12, 2008
Wedding number 3 of the summer out of the way and it was Jon!  I still have a hard time getting over how fast things change.  Amy and I flew up to San Jose on Friday and got picked up by Conrad.  We went out to Gordon Biersch (yum beer) for dinner with Mike and Laurie and then to Palo Alto bars.  Saturday was lots of getting ready for the wedding.  Amy and I went with Conrad and Jon to help polish and wax the airplane.  Jon thought wedding pictures on the plane would be cool and different so we made sure that it was looking its best.  We also ran to the mall with Jon to pick up last minute things.  Saturday night was the rehearsal dinner at a chinese food restaurant so we pigged out and scmoozed with the wedding party.  Sunday was the big day.  It was a slow start in the morning but towards the afternoon Jon's parents and friends started arriving at Jon and Conrad's house.  The Rolls Royce limo came to pick up the grooms wedding party and we headed over to the church.  The church was hot, really hot.  It didn't seem to bother anybody too much and the ceremony was great.  Between the ceremony and the reception we headed over to the plane to get it ready for pictures.  Jon and Rachel arrived with photographers in tow and took lots of pictures. They also made out like 25 times, they looked pretty happy.  We all caravanned over to the reception for a great evening.  Some highlights were Conrad's best man speech,  Jon and Rachel's choreographed dance , and hanging out with Jon's friends from Vacaville.  When the wedding ended a few of us headed to a nearby bar for mechanical bull riding (it seemed like a good idea at the time) and finished the night at the late night pizza place.  Solid wedding weekend Congratulations Jon and Rachel.

Mt. Whitney

August 4, 2008
14,505 feet is really high.  The Mt. Whitney crew got back last night from a grueling weekend of hiking, camping, and pooping in bags. Amy, Tim, Brian, Jenny Wood, Ross, Kim, Michael, and I had an awesome time climbing the highest peak in the continental United States.  We all made it to the top except for Kim who was sick and still managed to climb to Trail Camp at 12,000 feet.  We drove to the base of the mountain at Whitney Portal Friday night to start acclimatizing to the altitude.  Saturday morning we hiked up with 30-40 lb packs 6 miles and 3,700 vertical feet to Trail Camp.  We set up camp, had dinner before it got dark, and went to sleep early in preparation for the next day.  Sunday at sunrise we got up and started our hike to the summit.  As we hiked at our own pace we eventually split up into smaller groups.  The views along the way were amazing. I ended up hiking with Amy and Conrad and we arrived at the summit first.  Above 13,500 feet I started to not feel very well.  I had a constant headache and felt light headed.  I stayed at the summit about 20 minutes and met up with the rest of the group who arrived shortly after we did.  I didn't feel that great so Amy, Tim and I left first to start our descent. The way back I started feeling a little worse (probably due to altitude sickness) but as soon as we dropped below 13,500 feet I started feeling better.  On the way down Amy felt very motivated (poop) so she literally ran the last mile of trail back to camp.  We regrouped and rested at camp before finishing out our 6 mile hike with packs back to the base.  It was very exhausting but well worth the sense of accomplishment.

Quick update

July 25, 2008
So I missed the last weekend update but I didn't have any pictures so I didn't have much motivation for an update.  On that note my small Canon camera died so I dropped it off at the Canon repair center and hopefully they will bring it back to life.  I am afraid they might decide that I dropped it or something and not warranty fix it.  The last weekend Amy, Brian, and Tim were all out of town so it was pretty mellow.  I hung out with Alex on Saturday and went to an Angel game with my Uncle on Sunday.  I have still been looking for jobs during the week.  It has been slow going so I volunteered at Habitat on Wednesday.  I am getting excited for Mt. Whitney hike coming up next week!

More Wedding

July 17, 2008
Down 2 weddings only 4 more to go this summer.  Amy and I left Friday to head up to San Francisco for her friend Dominique's wedding.  We flew into Oakland and took the BART to the city.  It is awesome being in a city with good public transit, I love trains.  Amy's friend Jenny was kind enought to let us stay with her for the weekend.  Actually we ended up staying at her boyfriends house which was SWEET. It was in North Beach with views of the bay and Bay Bridge. Saturday we met up with the rest of Amy's college friends that were in from out of town for breakfast and walking Jenny's BIG dog.  The wedding was Saturday afternoon in a tulip garden with a windmill at Golden Gate Park.  They had amazing weather for SF and the ceremony was very nice.  The party was at some officers club in the city.  I haven't been to a wedding that big in a while and the selection of booz was excellent.  Sunday, Conrad drove up and we headed out with Amy's friends to Jenny's parents house in Marin.  It was an awesome house in the woods with tons of land and a huge pool.  We hung out at the pool and Conrad brought his giant bow and arrow to shoot at a target they had set up.  Our flight left early monday so we took the BART back to the airport and flew home.

Fourth of July Weekend

July 8, 2008
It is really nice to have the fourth land on a Friday.  Maybe it's that I am partial to 3 day weekends.  Thursday after spending 3.5 hours surfing with Alex we met up with Amy and Tish and headed to sushi down in Laguna.  We felt like having a few more drinks so we drove down near Alex's house and went to his local bar. Friday the fourth was a normal Three Arch day with Amy and her family.  We relaxed at the beach all day and then watched the fireworks. Saturday Tim, Corrine, Amy, and I rode bikes to Huntington Beach for the day and then drove down to San Clemente for Sean Russel's party.  Since hiking Mt. Whitney is coming up way too soon I did a practice hike with Amy and her sisters in El Moro canyon.  I am still not ready but I think that I will make it.


July 2, 2008
I left way too early last Thursday morning to head to Atlanta for my cousin Miriam's wedding.  Amy, my Mom and I were supposed to take the same flight out of San Diego but Amy had to change at the last moment because of a work meeting. So my Mom and I flew out in the morning and Amy was going to meet us later taking the red eye.  Unfortunately, she was flying standby and the flight she was supposed to take ended up being full and she was bumped to the next morning flight.  That led to her awesome stay at some seedy airport motel and a not so great travel experience.  On the Atlanta side things were going well.  I got to see Miriam and meet her husband Seth, visit the Coca-Cola museum, and hang out with extended family.  There was a greasy restaurant called the "Waffle House" next to the hotel that I fell in love with.  I had fun checking out Atlanta, going to all the wedding happenings, and enjoying the celebrations. By Sunday we were tired out and got back on a plane to head home.

Jon's Bachelor Party

June 26, 2008
I got on my flight a day earlier than I thought to head up to Palo Alto. Good thing I don\'t have a job or leaving on Wednesday night instead of Thursday would be a bigger deal. Anyways Thursday night Conrad drove Jon and I up to Kevin\'s house. We had too much fun playing Rock Band. Friday, Kevin took us out on his boat to wakeboard in the Sacramento river. It was awesome! I forgot how much fun it is to wakeboard on a great boat on glassy water. We drove up to South Lake Tahoe that night. The place we rented had a bunch of bedrooms, ping pong, pool, and a great view of the lake. We went out that night celebrating and some of us made it home before sunrise. Saturday, most of us were a little slower than usual so we made dinner and had a good time at the house. It was an awesome weekend, congratulations Jon!

Back from Catalina

June 16, 2008
After a slightly bumpy ride on Alex's boat Friday morning I arrived in Catalina.  Our usual Memorial day trip was postponed this year so the usual group met up a few weekends late.  Friday was two on two volleyball (that we are out of shape for) on our usual court.  We cooked a big dinner for all eleven and put a good dent in the beer that we carried over.  Saturday morning I was somehow convinced to go on a hike that was made exciting by Amy's bee sting (she's a bit allergic but ok).  We tried to go out on the boat for a bit but it was too choppy.  We tried out Chinese food for dinner and then headed over to the Karaoke bar for beers and Brian singing. About half of us, including myself, wanted to get back for Father's day so we took the early boat back Sunday.  I went with my sister to meet up with my Pop's later that day for a great dinner and wish him a very happy Father's day.

Run around

June 2, 2008
It was a lot of driving in my new car this weekend. I went to visit my Pop's up in LA Friday night and slept over. Saturday I hung out with Amy and her parents and had dinner down in Crystal Cove at the Beachcomber (rad). Sunday I went with Lovin down to SD to pick up my old car (Hershel), check out the SD Rock and Roll Marathon, and hang out with Chris and my Sister.  My new car is awesome and I love it.  Steph took my first car picture so here it is!

Memorial Day 08

May 28, 2008
It was a little different this memorial day than usual. Normally we are in Catalina but this year was hanging out in Newport. Conrad was convinced by the (false) promise of good weather to fly down. Amy, Conrad and I had a good dinner together on Friday and a surprisingly good time meeting up with Brian at a club in CDM. Saturday was a VERY slow and lazy day. Sunday we rode bikes with Amy\'s sister Sarah to the Peninsula for drinks. Monday was the big day out with everyone riding bikes to the beach and meeting up to bbq at our house. The slip and slide was awesome.

Back from Hawaii

May 22, 2008
Amy and I got back on Sunday from our 10 day trip in Hawaii.  It was pretty awesome.  We spent the first few days on Oahu in a hotel on Waikiki.  We went to the North Shore, stopped by the Dole Pineapple plantation, snorkeled Hanama Bay, and enjoyed the food and cheap drink specials.  Then we were off to Maui where we stayed at a condo in Lahaina.  Maui is way more chill than Oahu so we spent a lot more time relaxing and snorkeling on the nearby beaches.  We also did the road to Hana, SCUBA dove Molokini (the volcanic crater), and a sweet luau.  Most importantly it was beautiful and relaxing. Amy had to go back to work on Monday and I have started searching for a job again. Memorial day weekend is almost here so more good times to come.

Adios Abby

May 6, 2008
Gabe was nice enough to invite Amy, Tracy and I to the Angle game on Friday.  We got to hang out with his family before the game and sit in left field.  The Angels lost but it was "Big Bang Friday" so the fireworks show eased the pain. Saturday was Abby's going away pool party at Amy's house.  We met up at 2 and snacked and boozed under the sun.  I forgot my camera so all the pre summer bodies can hide for a little while longer.  An attempt was made to walk to get food but we are true lazy Californians so we drove.  Sunday Amy and I met my Mom to volunteer at the food bank.  The people we were with were slow but Amy and I kicked butt.  Amy had to work and I don't so I went to San Diego to visit with Sara "ex Rashkin," Ross, Kim, my Sister, and Chris.  Hawaii is coming up on Thurday and I am stoked, there will be lots of pictures.

Timmy's Birthday

April 29, 2008
I need to get in better shape.  The mud run is a month away and I am not ready.  I did have a pretty active weekend.  Amy and I went on a bike ride Friday with Kenji and a run with Timmy on Saturday.  Timmy's party at our house was pretty awesome. We had a good showing and we put a good dent in the two kegs.  I prefer getting cans though because its easier to keep cold, stays better, and costs less.  Corrine cooked up a storm before the party so there were tons of enchiladas.  Everyone was a little hung over on Saturday but Amy, Tish, Alex and I rallied for some afternoon wakeboarding.  The weather was unbelievably beautiful.  It is starting to feel more and more like summer. 

Back from the Bay

April 23, 2008
I got back yesterday evening from my week up in the bay area.  It was a long drive that wasn't helped by all time high gas prices.  I drove up last Wednesday on the 101 (great drive) so that I could stop by and visit the very pregnant Coli.  I had a nice dinner with her and stopped by Nick's tattoo shop afterwards to say hello before continuing the drive up to Jon and Conrad's. Jon and Conrad had to work on Thursday so I took the time to go exploring and hiking around their house in Palo Alto.  Amy flew in that Thursday to do training at the Googs so it worked out for her to extend her trip.  I stayed with her in the hotel Thursday night and when she went to work on Friday I went and played tennis with Conrad.  We met up at lunch with Jon, Conrad, Amy and I driving to the very crowded Google campus to have an awesome lunch. There is so much food there that I would be the fattest person ever if I worked there.  I had two ice creams.  Amy was done with work so Conrad took us over to the driving range to hit some golf balls.  That night we got together to have dinner at a miscellaneous asian restaurant with Amy, Conrad, Jon, Rachael, Mike and Lauri.  Conrad and Jon brought out the good bottles of wine and it was delicious.  Since I am the fattest person ever, after we went to the bar that night I made Conrad and Amy stop for pizza. Amy, Conrad and I tried to go on a hike on Saturday but it was cold and windy and I was in my typical shorts and t-shirt so we cut it short.  We ate our sandwiches in the car instead.  Alex was in San Francisco visiting his friend Robbie so we got on the train to visit him.  It wasn't our day.  Halfway up on the train we stopped in a station and found out that all trains were stopped because somebody jumped in front of one of the trains and got killed.  We had to switch to the BART and a 1hr ride turned into 2.  When we got there the power was out in that part of the city.  As soon as I sat down I knocked a completely full beer directly in my lap splashing everyone at the table.  It got better when Alex and Robbie showed up.  We found a good restaurant and bar to hang out in the city.  Sunday we followed our tradition of going shooting right before sending Amy to the airport.  Turns out gun shot residue on your hands doesn't make it harder to go through security.  A bottle of water though and you better watch out.  Monday was my last day so I went with Conrad flying over to Half Moon Bay for Brunch and we played tennis later in the afternoon.  Rachel made us all dinner and we all went to a place near their house for last night in town drinks.  I might be having too much fun but I am ok with it.

DC trip

April 14, 2008
I had a great time with Alex visting Shai out in DC.  It had been two years since the last trip that we made out there.  I forgot how lazy I am.  We walked everywhere.  If my car was parked as far as it was from the metro to Shai's place I would have had somebody drive me.  Last trip we did most of the very touristy DC things. So this trip we spent more time hanging out in other parts of the city.  Shai has a great row house apartment near Dupont circle.  He is like Mr. Rogers because everywhere we went in the city somebody was saying hello. We checked out memorials, cherry blossoms, and the brand new Newseum (news museum) the first day. We met a bunch of his DC friends who are mostly lawyers or law students.  We had just enough fun at the bars and his friends houses (nobody puked).  Shai made us amazing breakfasts that my girlfriend needs to learn.  We ran home in a unexpected downpour and got soaked.  We played touch football that I almost wasn't too hung over to play. I also had the chance to sample some of DC's best late night fare. Great trip thanks Shai.

Denny's 3am

April 9, 2008
Alex and Tish invited Amy and I over for dinner on Friday.  Tish cooked and we brought the wine.  It was a good combo. We ended up at Denny's at 3am eating breakfast and running into JP. Saturday I felt a little lazy so I hung around with Amy until we headed up to LA to visit with her friends. Sunday, Amy and I played tennis and met up with her parents to eat at the spectrum.  Monday might have been the perfect day. I surfed with Alex for 4 hours at Salt Creek and then went with Amy to an Angel game.  I have been enjoying my free time very much, but not too much.

Lazy days

April 2, 2008
Last Thursday sure felt a lot like a weekend.  I went with Alex and his brother's Patrick and Joe to Catalina to hang out.  We got great weather and did all the usual Catalina stuff.  My finger held up for volleyball and we froze our buts off snorkeling.  When we came back on Friday it felt like a Sunday.  It was good to be back because I had to make it for a great dinner.  Amy made plans to use the gift certificate that I bought her for Roy's in Newport.  Saturday night we went to Shamrock's. They had a band that was way too loud but we made the best of it despite the slight ringing in my ears.

Vegas Baby

March 25, 2008
It felt more like getting run over by a truck than a vacation but I loved every second.  Vegas lived up to what it is supposed to be.  I drove out Friday morning with Curt and we got there a little bit after the flyers landed.  Betty Leu had her bag misplaced by the airline so she was bathing suit less for day 1.  We walked over to the mall for what has to be one of the quickest suit buying trips possible.  That was just in time to get to the pool 15 minutes before closing.  After, Curt and I took the girls to an amazing dinner at Marie Calendars and a 7/11 beer run.  We got free tickets from the concierge to get into the Wynn club Tryst and when we arrived it seemed like it was going to be a long night of waiting in line.  That's what I hate about clubs, so pretentious.  But, thankfully we had enough girls with us to circumvent the line.  Inside was nice, drinks were expensive, and there were lots of pretty things to look at if you kow what I mean.  I almost immediately got split up from the girls and Brian so it was me and wingman Curt.  It got to be about that time so we left the club and I saw that Brian had called me about 15 times in the last hour.  He got kicked out of the club and was drunk and bitter.  So I told him to stop being lame and a douche bag (I actually said douche bag) and we got some great late night eats.  The next day was all about lounging at the pool and napping, just what the doctor ordered.  Curt and Betty and Jenny left that night to make Easter.  Now it was me and Brian on our own for a while.  Doctor Mo was staying at the Parris and we met up with him to watch the UCLA basketball game.  We headed back to the Wynn to go out that night at Blush, a much better lounge bar type club.  That was an awesome place with drinks being much less expensive, way cooler vibe, and still plenty to look at.  At some obscene  hour I determined I was done so I made it to my room to end a great weekend.

Solid weekend

March 19, 2008
If I didn't know any better I wouldn't realize I had all this extra time.  Friday night I hung around Newport and met some friends for some cocktails at Cabo Cantina down on Balboa.  Amy's dad was in town so she was down in SD hanging out with her sister and him.  She was thinking about hilarious voicemail's to send and secret passwords to remember.  I drove down Saturday morning to join Amy for lunch in downtown SD and saw a very interesting Scientology protest.  I learned that "Scientology is the gateway to fascism."  My sisters birthday party was later that night and my Mom put together a great spread for the party at the house.  Afterwards, we gathered the troops and headed downtown to Onyx room.  Stephanie had talked to the club and gotten everyone on the list so we didn't have to pay cover and got to skip the line.  It worked out really well.  Inside we did our share of danicing (or whatever it is that I pretend to do) and had a great time.  Overall result, solid.

Slowing down

March 10, 2008
I am not really a fan of the Olive Garden but Amy has been holding on to a gift certificate for over a year now.  So she invited all her girls and me to enjoy unlimited salad, breadsticks and lots of wine. Afterwards we headed back to Amy's house and went hot tubbing.  A cop showed up because of reports of underage drinking but took one look at us and left.  Saturday Amy and I met up with Kevin and his family to go on a bike ride on her new road bike.  Amy, not surprisingly, was in good shape and kicked butt.  Sunday, was go-karting for Dan's birthday up in Carson and Dan and Tracy's house.  I am a big fan of go-karting, even with Amy who claims to be the best driver I know.  One more week and then something so I am excited for that.

It's leap year!

February 29, 2008
I don't remember the last time I remember it being leap year.  It would really suck to be born on a leap year, when do you get to celebrate your birthday?  I also learned today from yahoo that Julius Caesar was the guy who made leap year popular.  He stole it from the Egyptians.  I don't remember anything particularly amazing about last weekend.  That is probably because I lagged so much in writing it down.  I do remember a great bike ride with Timmy and Kevin and a cool night out with Alex in his town.  This week was better than most at work. For those who don't know why call me and I'll tell you. It's already another weekend, soon it will be summer.

3 day Trifecta

February 16, 2008
It has been an eventful 3 days with Valentine's, my birthday, and my birthday party of sorts. Valentine's Amy cooked me a dinner of appetizers with lots of good cheeses, hummus, and potato skins.  I brought over good wine and we relaxed with her single roommates on the couch.  My birthday was way better than working because I took a vacation day and went to Big Bear with Amy, Ross and Kim.  The best part is that you get a free lift ticket on your birthday.  Afterwards, my Mom and sister took us out to P.F. Changs for my favorite kind of food, chinese.  Today is a relaxing start leading up to my ice skating party tonight.  I hope it's good times.

I eat chicken

February 11, 2008
Amy and I boarded a plane to Phoenix to visit her stepsister Courtney and her boyfriend Geoff.  Geoff was the only person that was as crazy as me.  I have wanted to eat go back to eating chicken for a while after being a pescatarian (vegetarian that eats fish) for the past eight years.  In my logic I determined that eating chicken bought in the store and butchering your own chicken are morally equivalent.  As such I determined the qualifier to my going back to chicken was that I would need to butcher a chicken for myself.  Geoff knew how in his experience hunting birds.  So we bought the chicken for $8 and butchered it in the backyard.  It was not fun and I didn't really enjoy it that much.  I am glad that I did it though.  Other than that it was a great weekend going out in Phoenix/Scottsdale and celebrating Courtney's birthday.

Guy's night out in honor of Alex

February 6, 2008
guys night outIt was another one of those weekend that came and went too fast.  Friday night I went with Amy, Alex, and Tish down to SD to catch dinner and drinks with Chris, Ross, Steph and the SD bunch.  We ate a pretty good dinner and made it out to a new bar over by the airport that was pretty cool.  The only downer was a severe lack of late night Mexican food.  Saturday night I planned a celebration in honor of Alex's engagement for the guys to go out and get drinks in Fullerton.  Nate and Brian were nice enough to let us crash and pre party at their place.  With the idea to go bar hoping, somehow we only made it to one bar before we became too silly to head to another.  Alex had a good time playing in the bushes and doing the backstroke on some lady's lawn.  My head only hurt a little the next day watching a very exciting and very unexpected result Superbowl.  I made up for it by pigging out on snack food, Chinese, and about 10 cupcakes.

Surprise Aunt Deborah

January 30, 2008
It had been a while since Amy and I went to LA to do my favorite thing...Eat.  We visited with friends too.  Friday, Amy and I drove up to meet her friends Jen and Sarah and go to one of our favorite LA Italian restaurants, Rosti. They have a bring your own wine policy so we took advantage and enjoyed.  Saturday was my Aunt Deborah's surprise party set up by my Uncle Paul.  They had a ton of people show up and it was one of the very few surprise party's where the person was genuinely surprised.  After the party Amy and I went back to my house to succumb to our latest addiction, Guitar Hero.

Bad football

January 23, 2008
I went to visit my Pop this past weekend on Saturday.  I filled up the tank and drove to pick him up in Northridge.  We had a nice lunch together and then drove out to Pasadena to walk around.  I accidentally missed the exit and ended up turning around at the exit for Santa Anita horse track.  It looked like they were open so we went in and checked it out.  I never learned how to bet horses so my Pops explained it to me and we managed to win a race and lose two. Sunday was the day the Chargers were supposed to beat the Patriots and go on to the superbowl.  After they blew it I lost my motivation for that day.  At least my favorite team won the Amazing Race.

Another week

January 18, 2008
I just realized that it is already Friday and I haven't even written about my weekend up in Mendocino. Amy and I flew up from LAX to SFO last Friday afternoon.  I realized when I got to the TSA official that I had forgotten by drivers license.  Amy was already a little worried since I like to arrive at the airport just in time.  Since I didn't have an ID they stopped just short of the full body cavity search while the prober (TSA official) talked to me about my Ghostbusters shirt.  We arrived up in SFO and soon after Conrad picked us up and we drove the three hours north to Mendocino.  Conrad's Dad and Stepmom were very welcoming and their place is beautiful on a cliff overlooking the coast.  We drank too much great wine, ate good food, wandered around town, and stopped at several wineries before calling it a weekend and driving back.  By the time our plane finally landed Amy and I were hungry so we stopped at Denny's before it was already a Monday again.

Partied like it was 2007

January 7, 2008
So Sunday was a recovery day for most of the people I know who showed up to the party at casa 164. Thank you everyone who came for making the most of Saturday night.  Somehow, although we were outnumbered, we managed to finish our impressive collection of beverages.  The beer pong was amazing and the dancing was less than amazing judging from the pictures.  Amy, my sister, and I went to the Laker game Sunday night in my company's box.  It was cool going but I decided I just don't like basketball all that much. I am sticking to Hockey for my arena sport of choice.

Back from Park City

January 4, 2008
I went to Park City, Utah and only a day later than I though I was going.  Good thing Amy called me because I was about to head to the airport to get on a plane a day early.  I never said that I was good at keeping track of the calendar.  I somehow got motivated after 4 years to finish writing out the notes from my Europe trip.  I guess I am lucky that I got most of them done.  I say I am lucky because I took them with me on the plane to Salt Lake City and didn't take them off.  I was really bummed and I am still not sure how I lost them.  The rest is going to have to go off of memory and that's not too good.  The trip snowboarding was awesome.  It was also really really cold.  It snowed the first day I was there and dumped about a food of powder to play in.  The last day was awesome with the temperature in the 30's (warm) and the sun out.  New years eve was a little weird.  We went out to a very good dinner with Amy's family and then headed up to a bar up the street.  The bar was charging a $20 cover so I went against my normal hesitancy to pay cover and forked it out.  The bar completely sucked.  It was so crowded you couldn't move or get a drink.  I said screw it and walked out and tried to get our cover back.  The guy was an ass and denied us.  I called the fire marshall to complain about dangerous overcrowding and left in a huff.  It all worked out though because we found another bar back by our hotel that was way better and had a great time.  Happy 2008 everyone and get ready for "Party like it's 2007" party this Saturday.

Christmas and New Year

December 28, 2007
I really like it when I have extra days off of work.  For Christmas they gave us Monday and Tuesday off so I made the most of it.  Mostly running around with all the holiday to do's.  Last minute gifts, Christmas Eve at Amy's Grandma's, Christmas at Amy's parents, and lots of other stuff to fit into a long weekend. A good part about being Jewish and dating a non Jew is that there is no need to worry about who's family we spend the holidays with.  Friday, for some inexplicable reason Amy and I decided to drink way too much wine while sitting on her couch.  That hurt a little bit the next day.  Tim who had the conversation with me about how he isn't a next day puker, turned into a next day puker on Sunday.  Back to work for the middle three days and tonight I get on a plane to meet up with Amy in Park City for New Years.  It's going to be cold.

Amy Bday weekend

December 19, 2007
I was still feeling a little under the weather but I rallied to help celebrate Amy's (old) 27th bday on Friday.  Her parents took her sister and us out to "The Bungalow" in CDM for dinner.  It was pretty good but I wasn't that impressed.  Our wait service has been weird lately. It seems that the nicer the place we go to the weirder the waiters.  Anyways, we met up with Amy's roommates and Brian afterwards at the Shamrock for some heavy drinking (by everyone except the sick Jason).  It was a good show with shots and Car Bombs.  The bar was exceptionally crowded that night and we got stuck in a bad place in front of the bar.  I kept getting pushed and some girl actually took my bar seat as I was standing right in front of it, with my butt still touching!  They had a cover band playing and the owner kept threatening to kick people out for dancing.  It was a little weird but still fun.  Saturday night was Amy's tutoring company's holiday party.  They picked us up in a limo and drove us up to House of Blues in Hollywood.  We had a great dinner (always better when somebody else is paying) and more drinks.  It was a cool place and the vibe reminded my of Amy's old fancy celebrity GQ parties.  Everyone looking around to see if somebody was a somebody.  Sunday I still hadn't rested so I said screw it and met my Pop's up in Long Beach for lunch.  Tiring weekend but at least we get some free days off next week!

San Diego Weekend

December 11, 2007
It sure gets busy during the holidays.  Friday night was awesome, I went with Amy #2 (Lovin) to visit Amy #1 (ex Glassett) at her house in SD.  We visited with Amy #1, Ryan, and the lovely baby Haley.  It was the littlest baby that I have held in a while at the young age of 3 weeks.    The parents seemed like they were doing great and it was rad seeing the family in action.   Afterwards we went out in PB until about 2 in the morning.  4 hours later we woke up to drive to Point Loma for the "Amazing Race" tryouts.  It was terrible.  We waited in line outside in the cold for just under 10 hours for a chance at a 2 minute video spot.  It was fun for the experience but I don't think I will do that again.  Sunday we finished getting ready for the boat parade (minus one head) on our Transformer contraption.  The parade is this Thursday and should be pretty cool.

You can do it put your back into it

December 6, 2007
Sorry for the delay in updates.  I have been going through the painful process of changing web hosting companies.  Who knew I had 6gb of pictures hosted?  That takes forever to upload!  So a quick run through of whats been happening.  We had Thanksgiving and the days off that went along with it.  I had too much fun and drank too much.  We had Friendsgiving the Sunday after Thanksgiving at our house.  Lots of people came over and we ate way too much.  This last weekend Alex had a party at his house on Saturday night.  Lots of people, Tish made food, plenty of fish, good times.  We also worked on Alex's boat to build the Transformers float for the boat parade.  This week started Hanukkah.  Amy gave me my first day present which was awesome, a Wii!  Tonight we celebrate at my Mom's house with Latke's and the whole deal.

Camping weekend

November 20, 2007
We celebrated Ross's birthday a month late with a last minute camping trip to Lake Morena in San Diego. Despite some initial concerns from Amy (who appears to be in denial of her love for camping) we drove down Friday night. The weather was good except maybe a bit on the cold side. We pretended to fish, i.e. stuck our poles in the water and drank beer, and relaxed over the campfire. It was a fun trip to relax before the holiday. Most importantly Amy (ex Glassett) Mitchell had a baby!!!! A beautiful baby girl named Haley.

Cirque Du Soleil

November 15, 2007
It was my Mom's birthday this past weekend so I took her out to Griffith Park observatory with Amy and my sister.  I surprissed her with tickets to go and see Cirque du Soleil on Sunday at the OC fairgrounds.  The show was awesome.  Ross put together a last minute camping trip out in SD for his birthday this coming weekend.  I am excited to go fishing, hiking and relaxing.  All is good.


November 6, 2007
I don't remember what I did on Friday night but it must not have been too exciting.  Saturday morning Amy and I went for a hike in El Moro Canyon Laguna.  The gate was locked and the sign up said trail closed due to fire risk, but we went anyways.  There were a few other people on the trail so we weren't the only ones.  It was a good hike and a great view over Laguna.  The trails aren't marked very well so we ended up hitting a dead end in the trail.  We both turned at a noise behind us in the sage brush and got a quick peek at the ears of a mountain lion checking us out.  Amy was throughly freaked out (and I might have been a little intimidated as well).  Lots of animals have gotten displaced from all the fires so I am not surprised. Had a nice chill dinner with Alex and Tish Saturday at PF Chang's in the Spectrum.  Sunday fun day was Patriots v. Colts at our house.  Unfortunately, the Colts lost but many whistles were wet enough to not mind too much.

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2007
Halloween turned out to be spot in the middle of the week this year.  So all the parties happened this past weekend.  Friday we drove up to Long Beach with Tim to visit his friend Corrine and went to a party with her.  Brian had a very interesting costume with his version of a "birthday suit." Saturday was Brian Drieland's party at his gf's house in Santa Ana. Lot's of people showed up and did a very good job of polishing off 4 kegs and tons of food.  I enjoyed Tish's version of Princess Leah as a tribute to the hottest girl of all time possibly.  Our roommate pumpkin carving party was a lot of fun but I looked at them today and they are reduced to a pile of moldy mush.  They just don't last that long once you cut them.

Flashback 2003

October 22, 2007
Waking up this morning was reminiscent of when I was living in San Diego circa 2003. I got up to an orange sky, the smell of burning in the air, and ash sprinkling outside. Luckily my work is in the same direction as the fire so I started driving directly towards the smoke. The fire in Santiago Canyon is burning outside my office window. A very errie sort of feeling. I feel worse for the people whose homes are sitting at the bottom of the hill. The weekend started off strong with a great evening at Shamrocks drinking black and tan's. Saturday was a little slow go at Amy's house so we took our time starting the day. Sunday was busy running errands and watching the Red Sox (for Kerry).

After the MS150

October 16, 2007
The 100 mile bike race that I had signed up for was this past weekend. Unfortunately, I was not among the riders. I decided that it would be better to let my injuries heal a little longer before I got back on the bike. Amy and I went down to Carlsbad for the first 60 mile finish on Saturday to cheer for our friends. My finger is looking a lot better but it still needs a lot of work to get the movement back. The progress is going slow in physical therapy but I am keeping at it. Sunday, Amy and I went and saw "Into the Wild," it was good but long and very depressing. Last night was awesome. My company gave me four tickets to see the Ducks play the Red Wings. I took Amy, Ryan, and Gabe and the Ducks took a convincing win 6-3.

Mexico video

October 6, 2007

I think its pretty funny video.

Back from the Cruise

October 4, 2007
So everyone returned relatively unscathed from our Mexico cruise adventure. We got good weather, drank too many mouthwash flavored cocktails, and nobody ended up overboard or left in Mexico. The casino and drinks were expensive adventures for some who went a little overboard on their charge it all to the room card. It was really nice having everyone together and not having to be or go anywhere. A good change of pace. I did end up getting a little sick on what I believe to be the not freshest sushi but I felt better the next morning and it didn't ruin the experience. Going back to work Monday afternoon was a little hard. I am excited that I will hopefully get the pin out of my finger this Friday if the x-ray looks good. Overall healing is going pretty well and hopefully I will be back in top shape in no time.

Ready for the Cruise

September 27, 2007
I have been getting things back in order and getting into the groove of things.  Work picked up right where it left off.  Amy moved last weekend so I helped out as much as I could.  We hired some workers outside Home Depot to help and they were amazing.  These guys worked there butt off and finished the move in record time.  This weekend is the Mexico cruise so I am hoping for good weather and good times.  I finally got around to uploading the pictures I missed so they are a bit out of order.

Healing Up

September 19, 2007
I have been feeling surprisingly well the last few days. If it wasnt for my nagging foot I think my everyday pain would be almost gone (except during physical therapy). Last weekend was fun. Hung out friday night with the roommates, Amy, Kerry, and Amy's sister. We headed over to the Goat and had some drinks. We ran in to some old high school girls that turned out to be neighbors. Saturday, I drove down with Amy to San Diego. We stopped at Ross's new house and checked it out before heading out to the restaurant for Chris's birthday. Everyone drank their fair share and we headed down to PB to finish the night. Unfortunately I missed it but Chris had some difficulty holding his dinner down so he makes it to the latest on the puke list.

Going back to work

September 11, 2007
So its been a little over a week since I got hit by the car. Thank you to everyone and all the good wishes. Things have been going pretty well on the healing front.  My finger is feeling much better and the bandages keep getting smaller.  I started physical therapy so I am already on the road to recovery.  I go back to work tomorrow so that should be interesting.  I am not exactly sure how I am going to be using the computer that long with one hand but I will make do.  I hope I have taken some things away with me in my near miss and gained a better appreciation to how quickly things can change.

Location update

September 4, 2007
Pictures of the accident scene courtsey of Google maps.

Bike Accident

September 4, 2007
xrayI am a very lucky guy. I was ridding my girlfriends beach cruiser down to a bar less than a mile from my house with my roommates Brian and Tim. It was about 10:30 and I hadn't had anything to drink. Tim and Brian were about 100 yards ahead of me when I approached an intersection. A car was coming up the hill and I began to slow down to go straight through the intersection. The car started slowing so I thought they saw me and started going through the intersection. The car gunned the engine and turned left right at me. I swerved left and locked the back brake for an instant just barely missing the front of the car and slamming into the passenger door. I remember the impact and flipping through the air over the car. All my falling snowboarding, surfing, etc paid off as I actually remember being in the air and thinking how to fall. I got taken to the hospital by ambulance with some pretty nasty road rash and glass cuts. My worst injury and by far the most painful was my left index finger. I dislocated and crushed the top two knuckles. I could see the bone sticking out. I stayed overnight in the hospital and had surgery yesterday morning to fix my finger. I got discharged yesterday afternoon and I need to go back today or tomorrow to have another surgery on the finger. There are a lot of what ifs going through my head but I know I am very lucky. Everyone be careful out there and I love you all. I feel pretty well all things considered.

Sailing weekend

August 28, 2007
It was the Schock 35 sailing national regatta this weekend in Marina Del Rey.  It's been a year now since I started sailing with the guys and we finally managed to get a win (way better than losing).  The crew has improved a lot and I actually seem to have an idea what is going on for a change.  It was also my Grandma's birthday last week so we celebrated with the family on Saturday.  It was nice getting everyone together. 

Virginia is for Lovers

August 22, 2007
I felt like quite the jet setter this weekend.  I took the red eye Thursday night to Virginia and landed early Friday morning to a slightly hung over Lovin/Auther family.  We stayed in an old Victorian house that was converted to a bed and breakfast in Leesburg, the town she grew up in.  I met too many people to remember everyone's name but there were lots of friendly family and friends.  The wedding was quite the big to do in town.  The ceremony was at an old church built in the late 1800's and the reception followed at an old southern plantation. The people we met were very nice and not afraid to share a cocktail.  It was a good time until early Monday morning waking up at 2:30am west coast time to catch a flight back home and go to work.

King City Aerobatics

August 13, 2007
badass I left work a little early on Friday to try and beat some traffic on our way up to King City for aerobatic lessons. Unfortunately everyone else on the road must have been thinking the same thing. It took about 2.5 hours to get to LA and meet up with Amy. That put our total travel time just under 7.5 hours. In retrospect it would have been smarter to fly up to San Jose and catch a ride back with Jon and Conrad, but we’ll save that for next time. Saturday we got up and went to the very barren and windy King City airport smack dab in the middle of central California. We met our instructor, checked out the planes, and did our pre-flight training while the morning clouds burned off. Amy decided to go first so she strapped on her parachute, went over what to do if she needed to jump out of the plane, and got in for her flight. It was hard to see exactly what was going on from the runway but we watched Amy as she did loops, rolls, and inverted flight. She landed after about 20 minutes holding the air sick baggy but she did a great job and didn’t puke. Conrad went next and practiced the aerobatic sequence he will be competing with in a few weeks. Jon and I watched and critiqued what looked good and what he could improve on. I was pretty impressed with the sequence and everything except for hammerheads went well. I got in next and after a few rolls and loops to get used to the airplane the instructor had me trying inverted flight, hammerheads, and immelman’s. I was still feeling pretty good so the instructor demonstrated a tumble into an inverted flat spin. Which as Amy calls it, “is pretty much what you would expect to see when an airplane crashes and then doesn’t.” Jon went up last and did the same sequence as Conrad which still looked really hard to get right. After the flights Jon split ways and Amy, Conrad and I drove down to Paso Robles. We ate some good food and drank Conrad’s good wine before heading back to smelly Motel 6. Sunday was the long drive home. A very solid and too short weekend.

Amy Singin

August 8, 2007

So I had a little fun at Amy's expense the other night and here are the fruits of my labor. Thanks Amy for having a good sense of humor. Amy Singing

LA day

August 6, 2007
It was Nancy's going away celebration on Friday night before she heads off to med school in SF.  I drove with Kerry, Tish, and Amy down to Laguna Beach to meet up her.  For reasons unknown to me when I get in a group with some combination of those three girls it turns into a singing party.  They combine into the trifecta of terrible and just when you think you are finally home and safe they bust out the ipod and keep it going.  I went to sleep with a pillow over my head.  Saturday, I planned a LA day so Amy and I had lunch in Westwood, explored the Getty Museum, and ate at Pizza Mozza (Mario Batali's restaurant).  Amy usually loses when it comes to food ordering by ordering something boring or just not good.  But, her pizza totally won. 

Happy 4 Years

July 31, 2007
It was another solidly busy weekend.  I went on a 30 mile bike ride with Kenji on Saturday morning before Alex's birthday party.  The party was lot of fun hanging in the sun at the pool and eating tons of food.  Sunday I had a charity outrigger race with work early in the morning.  I woke up a little tired since I had a very inconsiderate roommate...cough Brian...who was very loud between 2 and 3 in the morning.  The race was fun but the rowing to waiting ratio was off.  I rowed in 3 races and it took 7 hours.  I had to leave the race and hurry to Anaheim stadium to watch the Angels kick the crap out of the Tigers.  It was 14 to 2 by the third inning.  Today is my 4 year anniversary with Amy.  I have to say they have been a really good 4 years and I am pretty lucky to have somebody put up with me for that long.  Thanks Amy.

Jon in town

July 23, 2007
Jon flew down on Friday (on the less cool than Conrad) commercial airline.  I picked him up and headed down to BJ's pizza for food and lots of beer.  After our whistle's were a bit wet we finished them off at Cabo Cantina with the two for one drink specials.  Saturday was a little slow going in the morning but we rallied to stop by the AVP in Long Beach.  As a testament to our age we were too tired to go out Saturday night so it was a nice movie and hot tub evening.  It was nice seeing Jon and I think we all had a pretty good time. There was a good deal on camera's on Sunday so I have finally replaced my broken Canon SD300 with a new Canon SD850.  As my Mom said when I told her, "You treat yourself pretty well."

Brian's Birthday

July 16, 2007
I left work a little early on Friday to catch the Angels game with Amy, her sister, and Kerry.  It was a pretty slow game but they ended up winning 2-1 in the bottom of the 9th.  Saturday was Brian's birthday so a bunch of us rented a Duffy boat in Newport Harbor and motored around for a couple of hours.  There was a lot of drinking and eating involved and besides Brian deciding to jump in the bay in his underwear it was good times.  I left with Amy after the boat to catch dinner with the non boat friends in CDM.  The plan was to meet up with everyone at CDM beach for a bonfire later that evening.  Unfortunately, Brian got a bit too drunk and forgot to tell the people meeting him that he was no longer going.  So we met up with Chris, Ross, and Kim at the beach and ended up at a local bar hanging out together. 

Steve's Wedding

July 9, 2007
It was Bridgett's birthday on Friday so Amy and I headed over to her house a little late to celebrate.  Amy started talking to Kenji and I think she is pretty convinced to buy a bike and sign up for the MS charity ride.  Kenji has convinced so many people to buy bikes its crazy.   Saturday was Chris's brother Steve's wedding in the valley.  I drove up with Amy and Brian and got there a little early to help set up the video camera since I was nominated video guy.  I gave my camera to Chris's girlfriend Andrea and she took some great pictures.  Today I decided that I was going to ride my bike to work for the first time.  It was a long 22 miles here and I would be a liar if I said I am looking forward to the 22 miles back.

Conrad visit

July 2, 2007
I met Conrad at Orange County Aiport on Friday afternoon after he flew himself down.  It is pretty awesome having a plane to cruise over wherever you like.  Friday night we met up at Sharkey's by the pier and grabbed dinner and drinks.  Saturday I did exactly what I have been wanting to for quite a while.  Chill out on the beach all day.  Conrad and I went surfing and he did really well.  The sun tired us out so it was a low key night at the movies seeing "Knocked Up."  Sunday we rode bikes to get brunch and drove to Laguna to walk around.  Solid weekend and short week with a holiday right in the middle.

Nothing happening

June 28, 2007
So I don't have any pictures or much to update about last weekend so I will talk about upcoming stuff.  Conrad is flying in this weekend to visit the OC.  I figure we will probablly make a beach weekend so if your not doing anything go to the beach with us!  The 4th is on a Wednesday so I don't get any extra days off.  It is going to make for a very unproductive week with a holiday right in the middle.  I have been going through some job anxiety lately.  There is a position in marketing that I want to apply for but I don't think I can since I just moved into a new role.  I need to talk to my new boss about it and i don't really want to.

Father's Day Weekend

June 19, 2007
The mud run kicked my butt again this year.  Tim, Amy, Brian, Jen West, and I got up way too early on Saturday to run the Camp Pendleton 10k Mud Run.  There was a lot on the line between Amy and Brian with the winner getting to pick the others outfit for a night out on the town.  Tim came in first followed by Amy, then Brian, then Jen, and yours truly.  The hills seemed worse this year.  Saturday night I drove up to Santa Monica with my sister to celebrate Father's Day.  We took our Dad out for a nice evening dinner and walk around the pier.  Sunday I drove back to LA with my Mom to see Jersey Boys the play about the lives of the Four Seasons.  The play was really good.  I think I liked the music more that Wicked.

Washington Faux Pas

June 14, 2007
I had a really good time visiting with my Uncle at his house in Washington.  However, the night before I left was a little interesting.  My cousin and I went to the hotel bar down the street.  We made friends with the bartender and he started pouring us shots...lots of them.  Whatever he was making for somebody else in the bar he made two extra and brought them to us.  So needless to say I got a little too inebriated.  My stomach and I had a slight disagreement later that night and the carpet paid the price.  The plane ride home the next day was tough.

Washington and Canada

June 9, 2007
I am up visting with my Uncle in his new house on the Washington border.  The house overlooks the bay onto Canada.  We went yesterday to Vancouver and took the tram up to Grouse Mountain, drove through Stanley Park and walked around a few other parts of the city.  The trip up was a little bit less than stellar with a 5 1/2 hour delay in Seatle for a 25 minute flight.  Today is a little drizzley so hopefully it clears up for some more exploring.

Normal weekend

June 5, 2007
It was a very normal weekend.  Went out with Brian and Amy on Friday night to a bar across the street.  Saturday I sat on my butt most of the day and then went out with my Mom, Amy, and her parents to see an Elvis play.  The play wasn't about Elvis's life, it just had his songs.  It wasn't that impressive.  Drove down to Dana Point to celebrate Alex's friend Bari's last night before heading back down to Chile.  Sunday Brian had a small BBQ at our house and then I took Amy to the airport for her training at Google in Mountain View.  Ducks are up 3-1 in the Stanley Cup, they can finish it tomorrow!

Catalina Weekend

May 30, 2007
It was a beautiful weekend on Catalina island and I have the sunburned face to prove it. I think this was the biggest trip ever with 20+ people cramming into Alex's grandparents condo. We hung out at the beach, played volleyball, and took turns on Alex's boat skurfing and wakeboarding. We also did our share of drinking and partying. It was a great long weekend trip. Tonight is game 2 of the Stanley Cup...go Ducks!

Post 80's Party

May 22, 2007
I think everyone has mostly recovered from an adventurous weekend. It started with a late night down at Alex's house (ie Mexico) on Friday night. After a late start on Saturday we got the house ready for Amy, Tish, and Kerry's 80's Prom at our house. The girls had banners and balloons and made the place look really nice. Unfortunately, people didn't notice the effort too much and spent most of the time in the living room and kitchen like always. People got very into the theme and there were some great outfits. The party migrated to the bar down the street for about 10 minutes until I got us kicked out. I called one of the bouncers out for being an A hole and hey didn't seem to appreciate it very much. It ended up being fine because we just hiked back to our house and finished the night.

Moms Day

May 15, 2007
Amy had a gift certificate to French 75 from her work so we went on Friday night to a awesome dinner. I would go back just for the mac and cheese side, that's probably what I can afford too. Saturday night we met up with my Sister, Mom, and cousin at the Home Depot center for MLS soccer. My sister finished her last final at school so we celebrated and gave her a ticket to visit her friend in London. Mother's day I took my Mom to the play she has been waiting for months to see, Wicked. My Mom loved the show so I think it was a pretty good Mother's Day.

San Diego Party Sailing

May 9, 2007
Amy’s parents took us to the Angel game on Friday night which set me up for a late start on my way to San Diego. Chris had his 4 de Mayo white trash party at his new house. I arrived to a house full of drunk people so I had some catching up to do. Saturday and Sunday were fun, hot and windy off Point Loma at the San Diego Yacht Club sailing regatta. We didn’t place that well but it was still a good time. Some jerk stole Tim’s new surfboard off the side of Chris’s house. I don’t get people who steal from somebody who is inviting them into their house.

Sky Diving

May 1, 2007
sky diver Who would have thought Tim could convince so many people to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Saturday, Tim, Amy, Brian and a bunch of Tim’s LA friends drove down to San Diego to go skydiving. Luckily I remained safe on the ground as the self proclaimed photographer. They had a great time and nobody died. Sunday, my Dad had a BBQ up in LA so Amy and I drove up. We got to play with Theo, my stepsisters baby.

Sailplane ride

April 24, 2007
Amy bought me a gift certificate for a hotel and sailplane ride up in Warner Springs for Hanukkah.  We finally had a free weekend so we drove up Saturday morning to check into the hotel and get ready for our flight.  It was pretty awesome getting in the glider and getting towed up by another plane.  While I was busy asking if we could do loops or rolls Amy was getting sick.  I guess all the turning was not going so well on her stomach.  We had to skip the acrobatics but it was still lots of fun.  Sunday we drove back and met up with Alex, Tish, Chris, Paige, Tracy and Dan on Alex's boat.  There could have been more sun but it was fun trying out my surfboard behind the boat.  It's a lot harder than wakeboarding.

Virginia Tech Shooting

April 16, 2007
Normally I write about the weekend on Monday's but today sucked.  32 victims confirmed dead after being shot yahoo at Virginia Tech.  The idiot killed two people in the dorms and then showed up later to the engineering building and killed 30 more before shooting himself.  I don't understand why people get some messed up in the head that they go and do something like this.  Go kill yourself anyway you want but don't take innocent people with you.  My heart goes out to the victims and their families.  Some people suck.

Back into it

April 12, 2007
It doesn't take too long to get right back into the groove after a vacation.  It was nice to have a short week when I came back to catch up.  I went down to SD friday night with Tim, Kerry, and Amy and met up with a bunch of the SD people.  We did a semi pub crawl in PB and spent the night at Amy's sister.  The weather was junky so we skipped the beach on Saturday and drove back home.   I don't really want to do my taxes this week but the deadline is coming up quick.  Taxes suck.

Trip Recap

April 6, 2007
I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable person.  I can't remember too many times when I had to laugh at myself for being such a moron.  Well in the last 24 of my trip I managed to do it twice.  On my flight from Montevideo to Buenos Aires I checked my bad as usual.  When we landed I had to go pee so I calmly went through immigration, right past baggage claim. through customs, and out of the security area to the bathroom.  Without my bag.  So I realize almost immediately what I did and go direct to the United counter.  They send me to an office where a United employee tells me to wait while he goes to look for the bad.  So he came back bag less.  The bag wet MIA, it got taken off the plane but is nowhere to be found. The baggage claim is pending.  Big one number 2.  I arrive in plenty of time to catch my flight home from Buenos Aires.  I check it and get past security with an hour and a half to spare.  So I check the board and sit in front of I think is my gate.  It's early and nobody was in the stand so I started to read my book.  Nothing is happening for a long time so I check the time.  It is now 8:15 for a 8:10 flight.  So I go running to the other side of the airport where my actual gate is.  I come running up to a flight attendant who calls me by name and asks where I have been.  They were looking for my bag to take off the plane so they could leave without me.  By some miracle I had not totally screwed myself and they let me on the plane.  Both screw up's were entirely my fault.  I guess sometimes life likes to give  you reasons to be humble.

Day 9 Buenos Aires

April 2, 2007
I arrived at the Buenos Aires airport last night and had the biggest brain fart ever.† I really had to pee so instead of waiting by the carosel for my bag I instead walked out of the secure area to the bathroom.† I didn't even think about my bag.† So of course I could not get back in to look for my bag myself so they sent an airline guy to go and look for it.† He didn't find it so I filled out a lost bag report and went on my way to Danny's house in Buenos Aires.† It wasn't that big of a deal since I don't really need anything in the bag but I hope they find it before I leave on my flight tonight.† Danny's new house is awesome.† I met his girlfriend Alison for the first time and we went to Green Bamboo, a really awesome Vietamese restaurant.† My cousin Tommy met up with us for a drink and we all hung out until way too late for American standards.

Day 8 Uruguay

April 1, 2007
I finally bought something today.  We went to a HUGE outdoor ferria (kinda swapmeet) and I picked up a couple of shirts.  I am really bad at getting gifts when I am on vacation.  There just isn´t that much unique stuff to buy.  I don´t need to buy something that is the same thing I can get in the US for cheaper.  A strange thing has also happened.  I can´t eat any more cheese.  I love cheese but it seems in Uruguay vegetarian means you eat lots of cheese.  I am cheesed out.  We are heading to the airport pretty soon to end our trip. It was pretty sweet.

Day 7 Uruguay

March 31, 2007
Since it is shabat we had a completly free day.  I started by sleeping in, then I took a nap, then I ate, then napped again.  After all the late nights I feel like I finally caught up.  Somewhere in the middle today I did manage to go to the outdoor market and walk around by the beach a little.  The windy weather had a bunch of kite boarders out.  Tomorrow, I head to Buenos Aires to visit with Danny and my cousins.

Day 6 Uruguay

March 30, 2007
Today was a chill day in Uruguay.  We went to a private Jewish school and visited with the kids and then went to a Jewish old age home and hung out with the old people. Both were pretty cool but I especially liked hanging out with the high school kids studying english.  I also talked to Danny on the phone so I have a for sure address to head to in Buenos Aires.  I really like the beer here and I have been developing theis unhealthy habbit of drinking large amounts of it.

Day 5 Uruguay

March 29, 2007
I got back from the club last night at 5.  Us Americans can not hang with the crazy South American lifestyle.  I had a good time though drinking and hanging out with friends on the trip.  Today we went to Punta Del Este and unfortunately the weather did not play well.  It was clowdy and a little dizzley and the beaches were empty.  It seemed like it would be a really excititng city if the weather was better.  But that is life.  We walked around the beaches anyways and made the best of it.  Tonght is a free night but I am so tired I think I will play it low key at a bar or something.

Day 4 Uruguay

March 28, 2007
I guess technically it would be day 4.5.  It´s 1 am and we are getting ready to go out to a club here in Montevideo.  We finished the house today and had a nice giving away ceremony with the family.  Today was more fun than yesterday since we actually got to build rather than dig holes.  Afterwards we had the typical talk about how this changed your life.  I can´t really stand listening to people say how this experience has vastly affected their lives.  It just makes me thing of back in the day of my philosophy classes when we talked about utilitarianism.  It basically goes we only do things to benifit ourselves, so therefore if we do something nice for someone else (ie build a house) it is only because it does something for us, like make us feel better about ourselves.  So when you sit around a room and talk about how great and changed you feel I just feel so phoney, like we are denying our true motivation.  The beer here is good.

Day 2 and 3 Uruguay

March 27, 2007
So the second and third day are over and I am sore. I spent the entire day digging holes and putting posts into thick mud. The weather has been off and on rain but it is humid and warm so it hasn´t been too bad. The family that we are buiding the house for is a very nice 21 year old couple and their 18 month old baby girl. By the end of the day my arms were jello. I could barely lift the shovel, digging is hard work. Yesterday, was our touristy day and we did a bus tour around the city visiting the parlament building and downtown. I am not the biggest fan of being in a large tourist group, especially on a bus, so that wasn´t that exciting but it least I got to see the highlights of the city. We finish building the house tomorrow and then Thursday we do our day trip to Punta Del Este (beach town) so I am hoping for sunny weather.

Day 1 Uruguay

March 25, 2007
So I arrived early this morning to Buenos Aires via Lima Peru.  I met my new traveling partners in the airport.  Part of the group from Oregon and part from San Diego.  The day was kind of a waste due to travel time but some highlights were; my nap, without which I would have been a waste, the server who gave me 62 pesos in change for a 32 peso breakfast paid with $20 (or 60 peso´s).  I was thinking about her change while in line for my ticket and went back to the restaurant and a very grateful waitress to pay my bill, the drinking after dinner, if nothing else smotthes the kinks in the ride its a few good beer with people you just met.  I got to know a couple of the guys from the trip and I am excited for tomorrow.

Uruguay Tomorrow

March 23, 2007
I leave tomorrow to help build houses in Uruguay with Hillel.  It sounded better than working.

Paso Zin Fest

March 20, 2007
I like wine. I had a chance to enjoy myself this past weekend with Amy, Conrad and my Mom at the Paso Robles Zin Festival. We drove up Friday night and stayed at the finest hotel, Motel 6. Saturday we did a cross between tasting and drinking and somewhere along the line it turned mostly into drinking. We enjoyed visiting a lot of the smaller wineries and had quite a few excellent wines. It’s easy to turn into a wine snob when there is so much to choose from. Sunday was my sisters 24th birthday and we met up on the way home in Malibu for dinner. I am leaving for Uruguay this Saturday with the Hillel from San Diego. I am taking my camera’s and hopefully come back with some great pictures.

Non Winter Weather

March 14, 2007
I got a chance to enjoy the unusually hot weather this part weekend.  I actually went surfing which hadn't happened for a few months now. We had poker at my house Friday night and Alex took the money.  It is going to be all busy weekends coming up with Paso Robles this weekend and Uraguay the next two. 

Back from Park City

March 6, 2007
Last week I took Thurday and Friday off of work and got on a plane with Amy to Park City, Utah.  We landed in the snow in Salt Lake City and took a shuttle to the mountain.  It snowed most of that night and into the morning.  Thursday was a not so beautiful day with gray sky's and temperatures in the 20's but the snow was awesome.  Friday and Saturday were absolutely perfect with great snow and blue sky. Amy's parents were very generous and took care of almost everything.  On Sunday BMW had a free test drive program so I got to take out a 530xi wagon with all wheel drive out to an empty icy parking lot and have my share of fun with traction control off.  Awesome trip and a very cool place to visit.

Sick Sucks

February 26, 2007
So I had to leave work early on Friday because I started getting sick.  I think that I got it last week got better, gave it to Amy, and then got it back.  So I decided to lay low for the weekend and try and get better for Park City this week.  That made for a not too exciting weekend.

President Day

February 22, 2007
President’s day weekend was the big winter sailing regatta in Long Beach. I went racing on Saturday and Sunday and we ended up doing pretty well. Sunday was blowing hard and I was helping out on the bow changing sails. We were adjusting the spinnaker (the big sail in front) when the wind shifted and took the spinnaker pole (the thing I was holding onto) about 4 feet off the bow. I was hanging there for a little while until the wind shifted back. The extra day off Monday was finally a time to relax. I do too many things on the weekend.

House Warming Party

February 13, 2007
The house warming party brought back fond memories of some of the great places I lived in college. It did not have the magnitude of a Penthouse or Faber party but it was a good try for us old people. It started with a keg of Jeremiah Red and five 30 packs of the greatest beer ever (ie Coors Light). We had beer pong, beer bong, and Tim’s coworkers attempt at an ice luge. My new roommates, myself, and many friends showed our lush side. Overall success – a little puke, lots of spills, friendly police visit, and lots of good times.

Moved in

February 7, 2007
So I finally finished moving to my new place in Newport Beach with Brian and Tim.  I am really liking the place even though it is a lot farther than I wanted to get from work.  My room is set up and despite some decorating it is complete.  We are still working on getting the kitchen and common areas set up how we want.  Amy is entering day 3 of her new job and she is starting to get settled in Orange County.  Her place with Tish in Irvine is really nice.  At work they hired a temp to help me out on a project so that is kind of fun.  I have never had somebody directly reporting to me.  We have decided to have a party to inaugurate the new pad on Saturday.  Plans are for a keg of Coors Light (my personal favorite) and Killians Red.

Ride Customer Service

February 2, 2007
Turns out that Ride is an awesome company since they are sending me a free replacement part for Amy's snowboard binding. The email chain was kind of funny as well. Read it here

Awesome SF Weekend

January 30, 2007
I took off on Friday morning to fly to SF for my cousins Bar Mitzvah weekend. We arrived in Oakland and rented a car in not very good weather. The idea was to drive to the city and get lunch and walk around Chinatown. We made it for the lunch but the walk in the rain wasn’t very much fun in the very crowded Chinatown area. That night the family had a very nice dinner in Marin and I met up afterwards with Conrad in Sausalito afterwards. Saturday was the Bar Mitzvah ceremony in the morning and my cousin Jacob did an excellent job. The party was at the Bank of America building, the tallest building in San Francisco, on the the 52nd floor. The view was amazing and the party was great. Afterwards, Jon met up with my cousin Mike, my sister, her boyfriend, a couple other friends, and I. We went to a lounge in the city and had a few drinks dressed up fancy. Sunday I hung out with my Mom in the Embarcadero before we headed back to the airport to go home. Very busy weekend and not just for me. Amy moved into her new apartment in the OC. I missed out on the heaving lifting and unpacking.

Cold Snowboarding

January 23, 2007
So the word from this weekend is that the place in Newport Beach is ours if we want it.  Looks like I will be living with Brian and Tim starting February less than 100 yards from a bar, is that a good idea?  We are going to have a pre/anti Valentines day party so be prepared for the announcement.  Saturday night we drove up to the abnormally cold mountains to stay at Alex's grandparents cabin in Arrowhead to snowboard the next day.  The mountain was frozen solid like one big ice patch so the boarding was less than ideal. That and Big Bear upped their prices to $62 for a weekend lift ticket.  What a rip off.  They have almost doubled in price in the last 5 years!  We had fun despite the cold and ice.  Unfortunately, the way home was not so lucky for Amy's board and Alex's truck.  While grabbing pizza there was a slight miscalculation between the top of the truck and a low hanging bar.  Amy's binding took the hit and bent it pretty bad and snapped the roof rack on the truck.

I can Never Complain Again

January 18, 2007
Lake Superior surfing is crazy

Lake Superior surfing is hard core. Courtesy of my friend Curtis at work - his friend Curtis in Michigan.

Busy For 2007

January 17, 2007
It is looking like 2007 will be one crazy year. So far in the 17 days of 07 the following has happened:
I got promoted
I put in my notice to get a place with Brian and Tim
Amy quit her job and found a new better one
Alex and Tish got back together
Tim and Nancy broke up
Amy and Tish got an appartment together
Amy's sister got a job
lots of other stuff that I am probably forgetting
That's a lot of big stuff happening. As far as the weekend went, happy Birthday Tish and nice party cousin Mike.

Back in School

January 11, 2007
So I signed up for a class at IVC, the local community college, in industrial electronics. Last night was the first class and it seems like fun so far. The professor is a little bit slow and somebody walking by might confuse it for an ESL class but the material is interesting and there is a lot of hands on. It seems like it will be what the mechatronics class should have been at SDSU if they weren't in the middle of revamping the program when I was taking it. It's a little weird being back in school but I like it, that's dangerous.

Damn Belgian Beer

January 8, 2007
So I signed up for a class at IVC, the local community college, in industrial electronics. Last night was the first class and it seems like fun so far. The professor is a little bit slow and somebody walking by might confuse it for an ESL class but the material is interesting and there is a lot of hands on. It seems like it will be what the mechatronics class should have been at SDSU if they weren't in the middle of revamping the program when I was taking it. It's a little weird being back in school but I like it, that's dangerous.

Happy 2007

January 2, 2007
After a not too busy week at work it was time to relax and bring in the New Year. I saved up my energy for Sunday when Amy, Brian and I headed down to the Hyatt in downtown San Diego. We got there in time to catch the very end of the Charger game and have a few drinks at the hotel bar. I thought we were going to have a bunch of people in the hotel room for the pre party but it turned out only Amy’s sister made it. The four of us made the best of it and drank a little too much for the Lovin sisters (Brian and I were ok). Tish, Tracy, Dan, Tim, Nancy, Nader and his girlfriend met us at the Yard House to bring in 2007. The Lovin sisters didn’t quite make it to midnight (ie 10:45) but everyone seemed to have a good time. No pukers and nobody seemed to have too bad a hangover, I’ll call that a success.

Post Christmas

December 27, 2006
Back at work after Christmas break. It was nice having Tuesday off to be lazy. The office is very quiet today with a lot of people taking off until next year. The weekend was spent preparing for and celebrating Christmas (some celebrating more than others). I spent Christmas with Amyís family. I had a good time but all the family visiting and schmoozing tires you out. Amy gave me a really cool weekend cabin / sailplane lesson for Hanukkah. Now its time to get ready for New Years and hopefully some good pictures.

Amyís Bday

December 21, 2006
Ok so I lagged on the weekend update since it is almost the next weekend. Amyís sorta party was a lot of fun if you can tell from the pictures. We all drank a little too much at my house and went down to Laguna to drink a little more. Amy had a great time so I take it as a success. I would like to take this opportunity to point out Amy is now 26 and I am still 25 so any rubbing in of this fact for the next couple months is appreciated. This should be a busy weekend with Christmas and all. I get Monday and Tuesday off of work so it will be fun hanging out with friends and family.

Holiday Party

December 13, 2006
Not too much exciting last weekend. My Uncle had his annual holiday party Saturday night and my sister and Pop came down. My Mom didnít show up since my Uncle and her are not on the best terms as of late. Sunday I went sailing again and we did a lot better. We didnít win but we were in the pack (a vast improvement). This is a busy week with Amyís birthday on Thursday and Hanukkah starting on Friday.

Off Roading and SCUBA diving

December 4, 2006
What I thought would be a quick trip off roading Saturday morning turned into not such a quick trip. I went with Kevin, his brother, and a couple of his friends caravanning to Saddleback. When we got there it was closed due to fire danger so we turned around and headed south to Ortega Highway to an off road park near Lake Elsinore. It was going pretty well until Jeff, Kevinís brother, blew out his differential sending a gear through the cover. We were able to limp back using the front wheels in 4wd to the main road. The tow truck took two hours to get there to pick us up. Sunday, I woke up early again to go SCUBA diving with Brian and Amy. We got on a boat in Long Beach and headed to Catalina. The seas were rough and Amy started to get really sea sick. Brian and I did two dives in a not so great spot and one on a cool reef dropoff. Amy made it out for the first dive, sat on the shore for the second dive, and felt better but was too cold for the third.

Post Thanksgiving Rundown

November 28, 2006
Turkey day came and went. It was nice to have the extra days off to hang out with friends and relax. Almost everyone was in town with not too much going on. My Mom got last minute tickets to see the Rolling Stones on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so I went with her and saw old people trying to dance and old rock stars doing their thing. They played a lot of songs that I have never heard but the classics were good. Tim had a post Thanksgiving turkey celebration and actually cooked a turkey by himself on Saturday. Food was good as was the turnout.

Ready for Thanksgiving

November 20, 2006
Pretty uneventful weekend. I went to LA Saturday to visit with my Dad and have a BBQ. My sister and stepsister joined us and we had a fish and beef cookout at his new apartment. I spent the night Saturday at my Dadís and then drove back to Orange County to pick up Amy at the airport and drive her home. I am ready for the days off for Thanksgiving and a low key week.

Home sick

November 13, 2006
This weekend was my Momís birthday, Rossís camping trip, and the weekend I bought a Macbook. I got a raise at work so as a treat to myself I bought a Macbook. I know it is a change to the dark side but I figured I was in for a change and if I didnít like it I can just run windows on it. They are not more expensive than a comparable spec PC so I went for it. So far so good. My Momís birthday was fun, Friday night I took her out to the Japanese place in the Spectrum and then we came over to my place and hung out. Saturday, almost everybody came out for the camping trip to San Onofre for Rossís belated bday celebration. It was nice hanging out with everybody and we only got rained on a little. I found out that my tent is indeed waterproof. The camping was not so great for the cold that I have been brewing. I took off work today sick so that I can get better for my trip to Texas tomorrow.

Fixing up

November 7, 2006
I helped my Mom out this weekend fixing up her studio above the garage. The tenant moved out and left literally about a 100 holes in the walls. She put nails and anchors on every wall and ceiling. It was a pain in the butt patching them all and touching up the paint. I also decided that it was a good time to put in the new door that has been on my to do list for a while. I carefully painted it before bringing it upstairs, unfortunately I somehow painted the inside brown and the outside white instead of the other way around. Saturday night Amy and I went and saw Rise Against at UCI with Thursday. Rise Against was awesome and Thursday pretty much sucked. I must be old because the pit is just not what it used to be. Amy left for the Dominican Republic early Sunday for work since she won the ďAssistant of the YearĒ award. Sunday night I went with Brian out to Chain Reaction to check out his friend Mikeís band. I went a little camera crazy.


November 2, 2006
I caught my first glimpse of Jonathan Doherty, Kevin and Andrea's new baby! Congratulations to them!

Happy Halloween

October 30, 2006
So another week hanging out in Mexico. I am back in Nogales working on my project in the factory. Today was an especially long day, at the factory at 7:30 am leaving at 8 pm. This weekend was a lot of fun. I missed out on Brian Drieland's cool party, but I did get to carve a pumpkin and hang out with Amy's roommates Friday. Saturday, Tim and Brian came up to LA and we all went to see UCLA play horribly and get there butts kicked. Afterwards we went out in Westwood with Alex, PJ, and his sister. That was also interesting when the combination of liberal libations and hormones made the bar a place best suited for the likes of men much tougher than I.


October 24, 2006
Trip pictures from my sisters and my little camera are up, the pictures from my big camera are coming.


October 23, 2006
We arrived back from Argentina after a great, but too short, trip. I am working on getting all the great pictures from everyone together and will put them up as soon as I can. Thank you to all the family and Danny for such a great trip. Traveling, on the other hand, has left a lot to be desired. Starting in LAX before we left we had to switch planes and almost lose our connection, then coming back I couldnít get through security in Dallas (mind you after being on a 14 hour flight) because of those dangerous cans of Dulce de Leche that I had with me. Security combined with the long customs line caused us to miss our connection to LAX (even though our bags connected fine) and divert to Orange County Airport. I drove to LAX to pick up our bags and take Amy home and then turned around to get ready to catch my flight out of Orange County to Tucson for work. The plane was late (of course) and I missed my connection to Tucson through Phoenix. So last night at 11 PM I rented a car and drove from Phoenix to the hotel arriving one Red Bull and several stops to literally run around and wake up at 1:30 AM. This week I am working in Mexico and one day I hope I will be home again.

Argentina 2

October 19, 2006
I am writting from the hotel (more like a hostel) in Iguazu falls. We spent all day yesterday walking around, above and through the falls. They are amazing. Today we get on a plane back to Buenos Aires to finish out our trip. We arrive back home on Sunday just in time for me to get on another plane to Tucson for work. Amy is feeling good and she thanks everbody for the well wishes.


October 14, 2006
We arrived in Argentina! It was a pretty close call. Our plane at LAX had mechanical problems and we had to deboard and get rerouted. Luckily there were enough of us that they held the connecting flight in Dallas. I will take lots of pictures.

Crazy night

October 12, 2006
It was about 7:30 last night and I got a call from Amyís Mom, Cathy, on vacation back east. She had received a call from the hospital and Amy had been taken to St. Johnís emergency room. She was running on the treadmill at the gym when she passed out and fell off. Needless to say it was a scary drive up to LA to go and visit with her. I arrived a little after her roommates. When I got there she was still strapped in the backboard from the ambulance but she was awake and alert. The doctors ran several tests in what seemed like an urgent care center without a sense of urgency. She didnít get released until 2:30 in the morning. She is feeling fine and the doctors are not sure exactly what caused it but they believe that it was caused because she did not eat all day, wasnít feeling well, and worked out anyways. I stayed with her last night and we are still set to go to Argentina tomorrow. I made sure that she stayed home today to relax. I donít like getting scared like that. If you talk to Amy make sure that she knows we wonít let her take poor care of her body anymore. We will be in Argentina for the next week celebrating my cousins wedding. I am excited to go but I havenít had a chance to think about it since things have been so busy at work. I donít think I could have picked a worse week to go on vacation. I am launching a new product and we are a week away from production so things are very hectic. I am ready to relax for two seconds, everything is crazy around here.

Coli Wedding

October 10, 2006
Coli Wedding Coli got married! Beautiful ceremony Sunday up near Pismo Beach. Amy and I drove up Saturday afternoon and stayed in SLO. We had a chance to hang out with Coli, Nick and their friends Saturday night before the ceremony on Sunday. They had their friend get ordained to do the wedding and it was short sweet and to the point. The drive wasnít too bad and the weather was beautiful.

Yom Kippur

October 2, 2006
Chris Party Chris had a sweet party down in SD this past weekend to celebrate the departure of Drunk Dave and some foreign guy to other cities. Conveniently, Amy was working in downtown SD so she had a hotel room to crash in. I ate late night burritos like old times. Today is Yom Kippur so I took off work, went to temple and I am doing the fasting thing again. Itís going well so far (3pm). I decided that I need to do something crazy this year. Iíll let you all know what it is when I figure it out.

Rosh Hashanah

September 26, 2006
Work rolled right into the weekend as I flew back from Nogales, Mexico late Friday night up to LAX. I met up with Amy for a coffee before we headed down to the OC. Saturday was the Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, so I went to temple and made a family day. It was Brian Drielandís girlfriends birthday so a bunch of people were hanging out in CDM so I joined them late just as they were packing up and headed to a bar. Sunday I made the mistake of trying to go sailboat racing in Long Beach. I just donít know enough of the rigging to do things correctly so the sails got all messed up and it was not that much fun. I got banged up pretty good slipping and sliding around the boat.

Party, Surf, Chargers

September 19, 2006
Party, Surf, Chargers Friday night my cousin Mike had a ďdress to sweatĒ party. I miss house partyís because with my trusty 12 pack of CL in hand I spent 8.99 and had enough to share the entire night. That and you get to dress up ridiculous and it is ok because everyone else is doing the same. I felt a little old compared to the girls dressed in saran wrap but it was good times. I had to do a little regulating help with the cops and some rebellious individuals but it reminded me of days not too far off in the past. Saturday we went and checked out the surf comp down at Trestles and watched Kelly Slater lose in the last round to B. Durbidge, an Aussie. Sunday Rossís gf Kim was supper nice and gave Amy and I her tickets to the Chargers home opener. Itís the second NFL game I have ever seen live and it was awesome.

Why Argue with Science

September 15, 2006
I knew I liked drinking but I didnít know that it was because I could make more money by doing it. Researchers at Harvard have found that drinkers make 10-14% more than non drinkers. They also stated ďthese conclusions provide arguments against policies aimed at curbing alcohol use on university campuses and public venues.Ē All I have to say is hell yeah. source

End of Summer

September 5, 2006
Boxing So it didnít feel like the end of summer sitting on the beach in Laguna. Amy and I skipped out on what sounded like a fun Catalina trip to hang out at her grandparentsí beach house in Laguna. I sat on the beach Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, enjoying the surf (on the miniature waves), and relaxing. It almost made me feel like I didnít have to go back to work. Saturday night was a nice bonus. My Uncle Paul invited me to see the Peter Ė Toney heavyweight fight at Staples Center. They beat the crap out of each other, Peter won in a decision. Overall great long weekend.

Low key

August 29, 2006
Back to work already with a quick weekend. I spent a lot of time at Irvine Meadows this weekend. Friday night at the Dave Mathewís concert with my friends and Saturday with Amy, my mom, and sister at the Pacific Symphony Beatles tribute. The Beatles thing was awesome and Dave was just ok. I also painted the dresser that Alex gave me black and it looks really good. In addition to the dresser I painted the floor at Home Depot black when I dropped the quart in the middle of the aisle.

Back from the Bay

August 22, 2006
PaloAlto06 Jon started law school yesterday at Santa Clara University so for his last free weekend I headed up to San Jose with Amy. The airports are as frustrating as everybody says that they are. We got to John Wayne in plenty of time to catch our flight. Since the no liquids ban is in effect we had to check a bag in order to bring toothpaste, contact solution, etc. We wait in the enormous line to check a bag at the AA counter to find out when we reach the end that we needed to have our bagged checked 45 minutes before the flight. We were now at about 40 minutes. So we checked our bag on the next flight to San Jose and took the flight we were supposed to. That night we went to a fancy Vietnamese restaurant that was really good but they served really small portions. I donít get that but the abundance of wine was appreciated. Afterwards we all went out to a bar with Mikey and drank a bit too much. Saturday, was recovery mode mostly and we headed to the city and walked around and had an unimpressive dinner. Sunday, we took Jonís new Glock .357 Sig to the shooting range and got on a plane to head home.

AVP Manhattan

August 14, 2006
Volleyball My Mom had surgery on her hand last Tuesday to fix a bone spur in her wrist. So she has been one handed and under orders to take it easy. Friday, I took her out to dinner with my sister, Amy and her friend Jerri to get her out of the house. Saturday was a busy day with Amy, Alex and Tish, Nancy and Tim, Joaquin and I heading to Manhattan Beach for the AVP. We watched Kerry Walsh and Misty May win the womenís final and my coworkers husband, Brent Doble, lose in a semi. It was a beautiful day to be on the beach except for the losing thing. That evening we headed to Brian and Nateís house in Fullerton to celebrate Nateís birthday. They had a bounce house and a keg and together they made for a pretty interesting 25 year celebration.

Hello Theo

August 7, 2006
Baby Theo I got to meet my baby step nephew Theo on Saturday. He is pretty darn cute for an 8 day old. My step sister, Vicky, looked great and she had the family over at her house to check out the baby. As a bonus I checked out my Dadís new apartment in Northridge. I was relieved that he finally has a real place to live and has removed his semi homeless status. Amy wanted to write the update for Amy day on Sunday so here is her version of Sunday Ė Amy Day: Amy Day pretty much rocked. I drove a jet-ski like a maniac (note: only one finger is needed on the throttle, not a whole hand). And then, I got all Angelina Jolie-like and flew an airplane in the sky! Then we stuffed ourselves with sushi and watched Bobby Flay kick butt on Iron Chef America. Pack your parachutes and get excited for Jason day! (Jason edit: is the plane crashing?)

Why America is Lame

August 4, 2006
article I saw this article on yahoo news about outrage regarding the cover of ďBabyTalkĒ magazine. It is hard to believe that people would actually be outraged by a picture showing a babyís face and the side profile of a breast. There is no nipple showing and I have seen more boobs on a billboard for American Idol. People like this need to find something better to do with their time.

3 Year

August 1, 2006
3 Year Yesterday was my official 3 year mark with Amy. We decided that this weekend would be my weekend and next weekend is Amy weekend. For Jason weekend Amy surprised me on Friday with tickets to the Mercedes Benz Open at UCLA. Roddick pulled out of his match which was kind of a bummer but we got to see Ginepri get his butt kicked by some guy named Hrbaty who didnít have enough vowels in his name. Saturday we went to the Hollywood Bowl and saw ďThe Sound of Music.Ē The play was awesome and the Hollywood Bowl is a great place to watch. I am still singing some of the songs in my head. Sunday was Alexís birthday paintball and bbq celebration. It was hot and dirty and I got shot lots of times, so basically I had a great time.

I'm in the money

July 28, 2006
Well not quite but I got a sweet tax adjusted check for filing a patent application at work. Sweet!

Lazy Jason

July 24, 2006
Last weekend in SD It was hot this weekend. I donít mind the heat that much especially if I can sit in my nice air conditioned house. It was my bossís last day on Friday before her retirement so I am currently boss-less at work. We went to Dave and Busters to celebrate and have drinks and dinner on Black and Decker. Amy came down to OC and we did a whole lot of sitting around. I tried to find a dresser since my crappy IKEA one is currently in pieces on the floor, but all the places I went had really expensive pieces of junk. You would think for $600 the drawers would have decent slides. Amy gave me an anniversary present early, a Dewalt cordless drill, that is pretty sweet. I have been meaning to get one for a while.

The Goat Trail

July 17, 2006
So the Vegas plans for Brianís birthday fell through (I didnít feel much like driving by myself) and I decided it would be a good time to visit some friends in San Diego. I got down Friday night and had a chill night at a small pub in PB, spent most of the day Saturday with everyone and their Mom at Shores in La Jolla, and finished up Sunday with the naked people at Blackís beach. Anson decided to take us down the gnarliest way possible to Blacks. Complete with the barefoot, surfboard in hand, balance beam, the is this a way or a cliff? and the rock slip and slide which I fell on twice. Today was back to work and drive down to Mexico where it is only 110 degrees.

Bad Fortune

July 13, 2006
Cousin Mike show and Camping I got a bad fortune cookie yesterday at lunch. It said that you will unexpectedly inherit money. I donít want anybody to die. I have been trying to get more into my road bicycle but it is really uncomfortable on my equipment. I canít make myself buy the shorts with the butt pad yet.

Rachael Ray Amy

July 10, 2006
This weekend I did enough nothing to make me happy. I watched Elizabethtown with Amy and her roommate Jen on Friday night. Amy pulled through on her attempt at a Rachael Ray dinner and the cocktails made the movie better. Saturday we didnít leave her apartment until 5 pm to head down to OC and catch my cousin Mikeís show. Amy had to stop for gas and knocked the nozzle out and spilled gas all over her jeans. She smelled a lot after that and luckily she had a change of clothes in her car or else she might have burst into flames. I made it out Sunday sailboat racing again in Long Beach and decided that being on a racing boat and not really knowing what you are doing is very stressful and involves a lot of yelling.

Happy 4th

July 5, 2006
July 4th weekend pictures I love 4 day weekends. For Rossís gf Kimís birthday we went camping and white water rafting up on the Kern River. We only got to do class 3 rapids (which is not that crazy) but it was good times. Especially pretending (not very convincingly) to fall out of the boat and swimming the rapids. I still havenít mastered camping. I bought a tent and a flashlight for the trip and forgot water and food. It was good that I brought the flashlight though because I was the only one. The 4th was a great beach day courteous of Amyís family at 3 Arch Bay in Laguna Beach. I spent all day on the beach playing volleyball, in the water, and ending with fireworks. It was nice having the extra time off.

Back from Texas

June 27, 2006
Amyís wedding, new bike, Tracy's bday, and Huntington Beach A lot of things happened over the last couple of weeks. Tracy had a birthday and a little party at her house, I went to Texas for work and spent a week working on knob line trying to learn the tricks to knob forming, Alex closed on his condo, Amy bought a car, and I went sailing in a sailboat race. The sailboat race was a lot of fun. I got tossed around and beat up but I ended up having a good time. After spending the second half of the Argentina Ė Mexico game on Saturday in the car dealership Amy actually went the next day and bought a new car, brand new Mini Cooper. It is pretty sweet and surprisingly roomy.

Father's Day

June 19, 2006
Happy Fatherís day for the Fatherís out there. I spent the weekend staying up too late Friday night at Tracyís awesome birthday party, buying a road bicycle through Kenjiís Sport Chalet hook up, and spending the Popís day up in LA at my very pregnant stepsisters house with my Dad and Sister. I am really mad at the crappy service that American Airlines has given me the last week. I managed to buy two copies of the exact same flight ticket (same seat and everything) and American wonít refund the duplicate ticket. They are giving me a voucher which does me no good since I have to pay for it out of my pocket. I am spending the week for work in Denison, Texas learning everything there is to know about making door knobs. Itís nice every once in a while to get out of town for a change of pace.

Amyís Wedding Ė Mud Run

June 13, 2006
Amyís wedding pictures Amy #1 (formerly Glassett) had a beautiful wedding on Saturday. I went with Amy #2 and met up with Jon, Conrad, and Diana in San Diego to celebrate with Amy #1 and her family. She got married to Ryan at the Dana Hotel on Mission Bay in San Diego. The sun decided to show up and it was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. I took a bunch of good pictures and only some of them were ruined by the stupid video guy standing right in the middle of the two of them with a stupid grin on his face. We ate good food, drank a little too much, and danced it up (I got totally schooled by Amy #1ís cousin Missy). Sunday after at least 3-4 hours of sleep and sobering up Amy #2 and I ran the mud run in Camp Pendleton. It was a fun messy race with lots of water, mud and obstacles. Next year I think I will try it with more sleep and less drinking.

Catalina Pics

June 7, 2006
Catalina Pics, Thanks's Tish

Hershel II

June 5, 2006
The car is fixed for all those that are worried. Turns out it was only an expensive sensor. The weekend was going up to visit with my Dad in Northridge at his new place and office, hanging out on the beach in San Clemente with my mom, Amy, my sister and her new boyfriend, and going out with Amyís roommates up in LA (and meeting their new cat).


June 1, 2006
Last night I went surfing with some of my work buddies after work. I left my car at work and when I got back it started and died right away. I tried again and it lasted slightly longer. The third time lasted long enough to give me confidence to start driving. That turned out to be not such a good idea as it decided to keep dying and catching as I was driving. The freeway to the mechanic was not going to happen so I got a tow. My Mom picked me up at the mechanic and drove me home late last night. Then I had to worry about how I was going to get to work today. Talking to Amy she half jokingly said you could take the bus. Turned out that wasnít such a bad idea. I woke up early and turned a 15 minute drive into an hour bus ride. Iíve lived in Orange County my whole life and I donít think I have taken the bus here except once when I was 14. Turns out bus people arenít scary at all except they use CD players instead of iPods, how old school.

Back from Catalina

May 31, 2006
Long weekends make you the most tired. We just got back from our Memorial Day tradition Catalina trip. It used to be we would spend our days snorkeling, playing volleyball. Now that weíre older and wiser we moved on to SCUBA diving and volleyball. SCUBA diving is a lot more fun but it involves many times more effort. You have tanks, wetsuits, weights, fins, regulator, BC that are all heavy and hard to move. By the time you lug everything out to go diving youíre already ready to start drinking. I went on my first night dive with Amy and Brian. There was so much more to see at night and I liked the errie feeling. Amy did a great job until we surfaced where she had a mini panic attack. Something about being in the middle of the ocean with waves at night far from shore freaked her outÖwho knew? Overall great weekend as usual and hopefully some good pictures when I get them up.

SD weekend

May 22, 2006
SD Pics I had a great weekend down in SD hanging out with friends and graduates. Friday Amy and I drove down and went out with pretty much everybody to Tower 23 in Pacific Beach for Bridgettís graduation party. Bridgett had her whole family there as well as all my old roommates, OC friends, and some random people that I seem to bump into every time I go to SD. Saturday was a typical beautiful SD day and we went surfing at Scriptís in the morning, tried unsuccessfully to go Frisbee golfing in the afternoon, and went to OB and played volleyball in the early evening. Sunday was a not so beautiful day but we went and played on Rossís indoor soccer team (and realized I am too out of shape) and to Ansonís graduation party. It was overall really good times.

New Toy

May 16, 2006
I finally got my new camera lens yesterday and I spent my entire lunch hour snapping up pictures. My new Rebel XT with the EF 28-135 Image Stabilized lens pretty much rocks. I look pretty hardcore. I think I should join the paparazzi. I could take pictures of all those Greyís Anatomy crazy people that I have been obsessed with the past two days. I am over the Mcdreamy Ė Grey thing. Thatís the dumbest part of the show. They need to get over it already. Ohh and Motherís day was good. My sister and I took my Mom to gamble at Pechanga. They both won and I lost. I think I just suck at gambling.

What did I do this weekend?

May 8, 2006
Amy came down on Friday (as usual) and we met up with Alex, Brian, Tish, and Tracy to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We headed over to El Ranchito in Newport and had a few drinks until our lameness (and the fact that we had to run a 5k the next morning forced us to leave.) The 5k went ok. I didnít die and Amy kicked my butt again. I thanked her for the whooping by taking her out to a fancy dinner in Laguna Beach. Sunday we played softball in our new league on Brianís team. The league is way too good for us (i.e. they look like they have played softball before today) so we took our loss gracefully. After, some people came over and we made dinner at my house and watched Grayís. Overall pretty chill good weekend.

Tim Surprise

May 1, 2006
Nancy uses Timís birthday as a good excuse to get everyone together on Saturday night. The OC folk that could make it and the San Diego people that are still around came out to surprise Tim. We went to the Angel game and watched the Angelís lose and then out to Main Street in Huntington Beach. There was a good amount of drinking and Tim made an ass of himself by grabing the butt of a girl who turned out to not be his girlfriend. I also went with Amy up in LA to see the ďAshes and SnowĒ photography exhibit by the Santa Monica pier. It was pretty interesting how the guy set up live animals and people in strange settings.

New toy

April 25, 2006
The weekends are getting shorter. Is it Tuesday already? At what point did the days get so blurry? I saw ďThank you for Smoking,Ē the satire about a guy that works for big tobacco, this weekend. It was pretty good. I also got my new toy in the mail. A brand new Canon Rebel XT (fancy dancy camera). I donít have a lens for it yet so I canít say anything about the pictures but it looks like it is going to be fun.


April 21, 2006
Itís the end of the week and I think I am just starting to kick this cold. I went and played soccer yesterday even though I probably should have not. Yesterday was the end of Passover and the ceremonial Yeast Feast. I choose Chinese food to break my 8 days without carbs and it wonderful. I also put the movies up from our trip per Conrads request Movies


April 17, 2006
Is it time to go back on vacation yet? I got sick this weekend so it made it significantly less fun. I did get Friday off of work so that made it a little better. It's passover this week so eating is kinda of a pain to find things that are allowed, Amy says I'm too strict. The Costa Rica Pics are finally up Costa RIca

Back from Costa Rica

April 10, 2006
After almost an entire day of flying we got back last night from Costa Rica. After pigging out on Chinese food with Amy, I drove back home to get some rest for the official end of my vacationÖwork. Costa Rica was awesome. We spent the first two days in the cloud forest going on zipline tours and soaking in natural hot springs. The next week was spent on the beach where it was very hot going to different beach towns, surfing, relaxing. We didnít get a chance to go SCUBA diving as planned but we were so busy it didnít matter. The roads are as bad as they say they are but our stick shift Rav4 kicked butt. Itís strange when somebody gives you directions to go left on the beach and they actually mean the beach is the road. The last two days we spent in the city near San Jose before finally heading home. Everyone took lots of pictures so check soon to see the massive update.

Costa Rica

April 4, 2006
Hey all from Costa Rica. Pretty sweet so far, more when I get back. Amy wants me to mention the skinny cows.

Hockey and Airplanes

March 27, 2006
Two games and a flight lesson in one weekend! So I kicked the GF to the curb for the weekend (ok so she left me to go to spring training for the Angels) and it ended up being pretty exciting for me too. I got invited to go to the box at the Pond to see the Ducks play with my company on Friday night. They were entertaining some people in town from the new plant in China. Boxes are nice since you can move around and they are usually catered (read free beer). Saturday I got a last minute call to go with my cousin to see the Kingís game in LA. I saw Elisha Cuthbert, the girl from 24 and the movie ďGirl Next DoorĒ who is tiny and smoking hot. Not to mention it was one of the best hockey games I have ever seen. The Kings scores 3 goals in the third period within a minute and a half to win. If the hockey wasnít enough I went up for a flight lesson that Jon bought me for my birthday on Sunday afternoon. Turns out I like flying but I am not convinced yet I want to make the serious investment.

Too much green beer

March 20, 2006
The ouch was confirmed when I dropped the 5 bills on some Michelinís. I guess I am kind of a tire snob. Amyís St. Pattyís day party went off really well. Lotís of people showed up, the green keg was a hit and everyone seemed to have a good time. I was among many that decided that the mixture of green beer and Irish car bombís didnít feel so great the next day. My Aunt Deborahís Mom, Sally, passed away last week and Sunday they held a memorial at their house. I thought it was fitting that the tableís each had little bottleís of vodka and a cigarette. They did a cheerís to the fact Sally drank vodka and smoked everyday and it didnít kill her.


March 14, 2006
I knew that I needed new tires right before I went up to Mammoth. The slipping and sliding only affirmed that decision. The front bushings in my car are bad and the front tires had worn down to the steel belts on the inside. I just got the quote from the mechanic, $1200 for bushings and a few other things that were wrong. That and I need new tires. Ouch.

Not much new

March 8, 2006
Work has been a little hectic the past couple of days. I heard that we won our game that I missed in softball last week. Should I infer something that we won when I was gone? Costa Rica trip is coming up really really fast and I need to start getting ready for it. I still need to figure out the whole rental car situation but luckily I got Amy on the case to bug me.

Back to it

February 28, 2006
Weekend update, thatís what I should start calling my website. It seems I have gotten a bit lazy and usually by Wednesday or so I get around to writing a little something about what I did the last weekend. So here goes. Amy had to finish up her SCUBA classes so I drove up Friday night before her beach dive and boat dive the next days. We went out to sushi and she slyly paid the bill while I was in the bathroom. Not that I should complain about getting dinner bought for me but I wanted to get her dinner so that didnít work out. Saturday I went to Bridgettís for her final final theyíre tearing it down party at her beach house. They had a ton of people there and it was a lot of fun, especially punching the walls in ala Jon (see picture). Sunday was snowboarding at Bear but I just didnít get that into it. The snow was better than last time but they didnít have any good jumps (tiny ones and monstrosities) and they seem to be charging $62 every weekend now for ďpeak seasonĒ bs. Thatís just too much money for a lift ticket.

Long weekend

February 21, 2006
I was pleasantly surprised on to learn that Monday was a holiday. It snuck up on me and I didn't realize that I had work off for the long weekend. It was extra nice since I had a bunch of cool stuff to do. My stepsister Vicki got married on Saturday night up in Topanga Canyon (north LA). It was at a house off of a 5 mile dirt road on the top of a hill with a view to Malibu. The ceremony was beautiful and my sister and I had a great time. Sunday my Mom threw a family birthday party for me and we had My Uncle Paul and his family, Pam and Arnie, Grandma and Grandpa, Amy, and of course Mom and Steph. Monday made for a good do errands and relax day. Going back to work isn't so easy.


February 15, 2006
Happy bday to me :) Ohh and I put up the weekend pictures


February 14, 2006
I woke up before 8 both days this weekend. I would complain except I got to do fun stuff. Saturday I helped my Mom out volunteering at the food bank. We packed boxes they give out to single mothers and low income elderly. It was the federal program so thanks to Bushís new budget (if it passes Ė hopefully not) the program will be cut along with 85,465 acres of federal land in California and 300,000 nationally that he plans to sell (can we say dumb idiot?). Saturday night a whole bunch of us went up to Alexís cabin in Arrowhead to drink and celebrate (my bday or just because) and snowboard on Sunday. The snow was terrible in Big Bear but having everyone up there was good times. Happy Valentines everybody and especially to Amy Glassett who made the official June 10th announcement of her wedding.

Something's off

February 7, 2006
This week has been strange. The weekend was pretty low key. Amy came down, met a bunch of people for dinner on Friday, watched the Superbowl at Brianís, and that was pretty much it. Monday is when the strangeness started. I had a busy day at work, a big fire up in Riverside county filled the air with smoke and shut down the toll road, I bent a 1 inch drill bit about 30 degrees on the drill press (for those not in the know I bent a big hunk of steel that doesnít like to be bent on a big spinning machine), I left work and my Mom called and told me that her car window went down and wonít go up at the same time I realized I had a flat tire and had to stop to change it. The mood just seems a little off. Hopefully the rest of the week goes better. Sunday, will be fun. Weíre headed up to Big Bear with a bunch of people to snowboard and pretend to celebrate my bday.

Back from DC

January 30, 2006
I love DC. That might be slightly influenced by the fact that it was only slightly balls cold this past weekend. My trip with Alex to visit Shai in DC turned out awesome. Shai is incredibly busy trying to pass law school with the genius types that he hangs out with. So Alex and I did the site seeing thing during the day and counted on Shai to show us a fun time at night. The city has too much to see in a weekend so we focused on only the major spots and skipped the museums (which I would like to see at some later date). Once we accepted the fact that we had to walk seemingly forever we stopped by the Capital, Washington Monument, White House, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Georgetown, George Washington U, and Arlington. The first night we went to a talent show in the Georgetown Law dorm. That is when I realized I needed a better back story since these kids were in a top tier law school, could sing, play instruments, were decent looking, and funny. We went to fun bars and a met a lot of different people with a lot different attitudes than California. Overall great trip highly recommended.

Lost art of land lines

January 24, 2006
My Dad went to visit my sister in San Diego this weekend and typical of both of them my sister left her cell phone in my Dadís car. Now, everyone knows that in this day and age spending even a day apart from your cell phone is like a complete disconnection from society. So, my sister calls me in a panic and gives me her house phone number (lucky that she has one). At this point I seem to have been nominated communicator because my Dad kept calling to tell me to tell my sister this and that. On one of my various calls to the house her roommate picked up the phone. I had to pause a second because I have been so conditioned to expect the person that I am calling to answer the phone. I can remember when everyone I called I had to ask, ďis so and so there?Ē Now it happens so rarely that I almost forgot what to do. This week is going to be crazy. I am going to Mexico for work until Thursday and then Thursday night I fly back just in time to catch the red eye to DC to visit Shai with Alex. Should be funÖand tiring.

Limo Ride

January 17, 2006
Itís been a whole bunch of years since I have been in a limo and Alexís GF Tish decided to have a limo ride wine tour on Sunday for her Bday. We drove out to the wineries in Temecula which is a region not well known for itís wines. It turns out the reason nobody talks about Temecula wine is because Temecula wine generally sucks. I did enjoy one Zinfandel that I tried but nothing to write home about. The party was fun though because it turns out wine has plenty of alcohol.

Back from Mexico

January 13, 2006
I got back yesterday evening from Mexicali, Mexico after visiting the plant that my company has down there. Traveling is fun because it really breaks the week up but the work just piles up while you're gone. We rented a brand new Nissan Armada to drive down there in. That is a sweet car, I can't think of any reason why I would need a car that big but it sure was fun to drive. I feel a lot healthier and except from that nasty stuff in my throat that I wake up with I feel pretty good.

Sick Sucks

January 9, 2006
It started on last Wednesday; you know the itch in the back of your throat and that yummy ball of green that appears magically in the morning when you spit in the sink. I tried to deny that it was happening. I went to work, did my usual routine. But there was no avoiding it, by Friday I was full on sick. Luckily for me (and less lucky for her) misery loves company, Amy was sick too. I tried to do the least possible this weekend in an effort to just rest and get better. That proved harder than usual since my Dad is back in town and my sister is home on break. The only thing I did get out for was a quick movie. It turned out to be not quick and not entertaining. I wanted to walk out of ďMatch Point,Ē the new Woody Allen movie, after about 15 minutes. Donít see it. Not funny, not intriguing, not a good movie.

Happy New Year

January 1, 2006
Cheese + Bread + More Cheese + Jello Shots + Chocolate + evil Poppers + Fried Cheese + lots of bottles of Champagne = good times. The party at Amy's parents house went over very well. Lots of people showed up and lots of champagne was imbibed, once Chris figured out that you don't need a corkscrew to open up the bottle. The fondue actually tasted pretty good which secretly must get to Amy due to my "just wing it" approach. We stayed up much too late and drank way to many bottles of just about everything. People seemed to have a good time and for those that can remember it (i.e not Amy) it was a good way to ring in the new year. The morning after was less fun, as the evil streamers from the poppers were all over the place as well as a lot of trash. I think we did a pretty good job of cleaning up so maybe Amy's parents might let me come back.

Over Holidays

December 27, 2005
So it turns out that four day weekends donít seem to last as long as I remember. The holiday celebrations made the weekend a busy one. I celebrated Christmas/Hanukkah at my cousinís Arnie and Pamís house and then at Amyís parents. I made out with some good gifts, a new snowboarding jacket and camelpak from Amy, things for my new house from my Mom, and some clothes from other people. Amy was very surprised when I gave her SCUBA diving lessons and invited her to go to Costa Rica. I think my sister made out the best with a new Canon SD450 digital camera that my Mom and I gave her.

Happy Holidays

December 22, 2005
So I haven't been updating the website because I have been busy moving to a new server. Everything should work now and should work also. I got to take off early today from work for a long awaited holiday weekend. Hope everyone has a good holiday and gets lots of good stuff

Happy Bday Amy

December 15, 2005
Happy Birthday to Amy who turned the big quarter century yesterday. I celebrated by getting her new snowboard boots and driving up to LA to take her to dinner (err lose my wallet and make her pay). So after that big oops I got to look forward to today, the work holiday party. They set up a big tent in the parking lot and had a free lunch along with people karakoing for prizes. Now you would think that in a big company in front of approximately 500 of your very sober coworkers they would have a hard time getting people to sing. Quite the contraryÖand there were some bad ones up there. On a side note I got the boot from hosting my website on kahuna, the school server, so if my website goes down for a couple of days in transition donít be surprised.

Hob Knob with Celebrities

December 06, 2005
Engineering can be a lot of different things, but one thing it will never be is hanging out with celebrities at cool parties. Thatís where Amy comes in. She gets me into places like the GQ Men of the Year party in Beverly Hills so I can pretend, even if just for a second, to be in with the in crowd. I took Friday off so that I could go party it up in LA Thursday night and move into my new place over the weekend. The party was awesome. I saw Lindsay Lohan, David Spade, Lance Armstrong, Sheryl Crow, Misha Barton, Nicole Richie, Carson Daily, a bunch of models, The Killerís performing, and most of the cast of Greyís Anatomy. I met T.R. (the guy who playís George on Greyís) in line at the bar. He was super nice and introduced me to the rest of the cast. I had Carson Daily (who I found out shortly after was Carson Daily) take a picture of us. I also got really really drunk and managed to do a couple of things that are a little embarrassing. After recovering it was a pretty slow weekend moving things a little bit at a time to my new place.

Back to Reality

November 28, 2005
I want to start by saying how much I enjoy 4 day weekends. I donít think enjoy is a big enough word. Get this, you can do twice as many things in 4 days as you can in 2 days! Not that I had a lot to do, but I had time to do it if doing it was what I wanted to do. My actual Thanksgiving day was not as good as it could have been since the food wasnít that great. I was looking forward to pigging out a little bit more. Amy got back in town on Saturday and we went with a whole bunch of people camping at San Clemente State Beach. We also stopped on the way to say hello to her brand new 2 day old niece. Camping was fun and so was the surfing the next day. Overall good relaxing not working time.

Almost Thanksgiving

November 21, 2005
The problem with fancy expensive restaurants is that you set your expectations high so if itís not outstanding it is kind of disappointing. Sushi Roku in Santa Monica had very average fare and the service was far less that good. However, it was a fun night going out to dinner and meeting Amyís friends for drinks. Saturday was Tish and Tracyís housewarming party. All the regular San Diego folks came and made it a pretty exciting evening. I was expecting more people but we had fun just the same.

Fancy Dinner

November 18, 2005
Iím off tonight to my favorite Friday night drive up to LA. Amyís boss gave her a whole bunch of money and told her to go out to a fancy dancy meal. Lucky for me, I date Amy and I like to eat. Tish and Tracy are having their house warming party tomorrow night so if your not already planning on going you better be there. I miss good house partyís so hopefully this one feeds the need. On a side note I found out today that ďcancelledĒ and ďcanceledĒ are both correct spellings of cancel(l)ed. That just confuses me. Amy didnít help by pointing out that ďweirdĒ is spelled weird according to that i before e thing.

I'm moving out

November 14, 2005
Since when are me and Amy the only ones that want to rally? This weekend seemed like everyone was a little bit extra lazy. The big news is that I put a deposit in for a room in Irvine. After living with Mom for a little bit over a year I decided (with some deliberation) that is was time to get a place of my own. Itís living with a random I found off that owns the place. My Dad is still in town until Tuesday so I went out to dinner with him on Friday. After dinner I met up with Amy, Tish, Alex and Tracy to go and see the movie ďWeathermanĒ with Nicholas Cage. The movie totally sucked. I think it was trying to do a dramatic indie feel thing and it turned out slow and boring. Saturday, played some tennis with Brian and Amy and then pretty much nothing. Nobody wanted to go out so we drank some Sparks at Brianís while he proceeded to fall asleep on the couch. Sunday I took Amy and my Dad to Carlsbad to meet up for lunch with my sister. So not a whole lot of new stuff happening.

Family weekend

November 07, 2005
My Dad was in town for the weekend so I tried to make it a family weekend. I planned a nice little Saturday going to the Casino Morongo (my Dadís a gambler), and then heading up to Idyllwild. My company has a few cabins up in the mountains of Idyllwild that they let the employeeís use for free. Unfortunately, my sister got sick and couldnít go. My Dad and I made the best of it though and we had a pretty good time. Now heís back off to Florida but it looks like heís thinking about moving back to California. Something about hurricanes.

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2005
I love Halloween because you get to dress up like whatever you want and not be a weirdo. I decided to be legoman, not a man with legoís attached to him but the actual man that came with the legoís. Friday night was not Halloween related. I took Amy out on a date. This might not sound like something out of the ordinary but we donít go on many official dates. We went to a nice Italian food place and got a good meal with a good bottle of wine (we paid the corkage thanks Conrad). Saturday was legomanís big day. Amy didnít have a costume so we went shopping around to get her a sexy baseball player outfit. Even thought Amy didnít want to conform she went along with my theory that every girl should just be a sexy fill in the blank for Halloween. Ross didnít have a costume either so we went to Toys R Us and got him the prettiest fairy fairy princess outfit you have ever seen. Brian Drieland had the party and besides spilling beer on my own head (how the hell do you spill beer on your own head!) it was a fun, debaucherous time. Sunday we recovered with a nice brunch and a lot of sitting on the couch. What did you people doÖleave a comment?

Somebody's got a case of the mondays

October 24, 2005
Weekend recap: Went drinking with Chris and Amy at BJís, slept in, ate, ate again, drank some more with Alex, Kenji, Tish, Amy, Brian, Tracy, Darcy at a dive in Corona Del Mar, slept in again, played tennis, ate.

Sad Monday

October 17, 2005
I almost forgot to wear a tie to work today. My coworkers and I went to the funeral for Tom Ghostley, a coworker who passed away last weekend. He worked for Kwikset for 42 years and today would have been his first day of retirement. That wasnít the only thing that made the last week interesting. Thursday was Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement, so I missed work to fast and go to temple. When I got home I figured I would fix the tub spout that had gotten loose and avoid thinking about being hungry. Friday I found out that I had done something wrong as I walked downstairs and saw water dripping from the ceiling. The Angels did their part to make the weekend a little less upbeat but Amy handled it well considering. Jon has some good news so email him for the scoop. The rain brought snow to Big Bear so looks like snow season is starting early this year.

Lazy weeekend

October 10, 2005
Today was a hard Monday to wake up on. Not because I didnít sleep, quite the opposite. I slept from 11:30 on Saturday to 11:30 on Sunday. Thatís a solid, well deservered, 12 hours. For the first time in a long time I had a not so active weekend. We went Friday night to Knottís Scary Farm to celebrate Rossís bday. There were too many people but it was still a lot of fun going through mazes and watching Amy yell ďI see youĒ whenever she saw a monster. Saturday was the Bat Mitzvah of my cousin Amanda so we went to temple in the morning and then the party that night. Amy had a really good time for her first Bat Mitzvah. Sunday I finally got to get in the water and go surfing again with Alex. A nice sushi dinner with everyone finished the weekend off nice.

Ready go, stop, go home

October 3, 2005
So if you were wondering how many things it's possible to cram into a weekend I think Amy and I found out. Friday we left work early to hop on a plane to San Jose to spend the weekend up North with Jon and Conrad. Conrad picked us up from the airport and Jon (still hungover) trucked his way down to Palo Alto. We met up with Conrad's GF Diana and got some food before heading to the Nut House and drinking too much for the night that we weren't supposed to drink too much. Somebody kept buying shots and we kept taking them. Diana won (or lost) by puking on Conrad's new bed. The next morning we crawled out to go to Monterey and have lunch and visit the aquarium (which was pretty sweet). It was also Brent's bday so we celebrated by having a bbq at Conrads and baking him a cake...along with drinking...again. Sunday, Brent organized a bunch of his friends to go go-cart racing. Not that sissy go-cart racing but the 30mph kick ass go-cart racing. It was way too much fun and Amy and Brent and I all won races. As if there weren't enough already Conrad took me and apprehensive Amy up in his plane around Palo Alto to finish us off. I'm tired and exited that tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and I get to miss work to go to temple. Lashana Tovah.

Lazy ohh so lazy

September 27, 2005
So I have been very very lazy these last couple of weeks. I did not upload the recent pictures or post an entry until...well today. The happenings have been going on as usual. The latest news, if you havent heard already, is that Amy (as suspected) totally kicked my butt in the 5k. She finished almost 2 minutes faster than me! I did just ok finishing 27:43 or 8:55 per mile. Besides that work is busy, life is going well, and Bush still sucks at running the country. Ohh and just for the record always double down on 11.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my

September 19, 2005
So Chris officially became an old fart on Sunday (the big 25) so off we went to San Diego to celebrate. Chris and Paige have exactly the same bday so they threw a party for themselves on the beach complete with BBQ and keg. San Diego beaches are no fun at all for drinking and surfing and enjoying the sun. After all that not fun eating burritos and hanging out with everyone including Anson (just back from Africa) and Nadine (our new German friend) we went out to PB Bar and Grill. Sunday we decided it would be fun to check out the zoo so Ross, Nadine, Amy, my sister, and I all checked out the crazy animals, but no polar bears.

Sitting on the couch all day

September 12, 2005
I finally did a weekend of almost nothing and it was about time. It was an LA weekend since Amy comes to the OC almost always. We watched the US Open and played some tennis, ate lots, and sat on the couch. We did manage to rally and convince Chris and Brian to come up to LA and go out to celebrate Mo Jassim's bday with Tim and Nancy at a random club in Santa Monica. Besides all that I bought tickets to go and visit Jon and Conrad up in the Bay at the end of the month. Amy is excited because it's a plane ride, apparently that's a big relationship step (who knew?).

Back from Catalina

September 6, 2005
The three day weekend didn't seem to be any longer than usual. Probably because instead of vacationing like normal people we go and do all kinds of active stuff. This weekend was a Catalina summer trip with lots of volleyball, scuba diving, and a fair amount of eating and drinking. Highlights include: Fubar (or some version of it), Brian's karaoke to "She Hates Me" to finish his pining, and me quite possibly breaking my toe in volleyball. However, I decided that I don't have a broken toe since I still have to train to beat Amy in the 5k later this month.

Kobe Bryant is stalking me

August 30, 2005
I saw Kobe again in Newport driving his blacked out Range Rover with his wife. I got a picture this time but it's not the greatest. Amy got mad because she said it's cooler to act sly when your around celebs, it's the LA cool thing to do. The weekends seem to be over in a blink. I don't really think I got anything done except eating. I'm good at that.

Not enough sleep

August 24, 2005
The GQ party last night was awesome (view all the pictures). I showed up with Amy's friends Jen and Jen a little late to the Television and Radio Museum in Beverly Hills. The line was out of control long but luckily I knew the person at the door (read Amy) so we walked right up to the front of the line and went in. It didn't seem like anything too out of the ordinary, just a cocktail party with free booze and a bunch of scenesters. The drinks were strong and the bar wait was long but it was a cool place to have a party and it got really crowded really fast. Amy didn't get to come upstairs until the very end because the fire marshall stopped letting people upstairs. We met a few celebritys. The ones we recognized were some guys from Desperate Housewives (I had no clue who they were) and the coolest was the guy that played Dean Prichard in Old School. I was totally bummed though when I found out the picture that some guy took for us came out totally blurry! It was a good time until the alarm clock went off at 5:30am and I had to get up to drive from LA to work.

Badminton rocks

August 23, 2005
Friday night those of us who made it out got to check out the world's finest cock play, shuttlecock that is. The suite at the Pond for the world championship badminton kicked butt and Brian, Amy, Tim and I got to check it out. Saturday was pretty uneventful except our Kobi Bryant sighting in Newport Coast. Tonight should be celeb happy too, I get to go strut my stuff at the GQ party that Amy's company is throwing up in LA. I hope I get some good pictures.

Mexico surfing

August 15, 2005
It was supposed to be low key weekend relaxing but Alex had to call and invite me to go down to Baja and go surfing/camping at K58. Amy, as many of you know, is known for saying things such as, "camping is like staying at a Holiday Inn right?" So the prospect of sleeping on the ground in Mexico took some convincing. It ended up being a lot of fun even though the weather didn't really help too much. We got to hang out with the two Italian kids that are staying with Alex's family on an exchange program, surf a bunch, and eat good food. As long as I don't hear any Mariachi bands for a while I'm good.

Good times with old Friends

August 8, 2005
It only took a couple of hours after Jon and Conrad arrived in Orange County before one too many saki bombs were had. I really only had two plans for their arrival: Drink lots, and go to SD. Fortunately we accomplished both. Friday night was one big drunken debauchery starting at sushi, culminating at 3thirty3, and finishing at Brian's apartment. The next morning was a tough recovery that led to the demise of the contents of two stomachs. Saturday was the trip to SD and a weak attempt at a rally in PB Bar and Grill. Overall good times and a special thanks to Amy for driving our drunk asses around. Today I traveled all day and I have to wake up too soon to go to meetings here in Grand Rapids, MI

hanging with the Pop's and 2 years later

August 2, 2005
I spent the week hanging out with my Dad as much as possible. He ended up extending his stay a little because of an infection that he got on a cut on his leg. It ended up being a pretty busy schedule. I went with my sister to Malibu to meet him for dinner (a 3 hour drive during rush hour), hung out with him after work, and went out Saturday and Sunday. On top of that my Aunt had an 80th bday party and cousins, uncles, and aunt's met up to celebrate on Saturday. Amy was up North on vacation with her friends for the weekend so I drove up on Sunday to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Now I can't give Amy any crap when she says that we've been dating for 2 years.

Happy bday Alex

July 26, 2005
Today is Alex's bday but we celebrated a little early. Alex's new GF Tish surprised him by taking him skydiving on Sunday and having everyone meet up for dinner. Skydiving didn't work out because of weather but he looked pretty surprised when he walked into the restaurant. The Angel game was fun and we didn't get too cooked until we lost the shade around the 7th inning. I also saw the Wedding Crashers and laughed almost the whole time. I really like Vince Vaughn and he plays almost the same character as he did in "Swingers." On top of all that my Dad came in almost direct from Argentina to visit and clear up all that legal mumbo jumbo that he's going through.

It's the weekend

July 22, 2005
It looks like it's going to be a nice hot weekend. My Dad got back from Argentina this week and true to his style he has no idea when he is coming to visit California. Not that I am much of a planner myself but it would be nice if he let me know so I could make sure and be around that weekend. This coming Sunday Amy's parent's gave us Angel tickets so we can bake in the sun and watch the Angels beat the Yankees...hopefully.

Why the Marine Layer?

July 19, 2005
The weekend seemed to start a little early with Brianís birthday celebration late Thursday evening. We went to the snobbiest, most trendy bar in Newport so we totally fit inÖor not. However, I actually ended up having a good time. They had good booths and pillows and the drink prices werenít too outrageous. I even hit on a 30 something until Brian came in and swooped, I didnít care too much though. The rest of the weekend was hanging out with Amy and going to the beach surfing. I also looked for an apartment with Tim but it is going to be hard to find a place that I want to live and in everyoneís price range.

116į isn't too bad

July 11, 2005
We took our time getting back from Laughlin yesterday. I decided that although the Lauglin trip is good times it's just too far of a drive for a weekend trip. I left straight from work and caught a ride with Tim to Laughlin on Friday and we arrived at around 11. I gambled a little and actually ended winning, it was only $20 but hey thats better than usual. Saturday we got to the very crowded lake around noon and waited a lot. We waited to launch the boat and then we waited some more for the first group of people to find a spot and come back and get the rest of us (there wasn't enough room on the boat). The rest of the day was spent sitting in the water and drinking beer. It's hard to drink a lot of beer when it's real hot outside. That night I gambled some more, and lost of course, then went to bed to drive home the next day. It would have been better if we had more boats or less people. It was nice getting to spend time with everyone and 116į isn't too hot as long as your butt is in a 70į lake.

Wow I'm Tired

July 8, 2005
It's finally Friday after a short week that didn't seem like one. I never really caught up on the sleep that I missed out on over the weekend. This weekend won't help very much either. I am headed out to meet up with Chris and Ross and a bunch on others in Laughlin. Good thing it's only 112į out, I thought it was going to be really hot. Next week it's going to be 125į. I am pretty pissed off at my knee doctor, Dr. Rottermann. I have called him for two weeks and left 7 messages (I counted) and he has not returned any of them. All I want to ask him is if I should get an MRI so that I can save myself from having to make 2 visits. We won our softball game last night and I still suck at softball.

Long Weekends are Too Short

July 5, 2005
Happy 4th of July a day late to everybody. The weekend was supposed to be longer but that just means that I have time to do more things to make it feel shorter. I somehow managed to get to LA, Catalina, and spend 2 days on different Laguna beaches in one long weekend. Catalina was beautiful as usual, and Amy got a chance to gloat in the fact that she is no longer the girliest girl in our group thanks to Alex's new GF Tish. Sunday was Bridgette beach birthday day at her Dad's beach house in El Moro and it wasn't a beautiful day but lots of fun, drinking, bars, just the same. The 4th we were lucky enought to go to the ritzy 3 Arch Bay in Laguna and watch the fireworks being shot from the barge they float in. I have lots of good pictures to check out of the good times.

New Car

June 27, 2005
Got to hang out up at UCLA on Friday with Amy. Then drive right back down to the OC to go to my cousin Danielle's belated graduation party. Tracy came back from Sweeden after being gone for a year so I caught a denride up with Alex on Sunday to go back to LA for a welcome back dinner. Sunday Alex decided to be practical and buy a brand new GMC Yukon. It's really nice, but I don't know how practical it is. Good thing he doesn't pay rent.

Pukers! Finally

June 20, 2005
Finally after a long drought of just average binge drinking session's the day of puke pictures have returned. Nate and Brian threw a surprise bday bash for Kenji, who was very surprised. Fortunately the beer to people ratio was way off in the good direction and we were just the group of people to take full advantage. Other than a great party the weekend also had its share of great beach days, overall...winner - too bad for Mondays

Crazy people

June 17, 2005
I got back yesterday a little tired from my business trip in Tucson, AZ. We took the flight through Vegas and got in at about 2:30pm, just early enough to not completely blow off the rest of the day. I was planning on ditching out on my softball game that night but they called and told me they were short so I went anyways. I showed up to the field a little bit early and started walking towards the dugout. Meanwhile, there was some guy in a lifted Tacoma with mudders and ugly white fiberglass fenders talking to his buddy on a service road next to the field. He decided that he was going to do a doughnut in left field and takes off at about 25mph turns it hard and immediately rolls his truck 1.5 times landing on the drivers door. I ran over to see if the guy was ok and he popped out of the passenger window pretty messed up. It looks like he broke his collar bone and cut up from the broken glass. The truck got destroyed, the roof caved in about 3/4 of its original height and the spare tire that was in the bed ended up under the driver's window pushing it up into the driver. The guy could have easily died. The truck was still running and started to smoke up so I climbed in to turn off the key and ended up cutting my elbow a little on some broken glass. It made the softball game a little more interesting playing with the cops and tow truck in left, it was a double if you hit any of the cars.

I got an owwie, and Bush still sucks

June 10, 2005
I had my third softball game of the season last night and we lost. We lost our first game too but that wasn't so bad since they destroyed us. Last night we lost in the last inning with 2 outs. I am still not very good at softball but I think I'm getting better. I still make oopsies like getting too far off base on a pop up to left and having to slide (very ungracefully cutting up my hand) back to first. Not having cleats doesn't help very much either. Tonight I'm headed up to LA where I probablly won't catch up on all the sleep that I've been missing. What happened to 10 am classes? It really bothers me when I see blatent propaganda and politicians playing to emotions and fears. Bush is really good at pissing me off in this exact way. In my opinion one of the worst pieces of legislation, although there are many top runners, is the USA Patriot act. The ONLY way that it was ever passed was on pure emotion and fear. It was signed into law in just more than a month after September 11th. So it is up for renewal and Bush, like the idiot he is, has said things like "It doesn't make any sense to me, that if something is working, why should it expire" and we must renew on behalf of those "on the front line." (source AP) I wonder if he has ever read the bill.

I'm not lazy

June 6, 2005
Sure I rather sit on my butt and fall asleep at 9 watching the tube but does this make me lazy? Probably. I managed to end the short week that went way too long by a weekend that went too short and got almost nothing done. I still don't think it's fair that the nice days happen during the week and the cloudy ones show up on the weekends. That and I need to make more of an effort to go to sleep early on the weekdays so I don't do the fall asleep at 9 on a Saturday thing. Sunday was sort of productive, I went to see Cinderella Man and the BBQ at Brians but it was a little bit of too little too late.

Who needs Catalina?

June 1, 2005
So as planned instead of going to Catalina I wend down to San Diego to hang out with Amy at her sisters graduation. Luckily, it worked out that we needed a place to stay and Ross needed somebody to watch his cat. San Diego turn's out to be fun even if everyone is away. Hanging out on the beach (even when there are no waves) is still fun. My Dad got into town on Sunday night from Vegas and we hung out and bbq'd on Monday with my sister and Amy. I got the low down on Catalina and it sounded like fun until Chris's girl he brought puked on Paige (hence FINALLY a last puke!).

Congrats to the Grads

May 24, 2005
So while Amy was away visiting her friend in Chicago, I headed down to San Diego to celebrate Chris's graduation. He decided to walk even though he really graduated like 6 months ago. I hadn't planned on going to the ceremony since they are long and boring but Ross dragged me along to keep him company. It was as I suspected but we walked around campus afterwards and got to see all the construction that had finished since I left (including the trolley station). After we went down to Mission Bay and bbq'd and hung out with all the grads friends and family. I'm kinda bummed this coming weekend almost everybody is going to Catalina for Memorial Day but I can't go because I promised Amy I would go to her sister's graduation and my Dad is coming in from Florida.

Wish I was surfing

May 16, 2005
The beach was so great this weekend. I went with Amy on Saturday and Sunday and we spent our time lounging in the sand. I took my surfboard with me on Sunday and got pummeled pretty good, but it was good times. Today at work was all meetings and I didn't have a chance to do any work on my project due Wednesday so it will be a late night tomorrow.

Home again

May 12, 2005
I got home last night from my business trip. Since we booked our flight so late we had to take a flight through Phoenix. The trip back was much more pleasurable since I didn't get stuck in the middle seat last row in the plane like on the way there. I had a chance last night to upload some pictures of the plant in Texas and the weekend in Laughlin. The week sure went fast mostly because I think I had the most productive business trip as of yet.

Back in Texas

May 10, 2005
I'm back in Texas working on the new latch that I am designing and doing material supplier cost takeout sessions. Today we met with the brass supplier and afterwards met up for dinner at this awesome restaurant on Lake Texoma, a GIANT lake in north Texas. The best part was it was all payed for including all the drinks you could put down and dessert. The manager for the sourcing group is ex-Navy and super funny even before the drinks. It made for a fun dinner and a good end of the day in Texas.

Little website redo

May 5, 2005
update: I just realized that its 05/05/05 today! how cool is that. After largely ignoring my website since I got a job, I decided last night to do a little sprucing up. Amy is stressing out today because she has a celebrity poker event that she is helping to organize up in LA. She gets to meet Jon Favreau, the director/actor/writer of one of the greatest movies ever, Swingers. There are a bunch of other celebrities too but I don't really care too much about them.

Going to Laughlin

May 3, 2005
Work has been keeping me super busy redesigning the deadbolt latch for Kwikset and Weiser locks. It didn't sound like that much of a pain in the butt, but there are a bunch of hoops to jump through to get things done. They are sending me to Dallas again on Monday to work with the tooling engineer and learn more about stampings. I can't wait for this weekend, we are going to Laughlin to drink, gamble, and ride in boats...all things I like too much.

Denison, Texas

April 26, 2005
I am writting from Dallas, TX this evening. I am here for a material supplier brainstorming at our plant in Denison, TX. We finished at about 5 and drove to Dallas to stay by the airport and catch a plane early tommorrow morning. We had some time to kill so we went to downtown and checked out the street where JFK was shot. Today was a good business travel day. The weekend was fun too, hanging out with Amy in the OC and having two good Passover seder's to start off the week of Passover.

April 18, 2005
Ever since the website went down I have become less enthused with updating. That and the fact that I'm working full time which equals not too much new going on. Today I worked is not a very interesting tibit of the day. Ross and Chris bought a boat and they spent the weekend on the bay and fishing in the lake. I will have to get my lazy butt down there to enjoy all the fun. I had an active weekend in LA, we went hiking in Pacific Palisades and skateboarding on the beach.

April 15, 2005
So I am back online, sorta. I got back last night a little late after a delay in Tuscon caused us to miss our connection in Phoenix. I spent some time when I got back home getting my website back up after the crash. The really bad news is that I had no backups of any pictures that were on my website. Not to say that the pictures are gone because I still have most of the originals on my computer at home but when I uploaded them to my website I resized and renamed everything. So now I need to go through all the pictures and find the 400+ to re-upload. I'm sure that I will miss some ohh well.

April 10, 2005
So I finally got around to calling Chris Paolini the admin for the attila server at school that my website is hosted on. They had a power outage and the server had to shut down. When it came back up 2 of the raid 5 drives crashed. If you know about raid 5 you can only lose 1 drive without losing data. So all mechanical and aerospace students lost their data. I should have backups of almost everything, but I am sure that they are not as organized as they should be so it might take some work to get everything back up and working. I am going away on business this week so hopefully I will get a chance to fix it by next week.

March 25, 2005
I got off work for Good Friday. It's nice the second week of a new job already getting a paid holiday, and a holiday that I don't even believe in at that. I found out that they are sending my on a business trip to Tuscon and Nogales, Mexico to visit our plant down there. Even though it won't be a real vaccation it still feels like one, and they are going to pay for the whole thing so I will be eating out well.

March 21, 2005
I finished my first week and I actually made it every day in the morning. I decided that school was much easier to get up for since I could just sleep in class if I got tired. I went down to SD with Amy to hang out with some of the people and visit my sister (happy birthday to her). I got to see Chris, Ross, Nader, Sara ex-Rashkin, and eat lots of Mexican food so it was a good trip. Enter into week 2 and off to a lot more weeks like it.

March 15, 2005
It's day 2 of my new job at Black and Decker and so far so good. I only have gotten a taste of what I will be doing so I am sure that there will be lots and lots more to learn. Not that I don't need to learn right now because I don't really know how to do anything as of yet. My boss who hired me has only been in about an hour since I started since her husband fell off a ladder and is now in the hospital. That has made things a bit more dificult since I don't really have her guidance. I also gave blood and they gave me a free ice cream cone.

March 13, 2005
We got off the plane a few hours ago from our trip up to San Francisco for my cousin Geoffery's Bar Mitzvah. Pretty much the whole family on my Mom's side went up to celebrate. Geoff did a great job in temple and the party was amazing. The room was on the 32nd floor of the Westin SF overlooking Union Square. Jon and Conrad came out to hang out with me on Friday night and we drank a few beers and talked about random stuff as usual. Saturday was the temple ceremony in the morning and party at night. Today the family got to hang out at the house and play with the cool remote control plane that I got for Geoff, until he flew it into the tree across the street. But all was ok because the nice neighbors let me stand in their yard and throw dirt clods at it until I miraculously hit it and it fell out.

March 7, 2005
Just got back yesterday from a sweet weekend in Mammoth. The snow was awesome and the price was even better (Amy's parent's paid for everything!). I am really enjoying this time before I have to work a full time job. This week it's more chill stuff until I go to San Francisco for my cousins Bar Mitzvah. Maybe all this fun vacation stuff will make it harder to go to work.

March 1, 2005
I Did a lot of driving this weekend. I went up to LA on Friday to visit with Amy but I wanted to come back on Saturday to take a look at my offer letter (it came) and go with Ross to NASCAR at the California Speedway in, as Amy likes to call it, Fontucky on Sunday. NASCAR was a lot of fun but the train that we took to avoid traffic ended up taking way too long, I think I could have biked home faster. Sunday night I drove Amy back up to LA where I was no fun and fell asleep right away, I guess the long day at NASCAR tired me out.

February 25, 2005
So for those of you that haven't already heard I finally got a job. Or more like accepted a job offer from Black and Decker. I am really excited to start working and they told me that I would be starting on MMarch 14th. It was a little difficult deciding between the two companies that made me offers, but I decided that Black and Decker would be the best bet for my future. On a side note I went snowboarding again yesterday and the conditions were awesome!

February 21, 2005
For those who don't know after not getting any offers in a lot of weeks I managed to get almost two in one week (the almost is if I get another offer tomorrow). So after a few days of freaking myself out over the whole job thing (a big thank you to Jon and Conrad for helping me calm down) I headed up to Arrowhead for a weekend up at Alex's grandparents cabin. We cruised up late Friday night with Amy, Alex, Ross, and myself and met up with Josh at the 7/11 nearby. Saturday it snowed/rained all day and me and Amy hung out at the cabin while the other guys went snowboarding. Saturday night a whole bunch more people showed up, 13 in all, and hung out at the cabin. Most of us went snowboarding Sunday and getting up there wasn't so bad thanks to Josh's 4 wheel drive (sooo much better than chains!). Amy did well except for the crying part and nobody got hurt so it was a good day. Most people left but some of us stuck around the cabin and drove down the mountain today. Tomorrow another interview with Black and Decker and back to these big life decisions that need to be made.

February 16, 2005
Happy day after birthday to me!!! Since coming back from Florida I have had two job interviews that look promising, Valentines, and my birthday. I hope things work out for the best. Last night I went out to a good birthday dinner and then bowling with Alex, Amy, Brian and Chris so it was a good evening.

February 11, 2005
Back from Florida, our plane got in around 9:30am local today. Florida was a lot of fun and the week went by soooo fast. I got to do everything that I set out to do so that was good. This week should be interesting, my bday, Valentines, 2 different job interviews, get a new license at the DMV (I forgot to renew it, oops), and Amy's taking a day off of work to hang out with me. Ohh and just in case anybody forgot California is way cooler than Florida.

February 11, 2005
Florida has been pretty cool so far. The trip has gone really quickly. After we got used to the time change we headed down south to the Everglades and Key Largo. The Everglades as far as I can tell are a big giant swamp with lots of alligators and birds, cool stuff basically. Key Largo isn't much of a town but the weather is rad and they have lots of beaches (no waves though). Food was good there but the fishing left something to be desired (I caught one fish, a small one). Now were back in Aventura and Steph Sapak just called so maybe we'll meet up with her tonight.

February 7, 2005
Hey I arrived in Florida this morning way too early. My sister and I took the red eye after the superbowl to come and visit my Dad for the week. This week was pretty busy, Alex came back from Chile so I went with him down to SD to hang out with everyone over at Bridgette's house and go out to bars. Saturday I had my boat dive in Catalina so I am now officially a certified SCUBA diver. The dive was rad, way better than the visibility on our beach dives. I actually saw things like fish and lobster and a whole lot more than just sand. Brian's superbowl party on Sunday had a good showing and I won the bet I had with Amy (I took the points) so she gets to take me out. Tommorow I think we are headed to Key Largo so it should be fun.

February 1, 2005
It's a Tuesday and exciting, well less than exciting. Last night Jon's friends from up north Casey and Kevin gave me a call, they were in town for a business meeting. Went out to some bar in Anaheim that was pretty dead but had $1 drinks so it wasn't so bad. Went SCUBA diving this weekend with Tim in Little Corona. We had leftover air in our tanks from our beach dive so we decided to make use of it. The visibility was terrible but we had fun anyways. Amy was waiting for us on the beach and she though we died.

January 27, 2005
Today I am a temp again. Not too bad doing filing and clerical work. I booked my tickets to Florida to visit my Dad with my sister on Feb 7-13. Went to my cousin Mike's concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim last night. It was a cool show and I got a lot of great pictures that I will upload later today. I've been talking with this headhunter lady in San Diego about a job and she called today asking what my salary range is. I told her that the average entry level salary acording to for San Diego was around 54k. She sounded very surprised and told me that maybe for a masters but she thought it was closer to 40k with a bachelors degree. I have friends that are curently working as ME in San Diego and they all are making over 50k so I don't know what she is talking about but I told her to let the company know. We'll see what happens.

January 24, 2005
Went up to LA on Friday for Amy and her roommates wine and cheese party. I had given up cheese for a while after I realized that I was eating it like every meal, but for the party I cheated a bit. I had a scuba class the next morning at 7am diving in Laguna Beach so to drunk Amy's dismay I left around 12:30ish to head back to the OC. The dive was rad except the rains and storms left the water with about 6 feet of visability (which really sucks). I hadn't planned on it but I drove back up to LA anyways to hang out Sunday and watch football. In the middle of the games we went out for "Sunday fun day" with a bunch of Amy's friends to putt putt and batting cages. I kicked everyone's butt in putt putt and then we went to hit a few baseballs. So this gnarly chick is hitting 80mph fast balls in the cages but I'm not really paying too much attention until she come out with her nipples out of control. Still oblivious somebody says hey is that Sharon Stone, which of course it is. So I snaped a few pictures of her walking away. Too bad I didn't get some of her batting...I prob could have sold them to a tabloid.

January 21, 2005
Had another interview yesterday at some pnemantics company in Irvine. I am sick of this whole job finding process. Look for a day and send out 15-20 resumes, hear nothing, repeat, get a call back at the most obscure company that you don't even remeber applying for. Why don't the big companies ever call back? Doesn't make much sense to me the whole process.

January 18, 2005
The long weekends are nice. Although I guess I have had some really long weekends lately :) Siemens called me again to interview this week. It's kinda weird that after not hiring me they call me to interview for the same position again. I also have another interview set up for later this week. So I guess you can say things are picking up. I started doing my pool dives for the SCUBA class that I am taking. It's a strange feeling breathing underwater and so far I am really enjoying myself. I can't wait to get in the ocean. Ohh yeah and I went snowboarding with Ross and Ryan this past Friday in Big Bear. Snow was just ok but we had a great time anyway.

January 11, 2005
Had a fun weekend up in LA. Althought the rain was kind of a downer we managed to actually do some fun stuff. We went to the LA auto show and saw some rad cars including the brand new Mercedes C55 AMG (my car with a 5.5 V8!) My cousin Mike had a show with his band up in LA and so a bunch of friends and family went up to watch him perform. Today's news is Anson got called up to active duty in the US Marine Corps and is reporting to duty. Their sending him to North Africa for peacekeeping for a year. At least it's not Iraq. Best of luck to him.

January 7, 2005
So although it sounds a little bit shady I went ahead and signed up at I read on wired that it works so I thought I would give it a try. You basically have to sign up for one of their offers and get 5 friends to do the same through your link. I did the blockbuster online one and it didn't cost anything and I got credit and 3 free movie rentals (although I had to wait a week for the credit to show up). So if you feel up to in sign up through this link to get credit for me too. Ohh and I heard they spam so set up a free email address first. Ohh and make sure you click no to the first offers until you get to the page that says, now complete an offer.

January 6, 2005
This week has been pretty low key compared to before the holidays. Everyone is back at school or work so things are a lot less exciting. Add a week of rainy weather and as you can imagine I am getting pretty bored. I called the temp agency but they didn't have any jobs for me, I guess they have slowed down as well. This weekend should be fun though. I am going to LA tonight to hang with Amy and then we are going to the LA autoshow on Sat and my cousin Mike's concert on Sunday. I finally go around to registering a domain name so finally it will be easy to get to my website.

January 1, 2005
Well Happy Happy New Years to everyone. Went down to San Diego and partied in a hotel room, a pedi-cab and the Yard House. Saw lots of people I know and lots of people I don't know. I also saw three really random people, including Jon's ex-girlfriend - yikes! Amy had entirely too much to drink and ended up feeding me chicken. That poultry, combined with two plates of nacho's, onion rings, french fries and lots of beer made me feel really good - but everyone else in the hotel room wasn't too happy when I farted really loudly and woke them all up. This 2005 is off to a great start. (this is Jason's story as told by Ms. Amy Lovin).

December 26, 2004
So for a Jew I would say that I had a pretty good Christmas. But I guess that's part of the benifit of dating a goy. I went to Church Christmas eve with Amy and her family and then out to Goathill tavern since they were the only place open in town. Christmas day I went and hung out at Amy's house and her family came over. She gave me a really rad Sector 9 skateboard and I got her the car kit for her new iPOD that her parents gave her. I also got some good stuff from her family so that was cool.

December 24, 2004
It's nice around the holidays everyone who doesn't live around here anymore comes back into town and can hang out. Happy Xmas eve to all you people out there that celebrate that sort of thing. I think I am gonna go snowboarding tommorow if the conditions are right. I want an Enzo!!! kinda

December 22, 2004
Went out last night with Shai, Julie, Ryan and Brian to Newport. I saw my first Enzo in real life....thats a nice ass car

December 20, 2004
Went to LA this weekend to hang with Amy and go to a party at her friends house. Nader stopped by on his way to San Jose to go out with us. Recovered Saturday and not too much on Sunday except Marissa's car got towed in the same spot that Amy parked the night before...oops.

December 16, 2004
Happy Bday to Amy, well on the 14th at least. I went up to LA and surprised Amy with an early visit and a necklace that she really liked. This weekend she is celebrating by going out. I got called by a recruiter to interview in Carson for a job yesterday so I had to drive back from LA, right past Carson, to change and get ready to drive back and interview. Downtown San Diego is for sure on New Years so if your in town you better hang out.

December 13, 2004
So tonight will be the 7th night of Hanukkah and I have gotten some cool presents so far. My Mom went nuts at home depot and got me all kinds of new hand tools. Amy's Mom got me a 3 1/2 foot box of cookies, and Amy got me a pencil, some slippers, a picture, and Shrek 2 dvd. This weekend was my uncle's holiday party and it was good times mingling and taking advantage of the open bar. On the way home from the party I gave this guy Andrew a ride home. He scared the death out of some poor lady by knocking on her car window at a red light with my giant box of cookies.

December 8, 2004
Happy Hanukkah! Last night was full of latkes (potato pancakes) and cookies. I got my first present from my Mom, a new screwdriver set and she really liked the watch that I gave her. Today I'm going to the mall to get some more gifts and otherwise being lazy.

December 6, 2004
This weekend I played with my new digicam. I know I know you are all shocked that I actually picked one out and bought it. It was probably the most indecisive decision that I can remember ever indeciding. But alas it it bought and used. Another low key weekend mostly because surprisingly although I have no job other people who work are tired on the weekends. I find it quite shocking as well. The rainy weather didn't help motivate either.

December 1, 2004
I made the day productive by helping out my Grandma and Grandpa do a few things that needed to get done around the house. Not hard thing, just stuff they have gotten too old to bother with. Tomorrow is an interesting day. I am taking my Mom to the doctor in the morning to get a colonoscopy. For those of you who don't know that involves a long tube being shoved up your butt with a doctor on the other end checking the specs. After that I am meeting with Siemens for a second interview with the "Southern California Installation Manager responsible for all the supervisors, engineers, and field technicians in Los Angeles." It sounds like an impressive title so hopefully they will make me an offer. I could use the money.

November 28, 2004
Last night proved to be a lot of drama. Amy and I were hanging out and went over to Brians to meet up with him, Shai, and Ryan Domrese. We left to go visit Amy's friends at Yardhouse and everyone else went over to the goat. After a bit we went to the goat to meet up with everyone and Ryan was really drunk. He kissed me on the head when I got there. After a while we decided to leave and couldn't find Ryan to give him a ride. We called his phone like a million times but he just hung up wouldn't tell us where he was. We drove around looking for him but he was nowhere to be found. Today I hear he walked back to Brian's, which is a 10 minute drive, broke a picture frame, and drove off back to LA. His away message is pretty clear. "seeing my ex and one of my so called best friends snuggle in the backseat of a cab is always a nice feeling...the feeling that you people don't seem to care that i made a 5 mile trek from goat hill"

November 26, 2004
Happy day after turkey day. I did my part today by lounging around and eating leftovers. I stayed away from the malls which were supposed to have been crazy, but I can't say first hand. I had the chance to go up snowboarding today with my friend Tim but I decided that I would let my knee heal up all the way before I went up again. So overall a lazy day.

November 23, 2004
I got called in to do an interview at a company in Irvine this morning. So I went and it turns out that they are an importing company and the only other engineer that they have is in Taiwan. The job would be for reading drawings and figuring out problems for faucets. I told the guy that I just wasn't interested. I might be getting a little elitist.

November 22, 2004
Had a great weekend in SD. It was really busy, me and Amy went down Friday night and met up with Bridgette at Gringo's where I got nice and tipsy and then crashed at Amy's sister's house. Saturday we helped Ross move some of his stuff, played putt putt, met up with Nader at Pat and Oscars, and went out with Bridgette downtown. Sunday was coming back day and we saw National Treasure (which was ok to pretty good), visited Sara exRashkin, and came back home. I guess Chris and Amy got a rare snow storm while out dirt biking so I put up the pictures, looks fun.

November 18, 2004
Today I was a receptionist. I spent my day answerring phones and writing rejection letters to people who applied for the job that I was temping for and a few other jobs they had posted. Apparently Scott Peterson didn't have what it takes because he will be getting a rejection letter from me very soon. I am excited for this weekend and getting to see everyone from San Diego. Ohh yeah and for those of you who don't know yet Amy Glassett is engaged to be married, congrats to her.

November 17, 2004
So this morning was the interview at Siemens. I got there early, everything went well, and the job that I was interviewing for sounds interesting. As I was driving home I got a call from the recruiter that flaked on me last week to do an interview at 3. So I went to the second interview and that went less well. I took it as a a bad sign when the guy interviewing me looked at my resume and asked, "So is this all the experience that you have?" The rest of the week should be equally exciting as I return to temping. Tommorow I am a receptionist....without boobs...well maybe little ones.

November 16, 2004
I Did a half day today at Big Bear with my cousin Mike. There's not too much snow up there but it was fun anyways. I ate crap on a rail and kinda busted my knee and it's a but swollen but doesn't hurt too bad. Tommorow I have my job interview at Siemens.

November 11, 2004
This week has been busy going out to dinner. Since last friday I have only had dinner at home one time. The reason for my sudden popularity is my Dad is in town and my Mom had her Bday yesterday. This weekend my Sister, my Dad and I went to Palm Desert and spent the weekend at the HoJo. We have been trying to convince my Dad to move back to California. We also took my Mom to Bennihana last night for her Bday. Its easy to spend lots of time doing nothing.

November 4, 2004
Just because I don't have a digi doesn't mean no new pics! Here are a few to wet your whistle. Be sure to check out the bride and groom.

November 3, 2004
I have been bored out of my mind temping this week. I am doing data entry which is probably one of the most mind numbing things that can possibly be done. It isn't too bad though because I found a program that makes it go twice as fast by inputing all the data that is the same for me. Halloween weekend was pretty fun. My Buzz Lightyear costume went over well and Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood was something to see. There were a ton of people out in costumes walking around (and being West Hollywood there were also a lot of gay people) so you had to be carefull who you were checking out. My Dad is coming into town this weekend so it will be nice to see him, I haven't in a while.

October 26, 2004
Happy birthday to my Papa!!!!! If he asks you didn't read it here but he turns 71 today. Which is pretty darn old if you ask me considering the fact that he retired last year. I had a fun weekend, went up to LA on Friday with my cousin Mike and had a little pumpkin carving cocktail party at Amy's. Sunday we went to the Toyota put it in play event. We got to drive Celica's and Corolla's around the rose bowl parking lot set up as a race track. It was fun but the lines were way too long. I of course decided that I was going to push the car as hard as I could so I floored it going into the first turn. The car started to understeer and I took out a few cones but recoved nicely. It was good times.

October 18, 2004
Went up to Paso Robles with Amy and my Mom to visit with her friend Angela. It was pretty good times hanging out and visiting different wineries. I got to taste some good wines and my Mom got pretty buzzed (leaving Amy and I unphased with the same amount of wine.) Also happy birthday to Amanda Claire (Amy's cousin who was born today).

October 13, 2004
This going to work EVERY day is hard. I don't understand how you 9 to 5, or 6 or 7 for some of you, go to work everyday knowing full well that you plan to stay there the whole day and the next day and the day after that. I know I am being a giant complainer and I should just shut up and grow up. The question I ask is, why are you wasting this point of your day reading about what I am wasting this point of my day doing? I think it was you calling out to me from your cube saying Jason! please write some pathetic rant about what you happen to be thinking of. I know this is true because after about 11:00am when I have already read all the interesting stories on slashdot, cnn, and checked slickdeals I sit and think what sites out there might be interesting. This, I know it, is the point in your day when you go and see if I have writen anything. Not that what I have to say might be interesting, its just better than what you currently happen to be doing. To this revelation I say cheers to the guy who invented Fridays and beer.

October 6, 2004
I have a job! Wait, I mean I have a temp job. Which I guess is better than no job but it's not anything to write home about. I spent 8 hours of my day today calling real estate agents to see if they would fill out some report (that I've never actually seen) about some insurance claim on a house somewhere. The exciting part was talking to people in North Carolina and Mississippi with that southern accent. People also felt at liberty to tell me all kinds of tidbits of personal information. My favorite of the day was a Mississippi man who proceeded to tell me about the problems with his oldest and his Father's cancer. Not that I don't care it's just that I have never met, seen, or heard from any of these people and they are sharing intimate life secrets to somebody cold calling over the phone. Thats a little weird. At the same time I feel the need to concoct a magnificent story about something personal to inform the next telemarketer that calls me.

October 4, 2004
Look what came in the mail today! It's official now (not that it wasn't before) but now it's really really official. It's almost fitting that I got my diploma in the mail after coming back from the UCLA v. SDSU football game on Saturday. We suffered a crushing 33 to 10 loss despite my trash talk and banter. Besides that it was the usual hanging out with Amy and her friends as well as Tim and his LA friends, Ross, Jessica, and Melissa. It was a full weekend.

September 30, 2004
I went to a couple of temp agencies yesterday to try and find a job for the meantime. The first place I went to had me take these Word and Excel tests that were incredibly long and pretty difficult. This morning at 7:30 my phone rang asking if would be interested in working for some investment firm doing Word, Excel, Powerpoint stuff so I guess I did well on the tests. We'll see what happens. update: They didn't call me the rest of the day. What were they thinking?! 7:30am they know I'm not working :) Also the presidential debate was interesting, I felt the president did a little better than Kerry but I still don't like Bush very much.

September 29, 2004
I got a new camera phone last week so now I can upload cool little pictures of things that I see. yay step on Amy.

September 28, 2004
This week was marked by Kevin and Andrea as well as Sara Rashkin and Troy getting married. The first two of my friends to tie the knot and they do it in the same week. Other than that it was Yom Kippur and I spent Fri and Sat in temple. Amy decided that she was going to fast with me and besides cheating with a little bit of water she did an excellent job.

September 23, 2004
Today I went surfing as the end of the SW swell hit Hunnington Beach. It was fun but I really need a friend who surfs up in OC. Its a lot more fun to go surfing with somebody else. The job seMarch is turning to be a real pain in the ass and I am becoming very broke. Ryan sent me his pictures from Israel and NY so I'll post a few. Their not new, but new to me.

September 20, 2004
Happy bday to Chris and Paige this past weekend. Amy and I went down to SD to hang out and celebrate with everyone. It was a fun weekend sleeping on the air mattress (much better than the floor), bbq at the beach, watching the drunken celebration, and other good times. I've started to step up my job seMarch because the bank account is getting very very low. It's still fun to not have a job though. Kevin and Sara Rashkin both get married this week so yay for weddings. Yay except for that whole Britney Spears mumbo jumbo wedding that happened. She missed out on a good thing ;)

September 13, 2004
This weekend was spent doing my very second favorite thing. Moving somebody else. My first favorite would have to be moving myself of course. Amy Lovin moved from Westwood to Brentwood and up three flights of stairs. It really wasn't that bad though because she hired some movers with a truck and that made things go a lot easier. Now I am finally going back home where my Mom claims she never see's me anymore. Even though I am supposed to be living their. I think I have become too used to the transient lifestyle. If home is where you hang your hat then I live in Hershel (my car) because I have a hat in my trunk.

September 7, 2004
Tomorrow I leave from my almost a week long voyage up to northern California. So far it has been great. Conrad took me flying in his plane and I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday hanging out on Lake Berryesa. The lake has been the binge of drunken excess that I have come to know and love. Almost everybody puked at least once this weekend and I was no exception. I do have the unique honor of passing out on the boat and waking up in the early evening anchored 30 feet out from shore with no clue where I was or what I was doing there. Luckily after a short swim I somehow managed to find the place that we were to stay that night. Overall, I saw lots of boobs, drank lots of beer, and watched friends in their utterly excellent belligerent drunken adventures.

August 25, 2004
I got my grade for my summer class, A- so that means that I officially graduated, like for real, again. My friend Coli got picked to be in a swimsuit calendar and with the picture she sent in I don't blame them.

August 20, 2004
I have been lagging on updating my website probably because I haven't been using the computer a lot and I don't have any pictures to share. I need to hurry it up and get that digital camera that I sorta kinda already bought.

August 11, 2004
Got an A on my test for summer school. The ones I got wrong were lame though. The teacher worded the questions bad. We went to go to Taco Tuesday last night in PB but the line was out of control. So we went to Gringo's as usual. It was still like old times sorta. Im going up to LA this week to hang with the Lovin, should be fun.

August 5, 2004
I left my old house today after crashing there for another week. It doesn't feel like my old house though since everyone moved and its all empty and boring. One of the new roommates moved in and I suddenly felt like I didn't belong in a house that I walked into without knocking for years. That and he locks the door (who does that??). I'm finally supposed to pick up my new surfboard tommorow so I know what I'll be doing. That and maybe sushi.

July 28, 2004
It started as a normal evening...little did I know what awaited when I returned home. When I walked into the kitchen at my old house I saw the enemy cowering underneath the cabinets. Quickly I grabed my trusty BB gun and took aim. Quickly I thought about the repercussions of what I was doing, then I felt my finger pull the trigger. The quick burst of air was followed by a sudden yelp, it was hit. I quickly reloaded and fired my second shot. Hit was hurt. Now I began to feel guilty, and nauseous, as the creature writhed and spread blood out over the floor. I kept shooting, hoping that the creature would meet a quick end. It took six shots to bring the creature to seazure and a final end. At this point I was freaking out. I had never killed a mammal before. I heard a noise coming from the bathroom and gun in hand I headed over. Injured from the trap lied another. A point blank shot to the back of the neck quickly, and bloodly, ended him. At this point totally freaking out I vowed not to clean them up and went to sleep. Today I have come to terms with the murders. Mice beware.

July 23, 2004
So the job I thought I had as a waiter turned out to be a job as a food runner at the racetrack. Opening day was insane with so many people drunk, crowded and loud. I've never seen so many trophy wives, silicone, and big hats in one place. Food running sucks though so I talked to the boss and she's making me a server on Monday. If the money isn't better serving I will have to look into using my mind some to make money.

July 16, 2004
I ordered my new surfboard that my Mom got me for graduation yesterday. Its going to be rad, blue on the rails fading to white in the center with ghost flames on the nose and and 37 in the center. I also got a job as a waiter at the Del Mar racetrack. I have never been a waiter before so the first day should prove to be very interesting. I also uploaded some of the pictures from Chris's camera of our trip to Israel.

July 9, 2004
Just got back from Catalina yesterday and it was fantastic as always. The weather was good and Alex, Chris, both Brian's, Bridgettte, Amy, PJ, Steph Sapak, and Tracy all made an apearance. I still haven't done all the things that I need to so today is my get up and go day.

July 2, 2004
I finally put some of the pictures from my Israel trip up. I was really disapointed by the picture quality of my new sony digital camera. In fact I would go as far to say its one of the worst digital camera's I have ever seen. I'm going to sell it on eBAY and get a Canon, which I probably should have done in the first place. I still have lots of things to do that I put off from before the trip. That and getting some money are my new things to do.

June 27, 2004
I am ending my week in Miami and tommorow lies that fateful day upon which I must return from my travels. I know what your thinking, "Jason, it must be so hard leaving home and traveling for a month." All I can say in reply is: all the time I spent on the beach, exploring ancient ruins, and visiting with long lost relatives has been very tiring and I will need some time to recover. See you all soon, don't hate me, let them eat cake.

June 21, 2004
I think traveling is kinda like pinball, sometimes you get bumped around a bit but you'll be ok as long as you go with the flow. It has been an interesting few days of my remaining time in Israel. It started out innocently enough. I met all of my family in Israel at my cousin Dan's Bar Mitzvah party. The party was fantastic and besides not understanding a lot of what people were saying it was just like back home. The next day Chris called me and wanted to come hang out in Tel Aviv because he was bored of staying on the West Bank with Nicci's ultra orthodox family. I agreed that I would meet him in the city in front of the US Embassy after taking my Aunt and Uncle to dinner. So I figured coming from near Jerusalem he would be late. I was right. I waited for an hour in front of the embassy with the guards giving me that what are you doing loitering around the embassy with a bag look. Tired of waiting I went and found a hostel, put my bags down, and went to go get a beer. Along the way I heard somebody honking at me. I figured they must be mistaken because I don't know anybody with a car in Tel Aviv but it turned out to be one of the soldiers that was on our group trip. We went out and got some drinks and then he took me back to the hostel. The next morning I woke up early and started checking hostels in the area to see if Chris had checked into any. Luckily, I found him at the first one I tried. He had come in an hour and a half late. So now that we were found he checked into my hostel and we went shopping and walking around all day. Later that night Chris wasn't feeling so well so he crashed early. Then the puking started. He puked in the bathroom, in a trashcan, and outside, it was a whole lot of puking. He kept waking my up to tell me that he was still puking. After about 3 hours of puking he decided he wanted to go to the hospital. Off I went with him to the hospital at about 2 in the morning. They pumped him full of fluids and did some blood tests but mostly we waited. At 6 he still felt like crap but hadn't puked in a while so they discharged him and told him to drink a lot and rest. Right now Chris is back sleeping in the hostel as I am getting ready to go to the airport for my plane to the US of A. It will be nice to get home.

June 17, 2004
I am now hanging out in the town of Eliat on the bottom corner of Israel, right next to the Red Sea. Its way chill here, kinda like a big Catalina Island with not a lot going on except beaches, snorkelling and shopping (if you like that sorta thing). I must look israeli because people come up to me all the time and start speaking hebrew to me and I don't understand a damn thing. I tried at first to use the little hebrew that I do know and it backfired because they just spoke more hebrew back to me. I am now that cocky American that walks up and just starts speaking English expecting everyone else to know my language. Most do though, so it works.

June 13, 2004
This is the first chance that I have had to use the computer in a really long time. My group part of the trip just ended and now we are on our own in Tel Aviv. So far the trip has gone very well except the leaders kinda sucked and treated us like children. However, the group was good so that made up for things. I am meeting up with my family later on today and if I the energy meeting up with the people remaining from the group trip. We made good friends with some of the soldiers that were traveling with us and they have offered to show us around the city. It was a little weird getting used to the people hanging out with you carrying M-16's but now its just kinda normal.

June 3, 2004
Today's the day we leave to go to Israel. I'm not looking forward to the very long flight but it will be exciting once I get over the jet lag. I met a nice girl on a park bench last night who showed us around to a couple of bars and came with us to go see the Statue of Liberty. You can't go up inside anymore because of 9/11 and its a lot smaller than I had invisioned. Ryan forgot his credit card in the bar and we had to go back and get it and on the way at another bar that we were passing there was a guy lying face down on the ground not moving. There was a cop and another guy holding down this other kid who was also all bloody. It looked like a bad fight. The kid on the ground got taken away in an ambulance, I never saw him move. He looked dead. Other than that I'm starting to like New York a little but I still couldn't live here.

June 1, 2004
Hi all from New York. Its raining and thats why California is better. There are lots of people here and they all like to pretend like there is nobody else around. Its confusing. There's lots of things to see so we've been busy. Israel is coming soon and Im excited for that.

May 26, 2004
Well I finally got to the living back at home part of moving back home. I finished up with the project that I was working on for my cousin Steven doing Pro/E work. I leave to New York this Saturday so there is still a lot to do before I venture out of the country. The next few days will be packing up, doing thank you cards and clearing out the garage to fit all my stuff.

May 18, 2004
It's hard to say what didn't happen this past week. It has been one crazy time that's for sure. It all started on Wednesday when I finished my last day of classes and we went over to Montys and closed the place in celebration and had a drunken good time. Thursday I picked Conrad up at the airport and we went over to Alex's in PB to hang out. We decided to go over to Gringo's and have some drinks and that started off a very long drinking session among the three of us. On the way home we stopped to pick up taco's across the street. I got in line about the same time as another guy and I jokingly said something about how I got their first. The guy didn't think it was so funny and started shit talking and soon his friend joined in. Conrad grabbed me and took me over to the curb to get me away and the guys followed. Before I knew it the guy hit me and we were on the ground rolling. This is when the details get a little hazy. Alex ran over to grab his bouncer friend at moondoggies and I was talking to this random girl. The guy said something to me and I ran over, tackled him, and pinned him on the ground with my forearm on his neck and hitting him in the head. Then the whole thing was over and I got out of there before the cops showed up. Unfortunately in all of the rolling around my camera must have fallen out of my pocket never to be seen. I ended up with some skinned knees and a scratch on the bridge of my nose but nothing too bad except the lost camera. Fighting definitely isn't worth it. The guys must have been looking for a fight to get into it over the line at a taco stand. Friday Amy Lovin and Jon came down and we went out to a party at my friends and then to Dave and Busters. Saturday morning I took her to the airport to go to Arizona for her sisters graduation and started my day of graduation parties. We went to Amy Glasset's party in Escondito, Alex's in San Juan Capistrano, and finally Ross's dinner back in San Diego. The traffic was real bad getting back from Alex's and it took us forever to get back to San Diego and I felt real bad because we were late to the dinner. Afterwards we went back to Ross's and hung out with all the usually people and a bunch of out of town people. Sunday was the graduation ceremony and I did the whole walking thing with my whole family their. We all went over to Gringo's for dinner and had a really good meal and my Mom gave me money for a surfboard and Chris got all my friends and family together to buy me a digital camera! Monday I went to the casino with my Dad and Amy and played about 10 minutes of slot machines and won $250. Now its today and I need to get ready to move out of San Diego and get ready for my trip to Israel. It was a great week.

May 12, 2004
Well it only took five years and I think I've done it. College is over, what happens next? I think I'll enjoy it.

May 6, 2004
I finished with my senior project design presentations today. We still have a report to finish but it feels like a load off to have the presentation over with. I still have all my finals to study for but it will all be over soon enough. I've been thinking of what I want to do this summer. I want to have a job because I need the money but I also want the job to be fun. If you can think of any suggestions let me know. People are starting to get real jobs. Congrats to Ross who is now pulling 45k a year and to Josh who TURNED DOWN! 55k to go live close to his gf in LA.

May 3, 2004
It's finals week! I'm not so sure that its a good thing but its finals week and like it or not this college thing is almost over. It's weird this year, finals start on Wednesday and end the following Wednesday. It doesn't seem so bad until you realize that you have a weekend in the middle of finals week and that weekend happens to be the weekend of Mothers day, PB block party (which is lame), and Cinco de Mayo. Besides the working on senior project on Sunday this weekend was pretty sweet. I went with Amy down to Mexico to meet with a bunch of people for PJ's birthday. We hung out on the beach, went surfing, played volleyball and had a few margarita's, I really like living so close to Mexico.

April 26, 2004
This weekend went way too fast. I ran the 10k yesterday with Amy and it went pretty well. I didn't get the time I wanted but it just makes me want to run another. I can see how people get into it. It was pretty sweet running around USC and having sorrority girls holding signs and cheering. Only one more week of school before finals and then done. There's still a lot of things to do.

April 22, 2004
Im glad the tests this week are out of the way but there is still a whole lot of work to be done before the end of the semester. The 10k that I'm going to race in is this Sunday so that should be an adventure to say the least. I've been averaging about 8 minute miles during my 4 mile runs at Lake Murray but I don't know if I can stay on that pace for another 2.2 miles. I don't really drink coffee that much anymore but when I do it makes me pee a lot and I get a little caffeine high. Its kinda nice.

April 19, 2004
We did it. We had our biggest party yet at my old house bringing an end to throwing college parties. I would estimate we had about 175 people at the most crowded time, the keg was tapped by 11:30, the extra beer was gone by 12:30 and the drunk people were abundent. My cousin Mike Entin had a few too many and puked in Naders bed, in Ross's bathroom, and a bucket in the living room. (finally new puke pictures!!!!) It was a fitting end.

April 16, 2004
I'm real excited for the party that were going to have tonight. Me and Ross went to the thrift store yesterday to pick up some nerdy attire. I think my $1.95 womens pants are going to be a big hit. Last night was the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) senior banquet. It went well until one of the drunk guys threw a wine glass off a balcony, cursed a guy working there, then ran off while the guy was calling the cops. Interesting. I'm reposting somebodys good find. Pay close attention to the last lines in the French part (president, idiot)

April 14, 2004
I had a vibrations test this morning that kicked my butt. Only 2 more days to the big sluts and geeks party. This is pretty friggn cool

April 13, 2004
So I went to the OC this weekend to spend Easter with Amy Lovin and her family. When I first got home I went to a school by my house to practice tennis and ended up playing a game with this 14 year old kid who kicked my butt. The kid is gonna be really good. We went to the Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach to have drinks with Bridgett, Ryan Domrese, Brian, and TJ. I guess the Royal Hawaiian has been there forever because both my Mom and Amy's Mom had been there back in the day. Last night I went out with Alex to Gringo's and to see his friend's band play downtown at the Casbah. It was cool I got to see Courtney, Angela, and hot Jessica and have a few drinks.

April 9, 2004
Last night I got a little sad looking at all the old pictures that we've taken over the years. College really is good times and it sucks that things have to change. It doesn't seem like that long ago that graduation seemed so far away. Now it feels so close. It will be interesting to see what things are going to be like in five years from now. The one thing I am sure of is that they aren't so far off and I can hope they will be as memorable as the past 5. I pledge a beer bong toast to commemorate the good times we've had and the good times yet to come.

April 7, 2004
I got Nader's pictures from Catalina so I posted some and some that I took. I've been lazy about running when other stuff gets in the way so tommorow I need to go or else the 10k is going to be harder than it already is. Here's a link for Chris, I didn't know there are so many scandalous people

April 5, 2004
Catalina was soooo nice this weekend. The only problem with going away is that it makes it hard to come back. We got lucky with the weather and had a sunny saturday of volleyball, snorkelling, eating, drinking, and relaxing. I even got Amy to put on a wetsuit and go snorkelling with us....which was quite a feat. I had no idea that wetsuits are so buoyant. Every time you dive you get sucked to the top. Nobody puked on the boat ride over so unfortunately there won't be any additions to the puke page.

March 30, 2004
I finally put up the pictures of everyone helping out on Mitzvah Day weeding in Heritage Park. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I signed up to help organize the volunteer day but it was our good deed for the week. Thanks to all the people who came and helped out.

March 26, 2004
It's finally friday. A lot going on this weekend I have group work to do with my lame senior project and Im helping organize a volunteer event at Hillel cleaning up a park somewhere. Only 48 days left of school minus one for Cezar Chavez day, who know's why we get a day off for that and not President's day. it really exists:

March 24, 2004
I got excited last night because I invented a new tofu dish and it was really good. Usually when I try and get creative in the kitchen it ends up slightly better than edible. Last night however...success. I joined intermural doubles tennis with this guy Dennis that I met in my rezconing days. Tonight's our first match and I'm feeling a bit rusty so hopefully it goes well. Heres not exactly what you might first think

March 22, 2004
So back to reality after a much needed spring break. I got to hang out with Amy Lovin in LA, do some work for my senior project, and go up to Paso Robles for a wine festival. On Saturday we went to about 5 vineyards and got to sample some grub wine. I drank enough wine to make me not feel like drinking wine for a little while. Sunday we went shooting and I got to shoot a 12 and 20 gauge shotgun at some clay pigeons. It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I was a lot more accurate with the 20 gauge, its easier to bring around.

March 16, 2004
Just got back from trying to fix Amy Lovin's parents printer. I never got it working due to the very poorly written installation software that refused to install the scanning software (I called Amy Glasset to make sure she didn't write it). Yesterday I got in a big argument with my Mom about what Im going to do when I graduate. Apparently when you dont like the answer "I dont know", what are you doing when you graduate? and well what do you think your going to do? and what would you like to do? are all seperate questions. That and ideological differences made for a fun evening.

March 11, 2004
Thats just some messed up crap today in Madrid. Terror is not the answer. The world is a scary place to live. In response to Jon: Jon if thereís one person who I can disagree with more often and still call a friend I think you take the cake. You are correct in your statement that the FCC did not take Howard Stern off the air, it was a clear channel decision. However, the penalties and repercussions from the boob event by the FCC are directly related to clear channels decision. I am upset an organization that takes it upon itself to become morality police and decide what is and isnít indecent. Personally, I disagree with Stern more often than I agree but I have never deemed anything that he has said indecent. The issues that you state that I have connected are not implausible; I am using the example of the FCC as an example of the state of the union. I would not argue the need for an agency such as the FCC to regulate signals but that is far different to what is broadcast on those signals. I donít want an agency regulating what I say on my cell phone or on the radio waves. Decency should be based as a personal choice and if parents donít want there children listening they should tell them not to listen. It is not the responsibility of society to make everyone happy. I imagine if the FCC stopped regulating what was said their would eventually be a medium from supply and demand where a majority of stations would not be vulgar and a few to cater to those whom cared to listen as a choice. As far as the war in iraq, or operation go fuck Saddam, the war on drugs, and zero tolerance I think America has lost touch with its people. In a democracy it is inevitable that somebody wonít get their way. Special interest has taken it upon themselves to make sure that everyone is happy. This is impossible and the most we can strive for is to make most happy and deal with the people who arenít. Our culture is so concerned about stepping on toes that it has clogged itself with bureaucracy. Eventually there are so many rules that nothing positive can get accomplished. What we need is another 60ís so that I can turn on, tune in, and drop outÖ.or move to Canada.

March 10, 2004
I don't like Bush, I don't like the direction that our country is heading, I don't like the conservative viewpoint that is dominating American ideology , I'm pissed that Howard Stern is off the air. The FCC is one of the most fucked organizations. When I listen to Howard Stern in the morning I am making a choice, the same choice that I can make by going to the library and reading Mein Kampf if I feel like it. Our country is so over-sensitized we've forgotten what it is to have a difference of opinion, they rather dumb it down so nobody gets offended. Well fuck (exp because I still can) them! Apparently I'm the only one left that doesnt need the government to hold my hand when I take a piss. Maybe we should start paying more attention to what country we're bombing rather than making the streets softer so little Timmy won't hurt his knee if he falls. I can figure out to look both ways before crossing the street, I don't point guns at my head, and other things so I won't die. All without the government making sure its ok first. If you can't figure basic shit out maybe it's time for some natural selection. Robots don't make good democracy'

March 6, 2004
found this funny link read my boobs its got boobs on it so if your offended don't click.

March 5, 2004
After taking a philosophy test yesterday I saw the Declaration of Independence which happened to be on campus, took Chris to pick up a new car he bought at auction, worked on my senior project, played poker with Ross and a bunch of his friends, went and visited my friend Lil, went out to a bar with Lance for his birthday, saw Julie Chris's ex at the bar, while talking to Julie saw a guy who I know from Hillel, Hillel guys friend starts hitting on Julie and is pretty much an ass, and then I went home. It was a very random day.

March 1, 2004
Things are going well, I got a B on my vibrations test. I went out to dinner with Desiree, Sara Rashkin, Chris, Nader, Gabe and some of my roommates. Went snowboarding on Sunday with Amy, Tim, Alex, and Alex's family to snow summit. I felt bad though because we had free tickets to summit and Alex and his family decided to go to snow valley since it was less crowded and we split up. The highlight of the day was when Tim hit the tree (and wasnt hurt). It was pretty funny.

February 26, 2004
Today was awesome...I did absolutely nothing productive! It was exactly what I needed: sleep, food and rest. The weather has sucked lately so hopefully it get better.

February 25, 2004
I had my vibrations test that I was so looking forward to today. I went alright but I'm still a little bitter that I didn't get to go out to Mardi Gras last night. I heard it wasn't very good which makes things a little better. It has really gone down hill since they started trying to regulate everything.

February 18, 2004
So another new look and hopefully this one is a little better. Think you have a better comment for a picture, now you can add it or look at what other people said. Don't be lazy...say something!

February 15, 2004
It's my birthday!!! and it was valentines day yesterday. Its been a pretty cool weekend. Amy came down to hang out with me, my Dad met me in Carlsbad to take me out for dinner, and my Mom came down today to take me to a movie and lunch. Birthday weekends are always good times. Ohh yeah and I found this link...its pretty funny. sexy ebay

February 4, 2004
I stayed up until 2 in the morning last night finishing drawings for a project that I am working on with my cousin Steven. That plus hw and a quiz on Friday is keeping me on my toes. This weekend I take on Amy Lovin's mom in a pecan pie baking contest. She's going down! :)

February 2, 2004
Hope you all enjoyed the superbowl yesterday. It ended up being a pretty good game. I'm a little upset that I missed the halftime show when Janet Jackson's boob popped out. I had a fun weekend up in LA and the OC hanging out with Lovin and the folks.

January 25, 2004
So last night my new roommates decided to throw a party at my new house. A few of my friends came over and it was pretty good times for a while. After my friends left I went into my room while the party was still going on outside. As Im talking online I hear shit going down outside and one of the girls I live with is trying to hit one of three big black scary looking guys. I jump in the middle trying to hold people back and end up about to be in the middle of something I dont want to be in the middle of. Somebody is trying to calm these guys down and get them out and the roomie is still talking shit. Other people are now yelling and more almost fighting goes down. Then the scary guys say watch the fuck out because there coming back with guns. I call the cops and we start kicking everyone out of the party. It wasnt a very good end to the night..I hate drama

January 24, 2004
Yesterday was the most I've done in one day in a long time. I went to school, played tennis with Conrad (who's in town for the week), and went surfing with Anson (who's going to Australia and then Iraq). Tonight the girls in my house are throwing a party so it should be interesting to see what happens. School this semester is keeping me way too busy, it sucks.

January 19, 2004
Dirtbiking with Amy and her family was awesome. I had such a good time its going to make me miss my dirtbike when I sell it. This time I only fell three times and only one of them was off a cliff. My clutch lever broke on the way home and that gave way to the fun little gash on my leg. (check out the cool picture!) Overall I returned relatively unscathed monetarily and physically.

January 14, 2004
I'm tired!!! My body isn't used to waking up this early. Classes have been good so far and I keep telling myself it's all over after this semester. I need to find a new tennis partner after Conrad left me.

January 12, 2004
I moved into my new room last night. It looks pretty good so far except I need to find a place to put my clothes. Today was the first day of classes, it should be a hard semester but at the end I graduate.

January 9, 2004
I have just returned from my long driving voyage. I left on the 31st to Palo Alto to celebrate new years with Conrad and Jon. After getting a little too tipsy and walking into Conrad's pool I passed out. Nobody except Amy really remembers too much of that night. Then Jon, Conrad, Amy, and I went to Reno to hang out. Reno was good times and I only lost $90 which was only $40 more than I was supposed to allow myself to lose. Amy and Jon then went goodbye and Conrad and I were off to meet a bunch of people in Mammoth. Mammoth was more good times except taking Ross to the hospital for breaking his back (he's ok). Finally, I am home....well until I have to move back to SD to start school.

December 25, 2003
Merry Christmas to all you who believe in that sort of thing. I spent the day working on a project for my cousin doing some drawings in pro/e and then went with my Mom and sister to Lovin's for Christmas dinner. She got me new Spy sunglasses that are pretty rad.

December 22, 2003
Tell me what you think of the new layout and if I should keep it or not. Happy 4th night of Hanukkah! ohh and I know colors don't work yet, but give me some time

December 18, 2003
Finals are over!!! I hope the last test I took went well. It's my Dad's retirement party tonight and stupid bitch is going to spend a shitload of money that my Dad doesn't even want to spend. I'm not bitter though. Tommorow were drinking so if you live anywhere near me you better be over and drinking!!!!!!

December 15, 2003
Four more days until finals are over and that makes me a little happier. I spent a wonderful yesterday with Lovin on her birthday and today is back to reality.

December 10, 2003
Finals week is coming too soon and I don't want to study. Amy Lovin hates her new job and she's only worked for two days. That and the company she works for blocks all internet access and external email. My solution for everything ... drink lots after finals.

December 6, 2003
Amy Lovin is sitting on my lap right now. She doesnt care that I almost died today surfing with the under rated Nader (cmon girls, he's hot...Amy Lovin)

December 5, 2003
So the week at my old house is over and next week brings on somewhere new and exciting. The semester is almost over and I'm not looking forward to finals. Bridgett's having a party this Saturday and Sunday I'm going paintballing with the Jew's. Hope everyone's well

December 1, 2003
I really enjoyed the long weekend and not having to worry about this whole school thing and which couch to sleep on (Ross, Chris, Gabe's this week). I got to hang out with my friend Kevin and my goddaughter Krista, go out with Ross and Tim, and spend time with Amy Lovin. Everyone kept asking what I'm going to do when I graduate. Good question.

November 27, 2003
Happy Thanksgiving!!! I added some new pictures!

November 23, 2003
Went back to the OC this weekend and spent some good time with the Lovin and the family. Unfortunately I caught the cold that everyone seems to be getting. Amy invited me to go with her family to Snowbird Utah for New Years on their tab so im really stoked on that. A short week on the couch before Thanksgiving.

November 18, 2003
So everything is seeming to get back to some kind of normal again. I moved out of the dorms last Thursday night and moved most of my stuff to the basement at my old house. The fight for my job doesn't seem to be going well but I haven't given up yet. Jon came down to visit this past weekend along with the Lovin and Alex and it was good times. I am currently living on Conrads couch and its a real nice place. Next week will probally be my sisters or Ross, Gabe and Chris's.

November 11, 2003
It was a busy day today. I ping ponged my way through classes and meeting with more departments than I knew existed. Everyone seemed to want to pass me off to talk to somebody else. I finally ended the day talking a nice lady in HR that sounded like she could help me. Tommorow I'm scheduled to meet with Dr. Kitchen VP of student affairs to see if he can do anything to help.

November 10, 2003
So I got formally fired today. I talked to the director of Associated Students today and he gave me some advice on what to look into and who to talk to. Im going to fight and see what happens.

November 10, 2003
Posted some of the halloween pictures.

November 8, 2003
I met yesterday with the head of housing. It didn't go well. She told me that I didn't know my place among other offensive things. Know my place!!! I show her where she can shove her place. I did a good job of not getting heated during the meeting. I really think I'm going to get fired. It all ended with "Rick will be in touch with you shortly."

November 7, 2003
I meet with my boss's boss's boss today to determine if I am to be terminated from my position as RezCon. I had a meeting with Rick, my boss who informed me yesterday that I would probally be terminated for writing an email to the head of the network at TNS. Apparently the man I wrote the letter to was extremely offended. I did not nor currently find the email to be offensive besides the fact of a few spelling errors. Please read it for yourself and decide. If I do get fired I plan on taking a legal recourse as a contract employee. This is more of a pain in the butt than anything. My goal is to not get heated during the meeting

November 5, 2003
I finally got the pictures from Conrad from europe. So I put some of the one's off mike's camera up. My dad got back from Argentina and Rosemary deleted all the pictures!!!! Hopefully I can get some back

October 31, 2003
I'm still alive and happy halloween to all you people. It's time for a nap because I stayed up late last night doing homework. See I didn't really think we were going to have school for the rest of the week so I kinda put it off. The smoke was like that, it made me want to do nothing...It was kinda like a rainy day but worse. Tonight should be good times, I got a kangaroo costume thats a little tight in the nether areas. I'll try to get pictures since my Dad still has my digi.

October 27, 2003
San Diego is burning. In fact all Southern Califonia is on fire. Its sad with all these people losing their homes. The air is erie red and smokey.

October 22, 2003
I just finished my second test of the week in ME512. I have one left and then It's time to have a good time because I'm getting burned out! My dad called me from Argentina the other day and typical of him he lost his friends phone number in Argentina. He wanted me to try and find the number of his friends daughter. By some stroke of luck I actually found her work number by searching the internet and got the numbers. The internet really is kinda cool.

October 17, 2003
Today I'm really upset about the dirtbike...i wish I never bought the damn thing

October 13, 2003
So I bought a dirt bike and went out to the desert with Amy Glasset and Chris. Althought this sounds like a happy thought, my day ended with my one day old to me transmission locking up. Aparrently there wasn't any fluid in it. So now I need to fix the bike up to sell it because I can no longer afford to fix and keep the bike. A little dissapointed but thats life. On a happier note Ross's birthday party was good times and as always spending time with the Lovin was sweet.

October 10, 2003
update from jon about the bar fight "The guy that Dave hit with the mug ended up passing out from too much bloodloss and was rushed to UC Davis hospital to stabilize him. Dave is now wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. The police got his name from witnesses at the bar. Crazy, and that is why you should always make it a point NOT to hangout with your ghetto friends."

October 9, 2003
The weekend is coming soon and it should be a busy one. Ross is having a birthday keg on Sat night, the Lovin is probally going to head down on Fri, and I might go to the desert Sat during the day dirt biking. The mascot issue is starting to bug me in AS. I already know my stance let me vote!

October 6, 2003
It's Yom Kippur the Jewish day of atonement. That means that I don't eat anything and since its the end of the day I'm getting pretty hungry. I had a too busy weekend. I drove to northern California with Chris, Ryan Domrese and his brother. It was a fun trip but way too much time spent in the car. Highlights include the drunken bar fight in Vacaville where Jon's friend broke a glass mug over some guy's head and Wakeboarding on the delta on Nick's sick boat.

September 30, 2003
I had my first match of intramural tennis last night. I lost. I'm not really that bummed but it makes me want to get better so I can beat guys like that. Should be a fun week. It's Ross's birthday on Saturday but I'm missing it to drive up north with Chris. We're going to celebrate on Thursday at Monty's. Thusday night I've decieded to go and visit Desiree and then go surfing with Alex Friday morning.

September 29, 2003
Happy New Year everybody (and for those of you who don't know it was the Jewish New Year this past weekend). It went well starting Thursday with me getting too drunk at Conrad's to drive home. I crashed on the couch for what I thought would be a few hours and ended up being all night. Friday I went to temple and drove up to LA with Brian to surprise Amy Lovin at her party. Which was really fun. Overall a good weekend.

September 24, 2003
It's been a while since I bothered updating. The reasons for this are not because I am so busy or anything. It's just nothing extraordinary has happened recently that I feel like writing about. If something happens....I'll let you know.

September 15, 2003
I went to class, played tennis with Conrad, and went surfing and it's only 2. I feel so productive. It was a good weekend with Bridget and my sister having parties on Friday. I then drove up to LA to hang out with the Lovin. Good times.

September 3, 2003
So it's back to school for all those of you who still go to school. My classes seem alright this semester. It's going to be hard though. I might have to actually do that studying thing. Labor day was good times spent with Conrad and Alex in Orange County at Amy's beach house. If you didn't already notice you can change the layout color to whatever you like now

August 29, 2003
Today is the big move in day in the dorms. They seem so little! I must be growing up and not realizing it. Chris and I had a conversation about how our attitudes have changed since we've been in college. It's not all about drinking and hanging out with immature 18 year old girls. One more year and then it's over and onto that life thing. I'm scared. Next week I'm going to be 40 and looking back. I find salvation in all the good friends i've made along the way. Go all you.

August 25, 2003
An end to another interesting weekend. Jon left on Sunday to go back home. We spent the weekend going to bars, parties, and other assorted places in Orange County. Had dinner with Amy Glasset at Posta. Went to a catholic mass and saw a surf movie. Good times as usual.

August 22, 2003
Jon came to visit me in San Diego this week. So needless to say I drank a little too much at least one of the nights. We had RCA training for the dorms as well. That was pretty much a waste of time but it broke up my day pretty well. However, the best news of all is I finally got up the nerve to quit my enginnering job. My last day is Thursday. ya se fue.

August 18, 2003
It was a good weekend spent with Amy Lovin in town. I went sailing, went to some good parties, and hung out at the beach. I finally met my RA and she seems pretty cool. She's kinda cute too which is kinda like a bonus. For some reason that makes me think that she'll be nicer because shes attractive. I dont't know where the logic is on that but thats the way it works.

August 15, 2003
Yesterday I went out with Chris and his Mom to dinner. What I forgot to take into account was that I had invited 5 others to come along. Actually I invited more than 5 but 5 actually showed up. That never happens. Usually I call about 15 people and maybe one person comes. So yesterday goes to show that you should actually want people to come when you invite them. Consider that a free life lesson from Jason. Amy Lovin is coming down to visit this weekend. I'm excited.

August 14, 2003
So I've decided that I better find a job that I like when I graduate because this whole 40 hours is a long time. I've been spending my days working and evenings surfing. Then the day is over and I'm ready to go to sleep. It makes the week go fast. Not sure if thats a good thing or not. Got a parking ticket this morning $40 for not seeing the street sweeping sign. I'll try to fight it but I don't think I'll win.

August 8, 2003
Well I'm back at work and it's like I never left. I spent most of yesterday filing cards but today I'm moving up. I'm re-naming files on the computer. It's difficult stuff. Going home today to get my stuff for the big move on Monday. Should be exciting.

August 4, 2003
I just found some new puke pictures of Jon that never made it to the puke section! what a shame, so there up now. I was reminising over old pictures from college. We've had some good times me and you folks.

August 2, 2003
I fixed the problem with the I Want section for those of you who care. Jon put his diploma up, I definately want that. I made the girlfriend thing official.

July 29, 2003
Ok so where did the summer go, seems its coming down to the wire now. My old work want to hire me back and they want me to start as soon as possible. I told them I don't have a place to stay untill the middle of August and they said they would put me up in a hotel!!! I swear I'm not that important.

July 22, 2003
Did a little page re-design today along with surfing. It's tough not having a job or going to school I'm telling you. Let me know what you think of the new layout...Better, worse, the same?

July 18, 2003
Im home!!!! well actually in SD but close enough. I put some europe pictures up. hello again.

July 12, 2003
As a scientific minded person I must quantify things into equations. topless sunbathing = good. topless paddleball = better. In barcelona now coming home on Thurs. bye.

July 7, 2003
In Malaga, Spain currently...spent some time lounging on the topless beach today, life is tough. On to Granada tommorow see ya guys soon.

June 30, 2003
I arrived this morning in Madrid, Spain after which has definately been some of the most interestingly random days of my life. I left Conrad and Mike on the 28th in Geneve and proceeded to watch a pro volleyball tournament that just happened to be in town that day. Getting reservations for trains is definitely a lesson I need to learn because the only place I could get a reservation for somewhere between Geneve and Madrid was Montpellier, France. Despite my logic that it must be a big city because it is the capital of Vermont, it was not. However, I met a group of 5 traveleres from Chicago that helped me find the hostel and invited me to go with them to Barcelona the next morning. I figured it was in the right direction so we went, without reservations (which by the way is not allowed and the conductors donīt think so highly of), to Barcelona. After an interesting day in Barcelona with my new friends I ventured to the train station to find a way to Marid. Again all the trains were full and I could not make a reservation. At this point frustrated I decided to try the no reservations thing again. While waiting for the next train I met a hot Canadian girl who was going to San Sebastian to spend time on the beach. I figured that wasnīt so far out of the way so I might as well try and go there. Of course that was full as well so I went back to my original plan of getting on the train to Madrid. A bunch of stuff happened in between then and now but I donīt feel like going into it right now. I guess its all good because I made it. Tommorow I meet up with my Mom. Im tired.

June 25, 2003
Zermatt was awesome, the maderhorn is an incredible sight to see. We went hiking to the top of the gondola and apparently Iím not in as good as shape as I thought I was. Were in Interlaken now and the hostel were staying at seems like the place to be. Theres a club, restaurant, bar, and adventure company. Were going mountain biking tommorow. Two weeks left see you soon.

June 23, 2003
in zermatt switzerland its beautiful going hiking tommorow

June 16, 2003
Just got to rome. We just spent a couple of days relaxing on the island of ischia off the coast of italy. It was nice to spend some time on the beach and relax after walking around so much.

June 11, 2003
In munich now, went to the beer gardens so far, very interesting....the beer comes in HUGE steins. enjoying life, hungry now...bye

June 6, 2003
I love Prague so far it is my favorite city by far. Theres this cool internet cafe bagel place that we hang out at and all the buildings, people, and things to see are awesome. Major bonus on everything being cheap, which is way better than the other cities weíve visited.

June 2, 2003
Im in europe, it kinda feels weird. I miss the states and how everything is easy and normal, but this is good too. Iím trying to keep checking my email so say a hello if you feel like it.

May 22, 2003
ok so I guess I lied about not updating this until after I come back from Europe. It was important though. I signed up for this really cool website called Its pretty random. That and I got fired for my job. Yes, fired...they say there going to hire me back at the end of summer but weíll see what happens with that.

May 19, 2003
The weekend was good culminating in Jon, Zack, and Billyís graduation. Friday on the other hand wasnít so good in the morning. Finishing finals on thursday can explain that one. I donít know if Iíll be updating this for a while. Only ten days untill i leave for europe and I dont know if Iíll be able to keep it up. Lifeís good otherwise and sleeping on a couch really isnt so bad.

May 15, 2003
Its done. I took my last final today and finished a week I will not miss. Luckily they were all difficult so no worries. Everyone is slowly leaving the dorms which means that I too must leave. I havenít decided where to put my furniture yet so that will be an adventure to figure out on Saturday. Off to my free lunch at Todai on the Rezcon tab.

May 12, 2003
Happy day after mothers day. Went home for the weekend and got to see the family and hang out with some friends. Had a good embarassing story. Added some more pictures. 2 finals tommorow, 2 more after that. Good luck may the force be with you all.

May 8, 2003
Its finals time. My first one is today and the rest come next week. People keep on asking me what Iím going to do when I graduate. Like Iím supposed to know, maybe I should figure it out soon. It doesnít worry me yet. I went out to dinner last night with a bunch of people from my floor. Iím not sure if its maturity or etiquette but whatever it was they didít have it. I was somewhat embarassed but it just reiterated that Im getting too old.

May 5, 2003
I had a good time showing my cousin around San Diego this weekend. I think he had a good time. I put up the I Want section so add something good you people. School is ending really really soon and then Iím off to Europe. Crazy thoughts.

May 2, 2003
Soon you will have power. Iím taking out the things section and adding an I want. What is I want you may ask? Its your chance to put up a picture about anything that you feel like and write a little something about it. Last night was fun but I paying for it in lack of sleep today at work. I went to a party on Lindo Paseo with a band and a bunch of kegs. I managed to get stuck in the little room with the kegs. It was so packed by the time I got beer and wanted to leave I had already finished the one in my hand. So i decided to just stay there and hang out, it was kinda fun. That is until the police officer shined his flashlight at me and told me to leave. Good times.

April 28, 2003
Only three weeks left and then another year gets kicked to the curb. With good weekends like this past one I donít think I ever want to leave college. Iíve had fun playing with my new digital camera and Iím going to have to start making picture thumbnails because thereís too many good ones. Test tommorow so back to reality.

April 24, 2003
Last night was the greatest ever! I got to see AFI at soma free with a backstage pass. Alexís friend totally hooked us up. She even gave me the drumstick from the drummer. There will be lots of new pictures coming check back often. I got a digital camera!

April 23, 2003
Itís now entering the final night of Passover. Only a few more meals without any grain based ingredients. Itís really not a fun holiday for vegetarian people. Work has been weird lately. We got a paid holiday for good friday which I was stoked on and yesterday was 5 s day. Im not really sure what the 5 sís are but it meant that you dont have to do any work all day and all you do is clean up your area and get free lunch. Sounded good to me. I have a thermodynamics test tommorow which Iím a little worried about but I think it should go fine. Alex just called and asked me what I was doing tonight. I told him studying and he asked if I would rather see AFI for free and maybe meet them. I of course said yes and asked how. All I know at this point is that heís picking me up at 6.

April 17, 2003
I had a really long phone call late last night. It lasted for an hour and a half, thats got to be a new record or something. Unfortunately it kept me awake long enough to really not want to go to my 8am classes so I blame Amy Lovin for that. Speaking of Amyís this is starting to get confusing having two Amyís to speak of. I need to come up with a good nickname for one of them soon. I found out that I donít have work tommorow which is a very pleasant surprise. I just canít complain about getting paid for Catholic holidays.

April 16, 2003
Iím website happy now. I talked to Amy (the first and best) and she said that she reads my webpage all the time at work. I like to hear that somebody bothers to read the random stuff I type. I also checked the web stats on kahuna and I beat out a few of my teachers in website hits! Somebody must love me and its all you people! Passover starts tonight so that means I pretty much starve myself for a week. Its not a very good vegetarian holiday but my mom is sending me matza ball veggie soup so I can sustain.

April 14, 2003
Itís Monday and I canít remember if I had a weekend or not. The very meaning of the word implies slowing down to begin again. I havenít stopped. I went to UCLA again on Saturday to take Amy Lovin on a date. We went to the Getty museum, 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica, dinner at a mexican resturant, sake bombing at a sushi bar, and finally an Irish pub. It was a rad date. Too bad she lives so far.

April 10, 2003
It was a rough day yesterday, my sister got her car broken into and her wallet and cell phone stolen, we played intermural soccer and she got hurt, and I heard news that a friend of Jonís from back home that I met a few times died in a car accident. A strange end to a strange week and life goes on.

July 29, 2003
Ok so where did the summer go, seems its coming down to the wire now. My old work want to hire me back and they want me to start as soon as possible. I told them I dont have a place to stay untill the middle of August and they said they would put me up in a hotel!!! I swear I'm not that important.

July 22, 2003
Did a little page re-design today along with surfing. It's tough not having a job or going to school I'm telling you. Let me know what you think of the new layout...Better, worse, the same?

July 18, 2003
Im home!!!! well actually in SD but close enough. I put some europe pictures up. hello again.

July 12, 2003
As a scientific minded person I must quantify things into equations. topless sunbathing = good. topless paddleball = better. In barcelona now coming home on Thurs. bye.

July 7, 2003
In Malaga, Spain currently...spent some time lounging on the topless beach today, life is tough. On to Granada tommorow see ya guys soon.

June 30, 2003
I arrived this morning in Madrid, Spain after which has definately been some of the most interestingly random days of my life. I left Conrad and Mike on the 28th in Geneve and proceeded to watch a pro volleyball tournament that just happened to be in town that day. Getting reservations for trains is definately a lesson I need to learn because the only place I could get a reservation for somewhere between Geneve and Madrid was Montpellier, France. Despite my logic that it must be a big city because it is the capital of Vermont, it was not. However, I met a group of 5 traveleres from Chicago that helped me find the hostel and invited me to go with them to Barcelona the next morning. I figured it was in the right direction so we went, without reservations (which by the way is not allowed and the conductors donīt think so highly of), to Barcelona. After an interesting day in Barcelona with my new friends I ventured to the train station to find a way to Marid. Again all the trains were full and I could not make a reservation. At this point frustrated I decided to try the no reservations thing again. While waiting for the next train I met a hot Canadian girl who was going to San Sebastian to spend time on the beach. I figured that wasnīt so far out of the way so I might as well try and go there. Of course that was full as well so I went back to my original plan of getting on the train to Madrid. A bunch of stuff happened in between then and now but I donīt feel like going into it right now. I guess its all good because I made it. Tommorow I meet up with my Mom. Im tired.

June 25, 2003
Zermatt was awesome, the maderhorn is an incredible sight to see. We went hiking to the top of the gondola and apparently Iím not in as good as shape as I thought I was. Were in Interlaken now and the hostel were staying at seems like the place to be. Theres a club, restaurant, bar, and adventure company. Were going mountain biking tommorow. Two weeks left see you soon.

June 23, 2003
in zermatt switzerland its beautiful going hiking tommorow

June 16, 2003
Just got to rome. We just spent a couple of days relaxing on the island of ischia off the coast of italy. It was nice to spend some time on the beach and relax after walking around so much.

June 11, 2003
In munich now, went to the beer gardens so far, very interesting....the beer comes in HUGE steins. enjoying life, hungry now...bye

June 6, 2003
I love Prague so far it is my favorite city by far. Theres this cool internet cafe bagel place that we hang out at and all the buildings, people, and things to see are awesome. Major bonus on everything being cheap, which is way better than the other cities weíve visited.

June 2, 2003
Im in europe, it kinda feels weird. I miss the states and how everything is easy and normal, but this is good too. Iím trying to keep checking my email so say a hello if you feel like it.

May 22, 2003
ok so I guess I lied about not updating this until after I come back from Europe. It was important though. I signed up for this really cool website called Its pretty random. That and I got fired for my job. Yes, fired...they say there going to hire me back at the end of summer but weíll see what happens with that.

May 19, 2003
The weekend was good culminating in Jon, Zack, and Billyís graduation. Friday on the other hand wasnít so good in the morning. Finishing finals on thursday can explain that one. I donít know if Iíll be updating this for a while. Only ten days untill i leave for europe and I dont know if Iíll be able to keep it up. Lifeís good otherwise and sleeping on a couch really isnt so bad.

May 15, 2003
Its done. I took my last final today and finished a week I will not miss. Luckily they were all difficult so no worries. Everyone is slowly leaving the dorms which means that I too must leave. I havenít decided where to put my furniture yet so that will be an adventure to figure out on Saturday. Off to my free lunch at Todai on the Rezcon tab.

May 12, 2003
Happy day after mothers day. Went home for the weekend and got to see the family and hang out with some friends. Had a good embarassing story. Added some more pictures. 2 finals tommorow, 2 more after that. Good luck may the force be with you all.

May 8, 2003
Its finals time. My first one is today and the rest come next week. People keep on asking me what Iím going to do when I graduate. Like Iím supposed to know, maybe I should figure it out soon. It doesnít worry me yet. I went out to dinner last night with a bunch of people from my floor. Iím not sure if its maturity or etiquette but whatever it was they didít have it. I was somewhat embarassed but it just reiterated that Im getting too old.

May 5, 2003
I had a good time showing my cousin around San Diego this weekend. I think he had a good time. I put up the I Want section so add something good you people. School is ending really really soon and then Iím off to Europe. Crazy thoughts.

May 2, 2003
Soon you will have power. Iím taking out the things section and adding an I want. What is I want you may ask? Its your chance to put up a picture about anything that you feel like and write a little something about it. Last night was fun but I paying for it in lack of sleep today at work. I went to a party on Lindo Paseo with a band and a bunch of kegs. I managed to get stuck in the little room with the kegs. It was so packed by the time I got beer and wanted to leave I had already finished the one in my hand. So i decided to just stay there and hang out, it was kinda fun. That is until the police officer shined his flashlight at me and told me to leave. Good times.

April 28, 2003
Only three weeks left and then another year gets kicked to the curb. With good weekends like this past one I donít think I ever want to leave college. Iíve had fun playing with my new digital camera and Iím going to have to start making picture thumbnails because thereís too many good ones. Test tommorow so back to reality.

April 24, 2003
Last night was the greatest ever! I got to see AFI at soma free with a backstage pass. Alexís friend totally hooked us up. She even gave me the drumstick from the drummer. There will be lots of new pictures coming check back often. I got a digital camera!

April 23, 2003
Itís now entering the final night of Passover. Only a few more meals without any grain based ingredients. Itís really not a fun holiday for vegetarian people. Work has been weird lately. We got a paid holiday for good friday which I was stoked on and yesterday was 5 s day. Im not really sure what the 5 sís are but it meant that you dont have to do any work all day and all you do is clean up your area and get free lunch. Sounded good to me. I have a thermodynamics test tommorow which Iím a little worried about but I think it should go fine. Alex just called and asked me what I was doing tonight. I told him studying and he asked if I would rather see AFI for free and maybe meet them. I of course said yes and asked how. All I know at this point is that heís picking me up at 6.

April 17, 2003
I had a really long phone call late last night. It lasted for an hour and a half, thats got to be a new record or something. Unfortunately it kept me awake long enough to really not want to go to my 8am classes so I blame Amy Lovin for that. Speaking of Amyís this is starting to get confusing having two Amyís to speak of. I need to come up with a good nickname for one of them soon. I found out that I donít have work tommorow which is a very pleasant surprise. I just canít complain about getting paid for Catholic holidays.

April 16, 2003
Iím website happy now. I talked to Amy (the first and best) and she said that she reads my webpage all the time at work. I like to hear that somebody bothers to read the random stuff I type. I also checked the web stats on kahuna and I beat out a few of my teachers in website hits! Somebody must love me and its all you people! Passover starts tonight so that means I pretty much starve myself for a week. Its not a very good vegetarian holiday but my mom is sending me matza ball veggie soup so I can sustain.

April 14, 2003
Itís Monday and I canít remember if I had a weekend or not. The very meaning of the word implies slowing down to begin again. I havenít stopped. I went to UCLA again on Saturday to take Amy Lovin on a date. We went to the Getty museum, 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica, dinner at a mexican resturant, sake bombing at a sushi bar, and finally an Irish pub. It was a rad date. Too bad she lives so far.

April 10, 2003
It was a rough day yesterday, my sister got her car broken into and her wallet and cell phone stolen, we played intermural soccer and she got hurt, and I heard news that a friend of Jonís from back home that I met a few times died in a car accident. A strange end to a strange week and life goes on.

April 10, 2003
So the hard stuffís over and now itís time to get a good nights rest. School kicked my butt this week and it doesnít look like itís stopping. I donít think Iíve ever had to schedule my days so carefully. Iíve never had to plan things four days in advance just to find a free moment! On a side note I totally won today in the menís room. I was peeing and somebody walked in stepped up did there buisness and left the bathroom before I had finished. I have no idea why but this makes me feel like a winner. I will look into the psycholgical explanation of this later.

April 4, 2003
Today is my first day back at work after a rad spring break. I got to go surfing, hang out in UCLA and San Luis Obisbo, and see the folks. My only complaint is that its not long enough. Never is though. As a bonus I met a really nice girl at UCLA (that means shes smarter than me) and I taking her on a date next week (which means I have to drive to whoever said Im lazy!)

March 27, 2003
So I just took a test that Iíve been studying all week for and it only went alright. No use in complaining now, its over and spring break is on the way! Im going to UCLA and SLO so it should be good times if things work out the way I like. I made a deal with Scooter that I would try and make out with 4 girls. Id be happy with one but thats besides the point, im going for 4.

March 22, 2003
Went to the beach it was way nice. Added new pictures to the picture section.

March 20, 2003
I seem to be unusally chipper for the lack of sleep that I have. It must be delusion. Im done with the thermodynamics test that I was sketching over so now Im ready to have a good weekend

March 16, 2003
I had a really good weekend despite the 2 fire alarms thursday and firday at 3:30 in the morining. I got to see my family and my god-daughter Christa, she is soooo cute (she turns 3 soon) Allís well that ends well, this is Jason signing off.

March 13, 2003
School is kicking my butt right now. Im going home this weekend for my sisterís Birthday. I bought this really cool peanut butter and jelly in one can at the market, that made me happy. The new vote page will be up soon. Its way sick and it only took me way too much time.

March 5, 2003
I felt popular today I saw a lot of people I knew around at random places. Only 10 days left before my no drinking for a month is over. I kinda like it though so weíll see how long it lasts.

March 2, 2003
I had a crazy weekend! It was fun but now im tired, even though thereís no way I can go to sleep early after staying up so late. Letís see: I partied Friday until 4, I woke up late and played tennis with Conrad, I went to a concert with Maya to see Finch, I left the concert early to go to Mexico, I partied at Papas and Beer, I rode the mechanical bull, I crashed in a crappy hotel in Mexico, I woke up and drove to PB and had lunch with Alex, I got dropped off at home, I drove to Chrisís house and we went to the bay jetskiing, and finally its now. I guess I cant complain too much, are you jealous?

February 21, 2003
Took a test this week, I think it went pretty well. Went out for dinner on Gabeís birthday to BJ\ís pizza, that place is grub. Apparently I say whatevers a lot...Iím ok with that. Thereís a lot of parties going on this weekend, but Iíve decided to give up drinking for a little while. It will probally be good for me.

February 17, 2003
I had the honor of turning 22 this weekend and in celebration I elected to vomit on my Momís white carpet. It was a good birthday.

February 15, 2003
Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

February 13, 2003
Itís my birthday in 2 days. After we get that holiday out of the way its all Jason. This makes me happy. Jon added a very memorable comment to the the website that I obviously overlooked. Go Jon.

February 4, 2003
I found this when I was going through some of the first web pages that I created. It made me happy so Iím posting it. Itís so true. ď apparently Iím friends with a bunch of really cool retards. We like to take pictures of each other doing retarded things so we can remind each other how retarded we really are.Ē

January, 30 2003
The end of a good month with the credit card bill to prove it. I learned a lot this month, not in school, but more of a life thing. I havenít been able to sleep that well with all the thoughts in my head but I think Iíve figured most of it out. So all better now.

January, 24 2003
Think happy thoughts and they just might come true. So by my calculations I should be a millionarie married to Britney Spears pretty soon.

January, 21 2003
I had an eye opening experience today. Just when you think the world is a great place you run into people that are out to prove you wrong. I went to buy flowers today and a helpful lady picked them out for me. As I went to pay I said to her, ďIs there a deal if you buy three?Ē She replied, ďNo, the ownerís are Jewish.Ē I was taken back....I didnít know what to do or say. I just left. It upset me though. I called my Mom and she told me I should call the store tommorow and talk to the owner. So thats what I will do. On a happier note the girl receiving the flowers liked them very much. :)

January, 17 2003
So, Itís 12:30 on a Friday morning. I spent the night over at Jon and Conradís playing pool. Casey, Jonís friend from home, came down and surprised everyone. Another fun evening. Hopefully the morning doesnít start like Wed or Thurs with the damn fire alarm going off. Apparently their testing it so Wed it went off from 9 until 3!!!!

January, 12 2003
New pictures from our snowboarding trip (Ross white jacket, me blue jacket) and please admire Rossís lip, he did a good job.

January, 11 2003
The day started with a ride on the Amtrak train from San Diego. I really like that ride, you can stare out the window and watch the waves as you roll along. Today was an 8.

January, 10 2003
Ross, Conrad, Alex and I just got back from Mammoth mountain. It was a great trip with awesome snow. Conrad enjoyed going snowboarding for his first time (falling on his butt), Ross managed to smack his face against the side of a jump causing his lip to swell up and his labret piercing to bleed and drip blood down the side of his face, Alex most likely broke a rib (heís getting x-rays today), and I escaped relatively unscathed.

January, 6 2003
hereís the update from vacation. My car broke, my sisterís car broke, I went snowboarding, I passed out on Timís couch, and I got a cool rental car to drive around. Thatís all for now.

January, 1 2003
Happy new year to everybody! Last night was highlighted with Chris puking everywhere (dont worry the pictures will be up soon on the puking page!). Hope your New Year was as good as mine!

- Big Puppy Finn is here!
- If this lotto thing doesn't work out soon I am going to need a backup plan
- girls still confuse me
I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.
Muhammad Ali

A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice.
Bill Cosby

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
John Lennon

An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience.
Mitch Hedberg

Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.
Charles M. Schulz

I'm not a fan of facts. You see, facts can change, but my opinion will never change, no matter what the facts are.
Stephen Colbert

Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.
Abraham Lincoln

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
Dr. Seuss

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.
Paul Valery

Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgment difficult.

You shouldn't take life to seriously. You'll never get out alive.
Van Wilder

Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words.
Calvin and Hobbes

We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Even if youíre on the right track, youíll get run over if you just sit there.
Will Rogers

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
Robert Frost

Nobody climbs mountains for scientific reasons. Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it.
Edmund Hillary

Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't.
Richard Bach

If running was easy, it would be called your Mom.
T-shirt on some girl at Bay to Breakers

I've got some friends, some that I hardly know
But we've had some times I wouldn't trade for the world
We chase these days down with talks of the places that we will go
We live on front porches and swing life away
Rise Against - excerpt from "Swing Life Away"

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
Dalai Lama

All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.
James Thurber

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.
Mark Twain

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.
Barack Obama

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas Edison

Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.
John Lennon

The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be.
Paul Valery, French Poet

If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z, X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut.
Albert Einstein

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.
Mark Twain

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat.
"I don't much care where --" said Alice.
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat.
Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy,the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the Americaís Cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesnít want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named Bush, Dick, and Colon.
Chris Rock

Things are more like they are now than they have ever been.
Gerald R. Ford

Digressions, objections, delight in mockery, carefree mistrust are signs of health; everything unconditional belongs in pathology.
Friedrich Nietzsche

I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.
Ancient Persian Proverb

Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful.

Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.
- Unknown

It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.
- U.S. Supreme Court, in American Communications Association v. Douds

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
- Thomas Jefferson

Truth, when we are fortunate enough to find it, is like bad-tasting medicine. It rarely comes as a pleasant surprise, because if it surprises us, it means we've been denying it for some time and have a lot of beliefs based on falsehood. It's hard to give up those beliefs.
- Orson Scott Card

Alcoholism is not a problem.
It is a hobby, and nobody can fault you for having a hobby.

Jason: "I don't think you can drown in balls." Christy: "No. You can. My dad had to come in and save me."

Amy - "Do you think they clean the mud baths? Because I don't want to get in after somebody else"

Oscar Wilde - Imagination is a quality given a man to compensate him for what he is not, and a sense of humour was provided to console him for what he is.

Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Computer, at commencement, Stanford University, 2005:
"For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today? And whenever the answer has been "no" for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. . . . Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. . . . Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or the fourteenth.
George Burns

I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.
-Frank Sinatra

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.
-Ernest Hemingway

A wife asked her husband: "What do you like most in me, my pretty face or my sexy body?" He looked at her from head to toe and replied: "I like your sense of humor."
Email Forward

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.

The thought police would get him just the same. He had committed would have committed, even if he had never set pen to pape rthe essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thoughtcrime, they called it. Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you.

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
-Winston Churchill